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 Something relatively neutral or flat.  For me, the UERM is a good fit in terms of customs - while the Noble 4 does it for me in terms of universals.
Wait, srsly?  Because as far as shirts go, I know a guy...   This is but a heartbeat away from being a reality.
 By the power of Greyskull, WE HAVE THE POWER! 
Excellent!  It's like the gang is getting back together... or something. 
 Hi jackaroe!  Welcome to Head-Fi.    Sorry about your wallet.    Okay, here's what you are looking for.  Basically, you want an analytical signature that leans neutral-bright with fast bass response, prominent mids, extended highs, and with a heavy preference given to detail, staging and imaging. Basically, you want this:  I would seriously avoid placing complete trust in graphs before you've (a)...
 Denon D600.    Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm (better quality bass, and better comfort for extended sessions).
Hi eigerandra!  Welcome to Head-Fi.    Sorry about your wallet.    I have a quick question for you... what do you love about the PX-100ii's signature?  Alternative, is there anything you dislike about the PX-100ii's sound?
 Thanks warrior!  Hmm, I may have botched the link.  Here are some direct links: AK240 Review (with a comparison to AK120): 5-Way A&K DAP Shoot-Out:@mikemercer: Me:  Right on, as we all are.    I'm checking out the Shozy...
Sorry for digging up a bunch of old posts guys.  I've been pretty busy in terms of work and personal life as of late, and only now got caught up.    No apologies, and consider yourself most fortunate my friend!  If your ears aren't telling you to favor the AK240, save your money!    Lol, I actually went to page 37 to see what was being said... stupid me.    Just in case I haven't been clear about this in the past, I just wanted to advise everyone to buy what you can hear,...
 A quick note for those that don't know... and as a bit of shameless plugging on behalf of a friend, Tom (tomscy2000) is the founder and editor of CymbaCavum - a most excellent blog about personal audio specializing in IEMs. 
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