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I love how clean Concept units always are. They seem to exemplify the transition that occurred in the late 70s and early 80s to less cluttered receiver designs.
Hvarf/Heim by Sigur Rós
He never claimed that the headphone does nothing wrong. And in the same vein that you claim that you can't say that a headphones is a world-beater upon first listen, it would also be very hard to come to conclusions about its flaws. Sure, those impressions may be somewhat exaggerated, but is it really so bad to be excited about something and to share that you're excited about it?
They're a desirable consumer product right now. Musk knows how to market well using scarcity and the brand's appeal. I've stopped noticing the Model S when I see them, actually, since they've become so common.
Wow, Matt, you've basically just made a sale for Dan. Your recommendations have never steered me wrong, so I know I just have to have a pair eventually. It's been awhile since I've had a MrSpeakers product, but based on such a glowing review I'm sure I'll be blown away by the Ether when I finally get to hear them.
What would happen if you combined elements of Tom Waits, Mogwai, and Reverend Glasseye into a single band? I recently came across The Gunshy through local buzz as they hosted a homecoming show tonight after a short tour of the American southeast, and I'm very impressed by how they sound. They combine the raspy, raw vocals of bands like Two Gallants with well-composed brass and strings a la Flogging Molly and long, free jams that could belong to some of the best Shoegaze...
Good album. I haven't seen anybody post it in awhile.
Honestly, I think I'd go the route of the C5 if I could find one for pretty cheap. It was the first of the "modern" Corvettes, but it's just old enough now that the combination of purchase price and upgrades is probably the cheapest it's going to get. There's a vast community of knowledge when it comes to LS-series engines and recent Corvettes in general, so it wouldn't be a challenge to get it acting like a C6 on a budget. You couldn't really do anything about that...
There's a huge aftermarket for the Mustang, too, arguably more than for the G37. In the engine department the C5 will easily be upgraded, but most of the aftermarket for it otherwise has faded away somewhat or is tacky add-ons at this point.
Guys, remember that there is a strict no politics rule on Head-Fi. Even though this isn't a major thread, we've had mods come in here before and delete posts.
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