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  $1000?  How did you get that price?
 I scored one of these cables at the SoCal meet.  Lemme tell ya, AK240 --> UE balanced cable --> UERM =   Thanks UE! 
Want me to write you a note from a moderator? 
 Assuming that I pick #2 and #3, which DAP is in the lead so far?
 Man, it'll be good to see you again.  I missed February because I was just too busy.    We should do lunch again!
 Lol, INCORRIGIBLE!    I'm getting an itch to explore as well.  Combined with boredom, that can get deadly.  The Mytek might have to go so I can try something else.
 First of all, you're Justin... THE Justin.  Last name not even necessary anymore.   That said, believe me when I tell you that reviewers are in the same boat here.  Due to the last minute change - which I agree is legitimate as I've heard that it's a concrete improvement - all units currently out are being recalled.  IOW, it'll be ready when it's ready.
Hey y'all, I just wanted to wish you guys a great meet this weekend!  Have fun! 
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