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Why is the HE60 above the SR009 for you? Warmer and more involving? What are you driving them with?
I've been TSA "pre-checked" the last half-dozen times I've flown; it's really nice.
It's not as good as their last effort in the production department, but for an album from a rising popular act it's pretty crisp. Of course it won't be impressive compared to something produced by Steve Lillywhite or Brian Eno, but Charlie Andrew is a producer knows how to balance detail and radio friendliness well, in my opinion. Where are you seeing them? I'm thinking about getting tickets for one of their Chicago shows later this Fall (despite the absolutely insane...
Even with the 4C coming on the market, the F-Type still gets my vote for the coolest car under $100K in the US. No matter what form you get it in, it's pure grand touring class. It seems the general opinion is that the V6 is a better car to live with, since there's not really much of a point in adding much more power to a platform designed for comfortable highway cruising and backroads blasts.
It's not quite as innovative or as catchy as their first album, but it's still a solid and well-produced piece of work nonetheless. I'm looking forward to the band's next release, and I'm glad that popularity hasn't changed their sound too much.   This Is All Yours by alt-J
I wasn't even aware they were available here yet. Did you get yours early?
Your cling wrap budget must exceed the GDP of some small nations.
Holy vintage, Batman! And a great dedicated listening space as well.
How does the IE800 measure up to a good pair of over-ears?
Some new finds in the radio station's collection:   Part Gray Part Bright Light by Boom! Kinetic   Escapements by The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra   Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound by Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound   A Collection Of Sounds And Something Like The Plague by We Are The Willows   Peace Is Boring by Little Fyodor   Try Brother by Capybara
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