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I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. F1, NASCAR, V8 Supercars, ALMS, and all the other current premier racing series are overly restrictive when it comes to new technology, and end up homogenizing every team's machine in the pursuit of competitiveness. However, basic safety regulations are important to maintain team and spectator interest in the sport. We can have truly impressive, nearly unlimited machines while still taking basic safety into account.
I think I've found a new favorite record store. Today I stocked up on a couple releases I hadn't been able to find at Reckless Records or Village records, and met the great guy who runs Groovin' High near the Belmont red line station. He knows every release he has in stock, and the selection of new copies of hard-to-find releases (like Sigur Ros's Heima live double DVD, or Ben Folds' Songs For Goldfish EP) is unbeatable in Chicago. I'll definitely be going back, but here's...
In my opinion, all that really needs to be said about F1 in its current state is that Bernie needs to go. If it weren't for the incompetent jerk who runs the joint, the sport would be a whole lot more exciting.
On the subject of Saleen, isn't Steve long gone from the company? I thought he was pushed out a few years ago, and founded SMS.
To be fair, most of the cars on your list (and on the original) aren't exactly the "worst", but the most disappointing in comparison to marketing and expectations. However, we could fill a million lists with truly bad "supercars" like the Lamborghini Urraco from the dark ages of the automobile industry. The only thing I completely disagree with from your own list is the Eliica, which is actually a rather cool machine in my eyes. The fact that the research team behind it...
To be fair, it's not exactly accurate to say that Technics went away entirely when Panasonic became the dominant brand of their parent group. The name was still used on cheap headphones, among other electronics, up until today. Still, if Panasonic is serious about bringing the brand back as a big player, that's really good news.
Most folk cover albums are pretty awful. This one isn't. You should listen to it.   Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols by artichoke
I'd be willing to say that a majority of my posts likely come from recommendation threads, but about a year ago I just gave up on the whole thing. It seems like a third of the people who post are genuinely interested in discussion, a third don't understand what they want and ultimately leave the thread without coming to a conclusion, and the last third are the kind of people who have a list of three headphones already picked out and refuse to accept any alternatives.
This is one that I never would have bought on my own, and I ended up with it as part of a $5 brown paper "grab bag" at a local record store. Though the style of female voice and melody hasn't aged very well and sounds sort of generic today, the instrumentation around it is what made Beth Orton a very special artist back when this album was new. It's definitely still worth a listen today.   Daybreaker by Beth Orton
Living in Mobile, New Orleans was my absolute favorite place to take a day trip to. Even though NOLA is still in somewhat sad shape ten years on, it's on its way back and the French quarter never really took much of an economic hit from the hurricane. Even though a lot of the most historic areas of the city were wiped out during Katrina and other storms, they're always rebuilt in the same style and come out looking absolutely beautiful. While the downtown has definitely...
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