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 I can't comment on that... for now.  
  LOL......... No.   I shall leave the price posting in your capable hands sir.    Oh shoot, I forgot about that.  I always do the hotel's breakfast, so I'll be down in The Lift restaurant at 6:30a every morning.  Why so early?  Because as a proud member of Team CanJam, I am working the show and duty calls!    I'll be posting about them soon... but just to tease y'all ahead of time, one SHaG participant is giving a bundle of no less than three prizes, and another is giving...
 I haven't been running them that much lately.  There's an ETHERC here for review.  I'll start a burn-in cycle on them in the closet.   Thanks!  Just be prepared that they're not typical RHAs.   
We'll see about that.    Maybe I can change that by calling it an LCD-4.  
Audeze LCD-4!  
Lol, you know what it is... "Mister-my-body's-not-in-good-enough-shape-to-handle-it."  
I don't know if I can.   Thursday night, I'll be in the Rocky Mountain Event Center all night assisting exhibitors with set-up.  On Friday night, I am escorting two lovely ladies to a cocktail party (particularly happy about this).  On Saturday night, I've got a private engagement that I can't talk about.  Sunday night is breakdown, which is similar to Thursday night, but in reverse. That said, please remember that I have a tradition of doing an early breakfast - every...
@bearFNF, how many days until check-in?  
As long as you're okay sharing a bunk.  I have a known habit of taking naps under tables.  I'm sure someone will come along and post a pic sooner or later to substantiate that.   And as for Denver hotel prices... tell me about it!  It's almost like CES is coming into town or something.
 Awesome!   I'm very interested in seeing what you guys think of the S500i... it's unlike any RHA I've ever heard.  I imagine you guys will be posting full reviews, but if you get a chance to leave some initial impressions in http://www.head-fi.org/t/781361/rha-s500i-impressions-thread, that'd be cool.
New Posts  All Forums: