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Sorry, not interested in trades at this time.
Bought these about 2 years ago and have almost never used them, I left them at home when I was deployed and just realized I still had them. There is some minor cosmetic wear on them, but nothing too serious, just a couple of scratches and some spots where the finish seemed to wear a little. They come with the adapter and extension cable but I do not think I still have the original box. Asking $450 shipped, I will have pictures up shortly. Payment through paypal.
Preferably rosewood but I'm not dead set on it, shoot me a PM if you're looking to sell yours. Thanks.
I've listened to a lot but the only phones I've kept for an extended period of time is my RS1i's and T1's. Grado and Beyer just seems to complement each other.
I would be interested 
I'm running the T1's through a Valhalla right now and it sounds great, but I can for sure tell that I'm missing out.   If you have the money go with the WA2, that's what I'll be doing.
I've got some woodied Grado's with 225i drivers and I love them but I've been looking into upgrading the drivers. I've been out of touch for a while so I wasn't aware of this whole magnum thing. I'm assuming this is my best route for upgrade?   Also who should I contact to order some of these
Does anyone have any spare Dynamat that they could send me? Or if not point me in the right direction to find some?
So I've got the woody part covered and am now looking into switching out the headband and pads   Right now I'm looking at the beyer DT770 Headband, but I am unsure as to whether or not I can buy them directly through beyer or through some other company   And as for ear pads I'm thinking of getting the jumbos instead. Do they increase sound quality at all? Or are they just for comfort?   Thanks again for any and all help
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