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I heard Janis Ian's original version of this song long ago, but I came across a fantastic interpretation of "Stars" performed by Nina Simone while watching an episode of a particular show whose newest season recently arrived on Netflix (which won't be mentioned by name for the sake of spoilers). I haven't ever heard the piece performed more poignantly by anyone else, despite its relative popularity as a cover.    
Yesterday I went to the record store with the intent of filling some holes in my collection, browsing at random rather than checking inventory before going. I ended up happening across a few albums from artists who I paid attention to in years past, but who fell out of immediate thoughts more recently. Here are the new additions to the stable:   Louden Up Now by !!!   You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This by Mirah   Good Sad Happy Bad by Micachu &...
1.7% per song seems quite excessive, but I haven't tried DSD on my DX80. Can anybody confirm if battery drain is that significant for their unit as well when using high-resolution files?
Still on a soundtrack kick, fed directly by a Netflix kick.   Primer OST by Shane Carruth
Nikki Nack by tUnE-yArDs
What places the PM-1 above the HD800 in your mind?
I noticed recently that one of my favorite films was back on Netflix, and on this watch-through I gained a particular appreciation for its soundtrack.   A Single Man OST by Abel Korzeniowski
I'm getting rid of some of my Mountain Goats collection in order to finance purchases of even rarer releases like Isopanisad Radio Hour and the  Satanic Messiah EP. I would be happy to trade for some other releases by the Mountain Goats, Extra Glenns/Extra Lens, and other related projects of note, but it might be hard to find something I don't own. PM me for photos of any particular release if you wish. Thanks for reading!   Why You All So Thief? (7" Split) Media -...
Today, with some new purchases, I finally hit a milestone that's been years in the making:     Here are the albums that did it:   The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter by Josh Ritter   Stones by Colin Stetson & Mats Gustafsson   Red Devil Dawn by Crooked Fingers   Labor Days by Aesop Rock   Here's to the next 20,000!
1.5.2 came out yesterday; have you tried it yet?
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