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How are you liking it? I got a copy last week, but haven't listened to it yet. I really liked Raising Sand, but I haven't listened to much else from his solo catalog in a long time.
As far as former Beatles go, I've always been more of a George Harrison fan. Anyways, here's what's been on rotation that last couple days:   A View of the Sky by Paleo, one of the coolest and most creative albums that I've ever seen come out of Partisan records. It's a singer-songwriter folk album distorted by unique recording techniques techniques and quietly energetic background instrumentation, and every track of the thirteen on the record is better than the...
That's already being done, to varying degrees of success. UE's full-size line, Sennheiser's Momentum and Urbanite, AKG's Tiesto line...but Beats had a five-year head start and still has the dominating marketing force behind it.
While the songwriting and musical style wasn't quite as frenetic or creative as it was on Funeral, that awe-inspiring church organ made up for it all. Have you ever heard Peter Gabriel's cover of "My Body Is A Cage"?
That's something I never thought I'd see checking this thread.
I have yet to witness one in person. How do those weird headlights look in the flesh?
If I had to pick the most overlooked album of the last decade, it would be a tie between this and You Won't Skeptic Goodbye. Simply fantastic, risk-taking indie folk-rock.   Pearly Gate Music by Pearly Gate Music
Is production limited in numbers at the moment?
The new Horse Feathers album doesn't come out until the 21st, but I've had a copy since yesterday. Ah, the perks of working for a radio station. It's a great listen.   So It Is With Us by Horse Feathers
When I lived in Mobile, those types of ramps made me avoid using the southernmost section of I65 altogether. All of the major exits in Mobile had combined on and off ramps, some as short as a quarter mile or less. I was almost run off the road by people getting into the off-ramp while trying to merge a number of times, and I was unable to exit because people stayed in the lane as long as possible after the on-ramp. I don't know what planner thinks those are a good idea.
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