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2014 L.A. Meet T-Shirt Update! Hey everyone, we're doing tees!    Like last time, they are only $20 each.  And this time, you have your choice of two designs in two colors each (four possible choices):     If you would a like a tee (or several tees), simply post your requested style/color/size/quantity combinations IN THIS THREAD... using a new line for each combination.  For example, I want one of each style/color in XL, so I would post the following:   Decotint...
 Wow!  A super-old-timey Head-Fier!    This meet just keeps getting better and better!    Lol.  Honestly, what's probably going to happen is that we'll let you guys sort it out when you get there.    As long as we know which room y'all are in, the finer details are up to you.
2014 L.A. Meet Giveaway Update! Hey everyone, I've updated Post #5 with all of the latest prize information - as well as all giveaway rules.  Be sure to check it out!
 No worries dudes, I'll get the ice cream, you just provide the company.    Yep, but I won't be missing out on the meet.    Check, and mate.  And if you happen to have table space at the meet, might as well leave your location too in case people want to buy it on the spot.  Damn, damn damn damn.  I was gonna say we could hang out with Jason and Mike for a bit... and regale them with stories of your historic triumph in S.F.    Of course, you know that I can't say.     Lol,...
Aight, anyone bitching about raffle luck should know that - as a meet organizer - I'm not even eligible to enter.  So... I WIN!!!    Oh wait, no...
 n3rdling, We instituted a new rule following the SoCal meet, which took effect at the SF meet a couple of weeks ago  Basically, any member who shares gear (via table space) gets entered fully into the treasure hunt automagically. 
For everyone that went to CanMania, I have question for y'all...   Do you have any suggestions for how to improve CanMania in the years to come?
 Properly driven, the SR-007 Mk I is an amazing experience.  Absolutely and breathtakingly lifelike, without the SR-009's rather unrealistic hyper-detail.  Next chance I get, I'll check it out with the BHSE and let you know if you're safe or destined for some inner turmoil. 
   Lol, that's me.  I'm a chain puller.  I pull chains.  You'll get used to it, it's part of my charm.   If you don't see it, it's probably already gone.  It's just a hard piece of foam that is initially included to keep the two cups apart.  As for the ear touching the grills thing... unfortunately I don't have a solution for that. 
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