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 Right??  That's not even the original one... that's a new one people are having fun with because the original one was discontinued.
LOLOL!    You guys should try your hands at some cable reviews on Amazon.
 Lol... wait... how much you want for that???   
 Hmm, never heard of them.  I'll have to look into them.  Thanks for the mention! I was checking out the Audiolab M-DAC last night.  Anyone heard good/bad things about that? EDIT: It would let me input via USB from my laptop, as well as optical from A&K player, and the output via balanced to the Carbon.
 Lol, I love you too!   +1 to what you said as well.  In the US, we're basically talking about the standard IEC power cords that came with nearly every computer power supply.  And though my days of running folding @ home farms full of overclocked systems are far behind me, I still have a ton of those laying around.  If I get a chance to use one, save a buck or two, and cause one less such cord to waste space somewhere, then hey, bonus.
 On a side note, $599 is an outrageously good price for an amplifier that sounds this good, but that's neither here nor there. That said, I would definitely disagree here. First of all, as Digital Freak pointed out, people routinely and frequently like to select their own aftermarket cables when it comes to gear of the Carbon's calibre.  Regardless of which side of the cable debate one stands on, this is more or less a valid expectation on the part of some manufacturers,...
 Hey fellas, wanted to clarify, this is an inside joke between and few of us at CanJam SoCal... where drgajet went on a UE tour and won a UEPRM.  We haven't asked - nor would we ever expect - Chord to do any such thing.
 Coolio!  Brian's a good guy, and is also happy to mod headphones should you need that done as well.  
 @Pingupenguins (BTG Audio)  Yay!  
 I concur, and I stand by what I've said previously:  "I've said it on multiple occasions, and I'll say it again. I have yet to come across an amp that is more-capable of taking the JPS Abyss to its full potential than Dr. Cavalli's Liquid Gold (LAu). I find this pairing to be exceedingly balanced, unparalleled in detail, and nearly flawless in its overall presentation. Every single audition reaffirms for me that Cavalli's LAu is the DEFINITIVE amp for the Abyss. Of...
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