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 YOU DA MAN!   And... here we go!  And in case any of y'all are having trouble getting out of bed (Y'all know who you are) here's some theme music: 
Here we go fellas, post 'em if ya got 'em! 
 I would.  I would recommend carrying your reference portable player with you, a USB flash drive with reference tracks, and - as a last resort - a CD burned with reference tracks.  The exhibitors at personal audio shows tend to be very flexible and accommodating, so I definitely advise having all three on you. 
Woo hoo, the show starts tomorrow!    FYI, we've got a bunch of Audio360 guys there.  Frank Iacone (@Frank I), Michael Mercer (@mikemercer), Bowei Zhao (@bowei006), Scot Hull, Ian White... and of course Michael Liang (@HiFiGuy528) with Woo.  Feel free to flag any of them down to say hello, or chat about audio and music, or just hang out and cruise the show together.   I'll be starting an impressions thread tomorrow morning, so that you guys can post live updates if...
 Hmm, looks like you, purrin and OJNeg will need a three or four table complex depending on what ends up making it to the meet, and how much room you'll need to spread out.  Does that sound about right?
 Posted, good luck! 
BTW guys, for anyone that prefers the signature of the AK120, it turns out that there are not as many of those left as we'd like to think:
LOL, OMFG that's hilarious!    If I am ever lucky enough to get parodied by Tari, I'm putting a link to that in my sig.
 Yeah, totally right?    And, as these things usually do, it came suddenly.  Do you think you guys might need three tables collectively?  Multiple single tables are easy, but contiguous tables need to be planned for.    Yup, what third_eye said.  To elaborate though, it's worth noting that there are San Diego meets.  The last one was November of last year, and I imagine there'll be another one this year.  I didn't get to go, but from the impressions I think everyone had a...
 That's cool.  I'm looking forward to CanJam.  It's like Mecca for me.  
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