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From Long Island's DIY punk-centric community to a career as a heartfelt folk rock singer-songwriter...   Wheel by Laura Stevenson
Fortunately for buyers, some people really don't. However, most of the time sellers who can't be bothered or don't understand how to look up market value are the ones selling at garage sales and estate sales rather than online.
The cheapest I've ever seen a good used pair with all its accessories and the E90 is $350 in a Craigslist ad in a fairly remote area, but beyond that I've never seen one go below $500. You'd think that with such a long production run and strong warranty support, there would be enough going around the used market to drive the price down some more.
Takato's rankings change fairly often, and there aren't any rules about posting more than a couple times a month in this thread. Honestly, there are dozens of posts between each of takato's, and there's nothing wrong with sharing updates. There's a big difference between posting to a thread often and spamming, and takato is not spamming. If it annoys you, you can easily skip each post in question. If this were a higher-traffic thread, like "What are you listening to right...
This has been getting some pretty scathing reviews in different places, but I haven't heard it yet myself to form an opinion of my own. What do you think of it?
Finally picked up a copy of this powerful album for myself after hearing it in a number of places. Her voice is traditionally dramatic with a bit of a Broadway flair to it, her songwriting is intelligent and involving, and the addition of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra to this recording makes it spectacular.   Cut The World by Antony and the Johnsons
I went to her set at Bonnaroo, and despite already being a fan I was still utterly blown away by the quality of her live show. I stayed right through to the end of the set, despite plenty of conflicts with other artists I wanted to see at the same time.
There are very few people in pop music today who can just turn on a dime and create good music in any particular genre of his or her choosing like Beck can. Despite the fact that I don't particularly love any specific music or era of his, he has my utmost respect as a creator.
Though it stems from unfortunate circumstances, of course, it's pretty cool that you're able to use your eyes to control the tablet.
I've had good experiences with Pioneer from the SX-750 on up numerically, but as has already been mentioned, the best value in today's market is probably an 850.
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