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We keep the definition pretty loose in this thread, but most of the stuff that pops up in here is from about '65 to the early Eighties. There have definitely been older and newer pieces posted and discussed at one time or another, though.
I'm hosting a periodic show now here in Chicago, and that's given me access to the station's entire collection of CDs, which is about fifty times the size of my already sizable personal collection. While I can't fully list everything that I've obtained recently, there have been a few highlights:   The Incredible Moses Leroy become The Soft.Lightes by The Incredible Moses Leroy   Heigh Ho by Blake Mills   Tournament of Hearts by Constantines   Inside/Absent...
After thirteen years, this is still possibly Elbow's best album from a musical perspective. Though Build a Rocket Boys! and The Seldom Seen Kid are much more uplifting and even more layered at points, the vaguely dark sound of Asleep in the Back, filled with vocal samples, echoes, and static, still comes off as the band's most artistic album.   Asleep in the Back by Elbow
I wish I had enough desk space for all that!
Jaguar has been on a roll recently with their new designs. I was afraid that the Tata takeover would dilute the brand into a generic fringe luxury car brand, but they've kept the British spirit alive without getting weighed down with it like Ford did. Where Ford's strategy with the brand led to dated designs and caricatures of British luxury until they finally started getting their act together at the very end, Tata's work with JLR has reinvigorated both brands with a...
I hadn't thought about an F-Type, and that's actually now my first choice.
If I had suddenly come into a lot of money around 2011, the first car I would've bought is a GT MF4. Wiesmann was one of the only botique manufacturers of the last two decades to truly get retro-modern right without having the classic roadster inspiration tie it down in the engineering department. Their website hasn't been updated since last year, either.
If it was going to be my only high-caliber car, I'd settle for something that's comfortable, well-made, and powerful, like a lightly used Maserati Gran Turismo or a Wiesmann MF3 (though maintaining a Wiesmann has to be pretty tough now that the company is dead). If I wanted a track-day car, I'd get an Exige or an Ariel Atom. If I wanted a classic GT car, I'd buy a well-taken-care of Espada or Islero, both of which I have a soft spot for. If I was crazy, I'd get a Bristol...
Given that the SR009 is your favorite, I find it interesting that you ranked the LCD-X above the HE-6. What makes the X stand out more to your ears?
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