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Time to catalog today's new purchases. I spent a bit more time than usual at the record store picking out exactly what I wanted and exploring a some more beyond my usual habit of checking their inventory online and quickly buying only what I found there. I came home with some real gems.   Then Came The Morning by The Lone Bellow   Lon Gisland EP by Beirut, which is the last of Zach Condon's releases which I didn't already own.   Delta Spirit by Delta...
Oh my... I've seen some large tube collections, but that blows every stash I've ever seen out of the water.
On the subject of Tesla, do you think that their tech company model of reveals will be the way the rest of the automotive industry goes in the next couple decades? Will we move away from major consolidated auto shows and have spaced-out announcements and releases like many consumer industries do? While I love auto shows (I'm even attending press days of Chicago in a couple weeks), they seem like somewhat of a dinasour in today's tech industry.
What's sad is that if he sits on it another couple years, barring another recession or the bursting of the collector car bubble, he'll probably be able to get that price all day.
Oh, wow, I seriously dropped the ball on this one. I'm seeing Punch Brothers on the 28th of February here in Chicago, and I completely forgot about their new album. I guess I'll have to run out to the record store today after work.
Ever since buying the CD, I've listened to this album at least once a day. It's become an instant favorite of my collection, and I really hope the band sticks around to make at least a few more. There's nothing quite like it that I've ever heard before.
Yeah, it's a small-batch specialty item. I'm glad Darin offers it for those who want it, but for me it's not worth spending that much extra money for an adapter unless I get a killer deal on an amp to hook it up to.
Meh, the Silhouette is a little too turn-of-the-80s for me. I honestly wouldn't be able to distinguish it from a Brazilian VW kit if I saw one on the road.
Sorry for the relatively late response; I only usually get on about once a day. I'd recommend The King Is Dead and The Crane Wife for the contrast between the two albums, the former capturing their more folk-oriented side and the latter going into jam-rock territory on occasion.
Picked up a copy of the new album today. As a Decemberists devotee I'm somewhat disappointed that this release doesn't have the same scope or passion as The King Is Dead, and their current songwriting is still lacking the power of their jam-rock side that went MIA after The Crane Wife, but it's still a solid album and it'll keep me listening until their next. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, I know, but it's an album worth having if you already consider yourself a fan of...
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