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It would be nice to see something in the top tier of Sennheiser's range with the sound signature of an HD650 sometime soon. As amazing as the HD650 is, its design is aging and it would probably benefit the company to introduce a replacement soon.
That's one of my all-time favorite tracks from Sigur Ros, and I own their entire discography (including Hvarf/Heim, Inni, and the Von re-release from a few years ago). It's amazing that the song never made it onto a proper LP.
As impressive as they are, shops like Koenigsegg and Pagani are still very small companies. They have to rely on things like that because they don't possess the real capability to make the switch to hybrid electric drivetrains like Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren have. Koenigsegg cooperated to create the Quant with Nunzio La Vecchia, but they don't have the money or facilities to convert much of their regular production to cutting-edge powertrain development right now.
New purchases!   Cheat The Gallows by Bigelf   The Cost of Living by Jason Webley   Wooden Arms by Patrick Watson   Blue Lights on the Runway by Bell X1   Phantods by Phantods   Heart Burns by Tom Gabel   Dear John by Loney, Dear   Fundamental by Pet Shop Boys
I can't speak to helping you sleep, but I've always tried to make my listening time coincide with when I have some work to do at the desk at home. That way I get to do what I want while being productive.
I don't really pay attention to NIN because they aren't for me musically, but I've always appreciated how responsive they are to the audiophile community (like the free high-res download of The Slip that I'm sure half of Head-Fi owns). Is this their last album in that they're not making any more, or is it just their latest?
How much does it cost to get a Mad Dog shipped down there? You might have to EQ the bass up just a touch, but beyond that they sound like exactly what you're looking for. If EQ isn't your thing, there's plenty of documentation on good T50 mods you can do yourself.
Agreed. Being so eccentrically particular about something like that is off-putting to a crowd, and it's unreasonable to expect a crowd not to want to take photos of the concert. I mean, come on, they're excited to see you. The last thing you should do as a performer is alienate your crowd and act with disdain.
Made a very successful record store trip today. Here are the results:   American Rubicon by Cobra Skulls   Into The Wide by Delta Spirit   Around The Sun by R.E.M.   This Packed Funeral by The World/Inferno Friendship Society   The Flying Club Cup by Beirut   Akron/Family & Angels of Light (split album) by Akron/Family & Angels of Light
What was inside the SCA50? It looks a whole lot like an integrated version of my PAT-4 on the outside. If they have the same insides for the headphone section, I can understand why you find it lacking warmth. My PAT-4 was always very brassy and dry, which balanced the HD650 and Mad Dogs quite well.
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