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Just picked up the new note 7 US variant. The sound: spacious, but compared to the v10, the note 7 is not as refined sounding especially for flacs. It is more spacious though which made me buy it when demoed in the store. The sound reminds me of the first lg g flex but more Clear. The note pairs good with fx700 or other iems with excellent soundstage. While the v10 pairs well with my NT6 and liz silver cable especially with flacs. Flacs have texture its like the sounds...
What's the best sounding smart phone through headphones that's out now as of 7/17/16?
Price is $210 and the link https://headphonelounge.com/silver-iem-cables/
his review was based on having the first version of NT6 ....I commented on that review asking about it. I have ver. 2 so the result may be different i dont know, not willing to blow $500 just to find out either. Found my dream sound with the liz ref silver cable. Tight bass spacial highs. Transpancy off the charts like beyer T1 or stax level. Dynamics amazing everything is perfectly reference and transparent. End game reference sound
This is true, I have noticed other cable pins are a little slippery and can fall out easier. Sucks if u tuck the phones in your shirt and it pops out the sockets and you drop and/or lose your headphone.
Im using liz reference silver cable from ted. His website is headphonelounge.com really good buy.
Ok lets do it. What's the condition?
I'm in the same situation I bought the g5 for the dac but after reading its not going to be available in the USA. I decided to buy a busted up v10 off 5miles Last night for$70. The original owner lost it then found it after filing insurance claim so it has a bad esn and the screen is a little cracked but it works. Heck it's not even on my carrier. Its att and I have Sprint. But mobile hotspot it to my Cell for Wi-Fi and I am satisfied. I think I might return the g5. Let me...
damn damnnnnnnn DAMNNNNNN! lmao well I a/b the lg g5 out of the phone's headphone jack with the v10 in hifi mode and i couldnt tell a different. But I did hear a different between the two when the v10 wasnt in hifi mode so the 24bit out the lg g5 is just as good as the v10 in hifi mode. But then again I was using Hidition Nt6 ver2 with Reference Liz Silver cables. I think I found my pot of gold without the extra hifi plus dac under my circumstances nt6 ver2 responds better...
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