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I just mean that I don't think the Ember and the Carbon will be Matt's two amps.
I wouldn't be too sure about that.
No, there's no USB out - only coax or optical.
 Wait, that thing had digital out??  
 Trust me, that's not going to happen.  And if it did via some home-brewed hack, the resulting kludgy solution is probably going to look worse than the CCK.
  Plus, it's MURRICA DAY!  Off topic, but I absolutely decimated some chili-cheese dogs earlier, and then took napping to an art form.  Waiting for the sun to set so that fireworks can start... which I shall savor with beer and pork rinds (diet be damned).    ^ Exactly!    Plus, DIY in the form of board population becomes viable too.  If Cavalli had not lost his mind and made a $600 amp (still kinda hard to believe), I probably would have gone the Bottlehead route for the...
 Yeah, we kind of had to rule out HeadRoom for a while as their inventory has been spotty for a couple of years now.  But I remembered that there was something about them being "back" so I took a chance to check.  You're right, not a super good price, but still viable. Actually Dyin, what you might want to do is learn to solder instead.  It's going to save you ALL KINDS OF MONEY in this hobby... seriously.  
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