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No Atlanta gas stop is complete without a crazy person or somebody blasting rap from their windows. It's always one or the other.
Nice! That's about as clean as they come.
The only point without a real argument against it was Takato's observation that many R10s are now rotting away and might not be the best choice right now. However, everyone has his or her own tastes in audio and the K1000, Abyss, etc. all have their fans. They're all considered top-tier headphones in the community as a whole. There's no reason to simply reject a certain headphone from the TOTL category because it doesn't fit your sonic preferences.
Wow, that's beautiful. All the white in the room and on the equipment makes it seem almost minimal despite the enormous size of the speakers themselves.
My personal favorite album of theirs is Cease to Begin, but Everything All The Time definitely has a more serious and layered atmosphere to it than the more folky sound of CtB. I think the band's sound changes enough from album to album that there's a lot to like about each of their releases for very different reasons.
Eh, I have a preference for the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes version.
I emptied my 160GB classic because I ran out of space for FLAC, so now I'm slowly replacing everything with 320kbps MP3. As such, I've been able to rediscover a few old albums from the first couple letters of the alphabet the last two days, including this one:   Everything All The Time by Band of Horses
It always stuns me that in these days a Woo > LCD-2 chain can be considered humble. The hobby sure has moved up in price since the pre-Orpheus days.
It sounds like there's a very good, fairly ethical community around high-end comics, then. That's not an area I'm familiar with at all.
It's not like you can go much further from there. Choosing an Orpheus, Abyss, R10, or K1000 over an SR009 just comes down to personal preference.
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