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Some classic funk from Benin to mix things up today, re-released by Daptone a few years back after being largely forgotten by U.S. audiences for quite some time.   El Rego by El Rego
Wow, that Sherwood certainly has a beautiful layout inside. I'd love to fit a clear glass top to it and watch the tubes glow.
How much have you ended up having to fabricate yourselves?
This was finally reissued in multiple formats in 2012, but I'd had trouble finding a copy until an unopened one turned up at a record store I rarely find my way over to. I guess I should head that way more often if they have gems like these hiding away every day. This album is one of the most groundbreaking experimental rock albums of all time, the result of a 1970 collaborative studio session between John Cale of The Velvet Underground and minimalist Indian classical/jazz...
Wait, isn't Rolls-Royce BMW's property? Did you misspeak, or what does VW have to do with this?
Thoughts on this 120,000-mile 458 Italia that's for sale at the moment for $134,000? It seems like 120K miles is probably about twice what Maranello ever expects any typical owner to reach, but could we make the assumption that with proper maintenance a Ferrari will behave basically like any other modern car at such high mileage?
Whoa, that pair is really cool. I love the custom headband.
I visited a record store I haven't been to in quite some time, and immediately came across two releases that I've been searching for rabidly over the last few months. I wish I had stopped in sooner, but I'm glad to have them in my collection now regardless of timing.   Crushes: The Covers Mixtape by Mates of State   Now Or Heaven by The Broken West
Before joining Band Of Horses as lead guitarist in 2007, Tyler Ramsey already had a very accomplished solo career as a folk singer-songwriter. This is my favorite of his solo albums.   A Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea by Tyler Ramsey
The price on Amazon in the U.S. tends to fluctuate between about $265 and $350; as of this post it's $318. Once you factor in shipping cost (which I'm covering for my buyer), it turns out equal in the worst case, with a significant difference in price in the best case. There are some open-box offers and occasional flash discounts for cheaper than that, but even today in the HD650 impressions thread there were users discussing having received pairs with rock-hard earpads...
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