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 What makes you think that?    [[SPOILER]]
 I wouldn't say that at all.  The Carbon and ETHER make a fine pairing, one of my favorites in fact.  And yes, DUM cable here.  
Lol, no.  I have heard the HD 650 sound very different, marvelous in fact.  But that wasn't with the V220 I'm afraid.
 From:  http://headphone.guru/the-violectric-hpa-v220/ "At this time, I’d like to acquaint you with my personal contribution to our audiophile lexicon: Vaginal. I coined this, rather inadvertently, when I first heard the Sennheiser HD 650. It was warm, dark, wet, intimate and suffocating. It was, well, vaginal. Hey buddy, if you can come up with a more all-encompassing term for this sensation; feel free to let me know – I’m all ears. The V220 dutifully lent its own warmth...
 Hmm, I would argue that the Carbon is just showing the HD 650's true nature... that of sounding vaginal unless you shove a cattle prod (i.e. a lot of power) up it's ***.
Update:  Not that size matters, but we are now 1925% larger than the French Head-fi'ers Group.  
It's definitely better with the Carbon than without.  Without the Carbon, I found that that the EL-8 could be a little strident in the upper mids at times, and was perhaps a bit thin at the bottom end.  With the Carbon, it's more neutral at the top end, with a greater sense of gravitas at the bottom end.  Other than that, improved staging is the other most noticeable benefit of adding the Carbon to the mix.  
 Yes.  I'm listening to TIDAL > Stello DA100 Signature > Liquid Carbon > EL-8 Open-Backed as I type this.  What would you like to know?
Open or closed?
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