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I've been a big fan of Colin Stetson's work with Bon Iver for some time, but I only recently got my hands on copies of some of his critically acclaimed solo work. Now, I've bought a copy of his collaborative album with Arcade Fire violinist Sarah Neufeld, and it's blown me away. It's music rooted in traditional instruments (the saxophone and violin), but interpreted through the lens of Stetson's well-known contemporary playing and breathing style. It's easy to listen to...
Magick, any thoughts on the Drogo Ferrari that just sold? It has a bit of a tumultuous history, but I still would have expected it to fetch $1M or more.
That 780 actually looks pretty good for the price, though who knows what's going on inside if the seller doesn't specifically mention a service. I'm not familiar with the 770, is that a later model?
Thanks for the perspective, Jude. While Kevin is of course one of the major sources of electrostat information, I doubt he would have casually leaked such specific knowledge if he knew it. Though his guess is more educated than perhaps anyone else's here (except for the Sennheiser employees, of course), it's important that we take into account that it's still most likely just that: a guess. By the way, nice new avatar.
I do not own an HAMT-1, but I have an acquaintance who's considering purchasing a pair. It may not really be worth the trouble right now, since there's no established U.S. distribution and it's hard to find many thorough impressions of the model. I find them fascinating, but I would have to hear them myself to consider buying a set.
What do you like about the HAMT-1 that puts it above the HD800 in your mind?
We do still have to keep in mind that their site isn't really for us, it's more for the "get me the most expensive type of X" crowd. We will be getting our information about the Orpheus successor on here, most likely, whereas the type of person that the Reshaping Excellence site is going after is going to buy whatever they perceive the be the most luxurious option available. So as much as we make fun of the site and the marble, the intended audience could very well be...
Those are some serious-looking interconnects. What are they?
Oh yeah, I'm pretty satisfied with how the TT sounds and functions, especially for a unit that hasn't been thoroughly serviced in something like 25 years. I just haven't really been a huge fan of Grado's cartridges in the past, and Ortofon appears to have discontinued their P-mount models (or at least the ones I would be interested in), leaving me with very few alternative choices.   I can EQ away some of what I consider to be the drawbacks of Grado's Prestige line, but...
I also recently revived my vinyl setup. I've always had a record collection, but I'm actually paying attention to the quality of my equipment now, and I've also been buying lots of new LPs instead of CDs. My turntable is unfortunately a P-mount Technics, which limits my cartridge choices, but I found a good fit for me in the Grado Prestige Blue 1.
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