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Actually, if you guys really want to know, the number one reason is because a balanced Tungsten would be a very large, very hot, and very expensive amp with twelve tubes. Just thinking about it is like playing back audio porn in my head. I don't know of another headphone amp that would even come close to that in terms of physical footprint. Seriously, it'd be ginormous, and uncomfortably so.BTW, for those who are curious, even though it's SE, the Tungsten puts out a...
 Just out of curiosity, how would such a thing open/close?  
Thank you sir!Time to unpack my flight rig...Okay, gotta go into airplane mode before we crash!
It's okay, we mean well.
Which reminds me, can I get a badge?
And here's Jason Lord (TSAVjason) casually strolling into LAX...
Yup, that's probably the easiest way to get checked-in and listening actually!  
 This, definitely.    I don't think I've ever heard staging this good from a closed-back portable headphone.
I've been waiting two years... TWO YEARS... to talk about this!  I'm still not used to the new name - as I've known it by it's code-name. No comment.    I think the main difference is that these sound better.    So far, it reminds me of the original ETHER C... still burning in and still listening though.    @Stillhart and @MattTCG, what are your thoughts so far? 
Chicago, I am inside you!
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