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 Lol, wait, before this spins wildly out of control... lemme take a moment to qualify that impression. So back at CanJam SoCal, I got to hear a prototype that I would most definitely characterize as bass-light.  What exactly do I mean by bass-light?  Think of an improperly driven K701... or a K3003 with a treble filter.  IOW, I think that unit would safely be characterized as being anemic in the lows by the vast majority of Head-Fiers.  Subsequently, we've learned that...
And some of us from the States as well?  BTW, it was nice to finally meet you in Munich.  😃
Hey y'all, just wanted to chime in that the latest T20 prototype at Munich was most certainly NOT bass-light anymore.   
 Sounds like you've got a winning combo mate!   Yeah, that expansive presentation in the 1p2 is really something.  And taken together with the bass, I found it akin to a D7000, albeit slightly less airy at the top end.  Well, I think you know what must me done (if you like it, then you should put a ring on it ).
 Wow, good score!   I've also been looking into local alternates for lodging as I expect the Hotel Russell to sell out.  Seems like there are a few surrounding hotels that - while not on par with the Russell in terms of luxury or convenience - are nonetheless fantastic deals.  For example, the Tavistock Hotel (only a few blocks away) has single rooms for only 78 pounds:  Really?  I haven't heard it, but have heard...
 Actually, I know for a fact that there's one person that comes before all of us, and that's the guy (or gal as there were women there) who won a Liquid Carbon in the CanJam SoCal 2015 SHaG.  And I suspect that Alex may want to keep #001 for himself.  So if he's #1, and the lucky SHaG winner is #2, and there is in fact none before me, then #3 is the earliest one that I'd get.  Hey, what else is early ordering good for?   
I am the order 396, thou shalt have no other orders before me!  
 I was #396.  
Yup, that's correct.
Hi guys, I just wanted to point out that - for both CanJam@RMAF and CanJam SoCal - I've seen people make arrangements to share accommodations (with separate beds of course) in order to save on travel expenses.  In fact, I've seen perfect strangers become temporary roommates... only to become very good friends long after the event(s).  Just thought I'd throw the idea out there if it hasn't already been considered.  
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