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CanJam, the show that keeps on giving.   
Hey guys, just to help clarify... this is what Violectric has to say about the V220: "The reliable V200 amp circuitry is utilized with its highly efficient current limiters and will only be slightly altered to further refine the design. Lots of protection circuitry is used in this design to ensure extremely long lasting lifespan for both the amp and your headphones." Based on my time spent with the V220, I would concur with the above. There were changes made to enhance the...
Hey everyone, we'll be in Suite No. 104.    Running around like a madman right now getting things together, txt messages going out shortly.
 @Dean Seislove, yup!  C'mon down.    @Wfojas, awesome!  I expect that most everyone will be stuck in traffic for a little bit. I'll be posting the room/suite number here as soon as I can, but if you guys PM me your cell numbers, I can txt you as soon as I know it.
 Funny you should ask...  I just got confirmation that there will be at least four rigs set up there:Vinyl CD Player Macbook Macbook Please feel free to bring any vinyl, CDs, or files you like.   
 Yes!    Lol, I talked to you last night!  
 Awesome!    Got you guys reserved!  Yup, my understanding is that he is setting up multiple rigs, using laptops as sources.  I think he might also have a vinyl rig there but that hasn't been confirmed yet. I would suggest bringing your reference cans and music at the very least.  If you'd like to bring more, so that his amp is one of the few (or the only) variable(s) , I'm sure that would be okay too.  I'm bringing a a CEntrance DACport LX as that is a travel DAC that I...
 Yup, got you down!    You totally should, if you can!  
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