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With this album, Foxy Shazam sounds almost like a completely different band than on previous albums. They seem to be taking their music more seriously and stepping back from the all-out Seventies-style arena rock overkill that they're widely known for. It's a very bare-bones sound in comparison, but still definitely a good album.   Gonzo by Foxy Shazam
How does somebody like that with a complete lack of social skills get hired, aside from being a genius-level worker who's only asking pennies for pay?
I actually disagree with Beagle here, and I'm no longer going on prototype impressions and conjecture since I got the chance to take a pair home for an extended listen last night. As I predicted, they seem to be a natural extension of the HD650 in a higher price bracket, improving on its resolution and imaging while keeping its warmth and overall sound signature. There are a few small differences that could be seen as negative for many people, such as a mildly lighter bass...
Guys, please stop the sound science argument. This thread has been on the brink of being locked a number of times because of various discussions that should be handled via PM or the sound science forum. Your rants are detracting from the overall conversation, which is about the PM-1, not recording rooms. You're a threat to the integrity and continued existence of this thread, and you make it harder for others to find information about the PM-1.
Where do you guys keep finding Goodwill stores with such great gear? The best thing I ever found at mine was a $15 Onkyo CD player that wouldn't play the first track of any CD.
It's time to document some new purchases! There's a little in here for everyone, from soft folk to ska-punk to artsy jam rock. I got all these in the mail today:   House With No Home by Horse Feathers     Meek Warrior by Akron/Family     Everything Goes Numb by Streetlight Manifesto     Foxy Shazam by Foxy Shazam     Small Steps, Heavy Hooves by Dear and the Headlights
I've never seen his Maybach, but I have a fairly apt picture of it in my head based on your terse description. There's an NFL player who keeps his off-season home in my neighborhood, and he had a stereotypical RR Phantom decked out with truck-size wheels and blacked-out lights (I say "had" because he lost it in a bet over a wresting match and then bought himself a much more subdued Ghost). I have a simliar image in my head of whatever Cowell owns, except his Maybach is...
Cowell is such a terrible person, but he tends to have pretty good taste in cars (if you'll excuse his Veyron).
I'm not really a fan of the Gemballa bodywork (especially after seeing your lovely Ruf), but I'm sure it goes like hell.
This is one of those setups that's really nice to have in an urban environment, where you can listen to music the way you want without fear of theft. The few brief times I ever brought my old T5p outdoors, I was paranoid that they'd be stolen, even though I know that the average thief would target Beats and such instead.
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