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I definitely think the PM-1 sounds natural, but neutral is the different concept altogether, and I think a couple people might be confusing the two. They're definitely on a warmer side of neutral, but because of that they sounds much more natural with a wider range of equipment than, say, an HD800.
I don't yet own the PM-1, but I had a pair on hand all weekend and plan to add it to the stable soon permanently (or perhaps a PM-2 when it comes out, if it measures up well sonically to the PM-1), so I'll include it in my rankings this time around. As usual, my rankings are based on subjective enjoyment, not all-out technical prowess. I've also included amplifier information if somebody wishes to ask about a specific combo I'm using. The most recent additions are the...
Of all my recent purchases, this is the one I keep coming back to the most to listen over and over again.   Meek Warrior by Akron/Family
I agree. While I prefer Pioneer pieces sonically, Marantz always had the edge in the looks department.
I never really "got" the hype over the Daytona as far as Ferraris go, but I can certainly appreciate how different it was from a traditional Ferrari when they launched it. Along with the Miura, that time must've been an interesting era to be watching the supercar industry in before it nearly collapsed during the oil crises.
That's another point where we disagree. Though I find the presentation of the PM-1 more natural for a wider variety of music, there's absolutely no competition to me ears when it comes to detail/resolution. It might edge out the T1 a bit in the bass area, but both the T1 and HD800 beat it otherwise in terms of pure detail. It's true that at time the PM-1 has a little more "hit" because it's a planar, but I wouldn't confuse that for resolution. It's just a different sonic...
I've said they make a good compliment to the HD800 for more relaxed listening, so I wouldn't completely discount them just because they don't resolve to the same extent.
I concur, though the resolution isn't at the level of a T1 or HD800, and even an ESP950 is more exciting to listen to.
I didn't forget about it, I just haven't had enough experience with it to give a good opinion. I've only heard an ED8 once, and it was among a host of mid-fi portables long before I ever had TOTL equipment of my own. At the time I foolishly called it "the closed HD800" (having only heard the HD800 once at that point) and was laughed away from the thread.
That's too bad about the C1000, but what about that Daytona? You spun us paragraphs about the first half of your visit, and we don't know yet if you went home with anything!
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