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This is one that I never would have bought on my own, and I ended up with it as part of a $5 brown paper "grab bag" at a local record store. Though the style of female voice and melody hasn't aged very well and sounds sort of generic today, the instrumentation around it is what made Beth Orton a very special artist back when this album was new. It's definitely still worth a listen today.   Daybreaker by Beth Orton
Living in Mobile, New Orleans was my absolute favorite place to take a day trip to. Even though NOLA is still in somewhat sad shape ten years on, it's on its way back and the French quarter never really took much of an economic hit from the hurricane. Even though a lot of the most historic areas of the city were wiped out during Katrina and other storms, they're always rebuilt in the same style and come out looking absolutely beautiful. While the downtown has definitely...
In most parts of the country, the flag really has nothing to do with the Civil War. Men in their early twenties just fly it off the back of their pickup trucks to symbolize freedom or rebellion. In the deep south, though, the places I tended to see the flag were on the lawns of people who still cling to the term "War of Northern Aggression".
Some new purchases. I've finally completed my Mates of State discography, and I'm continuing to expand my Mountain Goats collection (though it's hard to reach completion for an artist so prolific).   My Solo Project by Mates of State   The Sunset Tree by The Mountain Goats
It's nice, but way too expensive for what it is. I just use a banana stand.
I don't see a ratty 350 sticking out of the cooler. Can't be a redneck motorcycle without an engine.   Surprisingly, I saw a far greater concentration Confederate flags in my six years in Wisconsin than in my two in Alabama.
I'm not sure how much it varies state by state here in the US, but the age for a motorcycle license in Alabama was 15 while I lived there. I haven't checked on the license process here in Illinois yet, though, so I don't know when it starts in this state.   On the one hand, an inexperienced cyclist can do less damage to others with his or her bike than an inexperienced driver with their car. On the other hand, the potential for harm to themselves is much greater.
If you need your bacon de-greased, you're not eating bacon the way nature intended.
By the time something as rare as a manual Hammer hits BaT, there's no chance of getting a good deal on it. The sellers know they have all the exposure they need to get full asking price.   By the way, I'm also rooting for a photo of this failed pencil holder project.
Whoa, I can't say I've ever heard an SR-Gamma. What are your thoughts?
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