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I ordered my NFB-2 on the 11/06 and received it on the 20/06 (I live in Australia). Though my C-2.1 hasn't shipped yet (and supposedly it's in stock)   Go figure
Sorry, I'm new to the audio world so maybe I should elaborate. I'm looking for tight, clean bass (not sure if those are the right terms?) not big boomy bass that takes over everything you hear. So if the headphones have more that's ok, but I still want to be able to enjoy the vocals and instruments. I hope that makes sense?
Hi guys, Looking to upgrade my AD700s. Love them but now want something better. I listen mainly to metal (melodic, techno, etc), but also rock and alternate. I'm happy with the bass levels and detail the AD700 put out, so I don't really want some bass heavy cans. The next logical step would be the AD900s however, is there something better in the ~$500 AUD price range. I know the ms-pros and lcd-2 are rated for rock/metal and at some stage in the future I will check...
New Posts  All Forums: