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You're welcome of course!  
 Me too!  Because otherwise...Warren:  So, the ETHER's pretty good right?Matt:  Yup, I love it.Warren:  I hope other people post impressions soon.Matt:  +1 ::crickets::
 Yes, it does!  Make me very forgiving of the funky smell.  KIDDING!  
 Why, what specifically were you talking about? Also, HOLY CRAP YOU LOOK LIKE JUDE!   He did?!  He's never offered to do that with me.    Hmm... I've lost that loving feeling in his eyes.  Also, please tell Arnold I said hello.    Wait, DAFUQ happened?   
I'll be there for sure!  I look like this:  
Wow, this case is REALLY nice!  The structural integrity seems very sound, so I'm confident that it will go a long way towards protecting these in travel.  Well done Dan!  
 It did just fine keeping the three guitars separate and very distinct from each other.  As for micro detail, and with regard to the specific example of sliding up and down the neck, the Omni did remarkably well.  It wasn't just a matter of hearing the slides, I could discern pitch while they were sliding, so as to know when they were doing it quickly, or slowly, or even changing the speed mid-slide. Lol, I dunno about lipstick... but I love that I can hear her smile while...
strreamix, you've probably come across this term at least once or twice in your lurking adventures, but I'm going to bring it up just because I wish someone had told me when I was a noob to end all noobs.     Synergy.   You can use specifications to determine a fair amount of driveability when pairing headphones and amps.  But because amps are voiced differently, there's absolutely no telling whether you will enjoy a specific pairing outside of actually auditioning it....
As a matter of fact, I did, and there was.    The short answer is that you can pretty much use my Liquid Glass impressions as a gauge.  Because the Sylvania tubes I'm using tend to be a little lighter down low, and thus a little solid-statish, the LG and LC ended up sounding a little similar in that regard.  Also, I should note that I still have the Omni and Liquid Carbon here, together, at the same time - at least for another day or two.  Is there a genre, or band, or...
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