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I've been on guard all day, but I forgot what today was for just a minute there, and thought one of my favorite threads was about to die.
I just noticed that this thread is somehow active again. Keep in mind that the original post was made more than three years ago, at a time when the M50 was literally the only recommendation you would get in an entry-level recommendation thread.
I hesitate to ask how you even hauled such huge speakers across states.
It's been awhile since I've sat down and had a good listening session with some full Elbow albums. I've been too focused on buying new music instead of appreciating old favorites.   The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow
What do you think of the new album? It hasn't been getting the best reviews, so I've been delaying buying a copy for myself.
For somebody with an HP1000, PS1000, and GS1000, it astounds me that you don't already have an RS1. especially since many consider it to be their best model of the modern era. How have you waited so long?
How much music is in that B&W collection? It may be worth buying a P5 just to sift through those recordings.
People who've been on the thread awhile may remember that I used to work at a shop restoring Shelby Mustangs back when I lived in Wisconsin, and working there made me realize that I'm more of a slow, small roadster guy than a muscle car guy when it comes to driving. It just wasn't any fun to pilot an old Mustang around the back roads, not compared to an MG or a Miata. While there's plenty to be said about a GT350 as a competition machine in its time (and plenty to be said...
It seems like Toyota's long-awaited Supra return is going to go the opposite way of Acura's long-awaited NSX return, in that it won't be utterly boring. Good on them for sticking to the brave lines of their concepts from the last few years.
I've been away from MrSpeakers news for awhile now, but this could bring me back into the community, pending some thorough reviews from those whose listening habits most match mine. While the looks are a little bit derivative, that's not a bad thing. And besides, what's most important is how it sounds.
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