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All my new purchases over the last six months have left me missing many of my favorite artists and albums, and this weekend I'm planning to remedy that with marathon sessions of a number of my favorite bands and solo acts, playing their catalogs in chronological order. To start, today I've gone on a Dawes binge and rediscovered a number of my old favorite songs.   Carnivore by Simon Dawes   North Hills by Dawes   Nothing Is Wrong by Dawes   Stories Don't...
Aside from the rubber bumpers, I've never actually minded the 308 much. Sure, it's not even remotely a good car and it's far too aspirational for what's actually inside, but you can't help but love such a pathetic attempt from a company as supposedly infallible to the public eye as Ferrari is. It's a testament to what happened to the industry in the 70s, and that gives it a weird sort of charm.
What is that, a kitchen counter?
If I see this sometime in the coming days, I'll know who it is. 
What do you like about the MDP that puts it above the HD650? I haven't yet tried an MDP or Alpha, but I never thought the MDV3 measured up that well to my HD650.
I don't see many people with an SX-780 around these parts. How do you like it? I had one for a bit, but it wasn't restored when I bought it and I wasn't cut out to maintain it myself.
I knew it looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly what I thought it was related to. That whole soft-edged racing roadster body style was relatively popular at the time, so I wouldn't go so far as to call it a direct ripoff, but it definitely is heavily influenced by the Mythos.
I got my hands on a copy of Brandi Carlile's newest album, out March 3rd, through the radio station, and I'm really liking the way it sounds. It has a bit of a Delta Rae/Lone Bellow vibe to it, but with all the wailing beauty we're used to from her voice. I was expecting Carlile's move from Columbia to ATO to shift her production style in a more stripped-down direction, but she and her band sound just as polished as ever. To cap it off, the last song on the album is a...
Over the last couple years as I've become more accustomed to this album, it's grown on me much more than I ever would have expected. I found it rather jarring and artificial-sounding upon first listen a few years ago, but now all the percussion and synth layering works really well to my ears and comes across more invitingly. The album still has its sense of mystery and otherworldliness, but it's much more listenable today than it was when new. As time passes, I've started...
That price, unique as the car is, it seems like you could spend less money recreating it than buying it.
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