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Listening to the first two tracks that premiered last night from Bon Iver's upcoming third LP 22, A Million. While I was always enthralled by how perfectly Justin Vernon and his band (including backing musicians as accomplished as Colin Stetson and Greg Leisz) put together the complexities of earlier albums in a live environment, I can still appreciate the intricacy and atmosphere of the largely electronic soundscapes underpinning these new tracks.  
I hate to be a last-minute dropout, but the crazy rain we had today in the city didn't do great things to the carpets in my garden unit apartment. I'll catch you all at the next one!
I haven't actually had the chance to hear the Abyss before; I'm looking forward to it.
Great choice! I wish they had a more significant back catalog to listen to at the moment, and I'm waiting in anticipation of their new LP before the summer is out.
For the most part, no. The M50X is an updated model of the M50 with removable cables, other cosmetic modifications, and slight changes in tuning, but overall it sounds the same as the classic model.
I have some CDs lying around that Reckless doesn't want to buy from me; maybe I'll bring them for the trade table.
Not exactly on topic, but I don't think I've ever seen that many portable rigs in one collection.
Well, now I practically have to come. I haven't yet had the chance to try a Realiser; the closest I've come is Darin Fong's software emulation.
The GS1000 has a fairly controversial sound signature. What draws you to it?
I might actually be able to make this one; I'll update later on if I can confirm it. If it's not sold by then, I'll bring my T5p. I'll also have my DX80 with me if anybody's looking to try out a midrange DAP. I can probably dig up a few extension cords, as well.
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