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Yeah, the general idea is to get a good deck so that when I happen to come across a good recording on cassette, I can actually enjoy it. Most of the time it'll be overkill, but I will know that I have something decent when the occasion arises.   As for questions about the viability of cassettes as a modern medium in general, I can't answer for the fact that many of my artists go the cassette route instead of CD, but they simply do. When an artist on a small netlabel or a...
I know that Stitches is well regarded around these parts (especially by a certain DLeeWebb), but I lean more toward Califone's earlier, more conceptual album All My Friends Are Funeral Singers and its companion film. I still haven't really delved into much of the band's earlier work, but I look forward to exploring their long discography some more approaching this Fall.   All My Friends Are Funeral Singers by Califone
Thanks for the very thorough advice, everyone, especially with the discussion of the medium's drawbacks. I don't intend for cassettes to replace CDs as my main medium of music, and I certainly don't expect to get the same reliable SQ that I would from digital mediums or from a good vinyl setup, but I do want a well-respected deck so that I can get the best I can out of the limited medium. I'm under no delusion that tapes will become a dominant part of the music industry...
Is it safe to assume that anything 7xx and up from Pioneer's CT-F series of that era is a safe bet, or have you read/experienced that lower models tend to be significantly worse than the TOTL stuff?
I know this is a little past the time period we typically discuss on this thread, but I'm thinking about adding a relatively serious cassette section to my main setup. A number of the record labels I pay the most attention to have started issuing releases on cassette again, and it seems like people are starting to get pricing fatigue from the current vinyl revival and are beginning to turn to cheaper mediums again. Since laptop CD drives and dedicated CD players have gone...
Really nice shot, one of my favorites in recent memory. I love the uniform black/silver color scheme all around.
Nice vintage stack, and a nice setup all around. I haven't yet had the chance to own multiple pieces of vintage gear that make use of the same chassis, but seeing photos like that makes me want to build a vintage stack of my own for a desktop or cabinet.
How do you like the EL-8? It seems like it would be a nice middle ground between the D5K and the HD800.
Quote:At least the wheels themselves aren't optional upgrades. Porsche regularly charges $20k for a non-standard set.
What can you tell me about Torres? The album Sprinter recently had a big push to independent radio, but I haven't yet listened to any of her work myself.
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