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AFAIK it is.
Go for the EF3 then. Same as EF2C, but without the dodgy DAC...
OK. I use a pair of his cups in my Grados (SR225i with full length Cocobolo cups). I'm very happy with them.
May I ask who did them?
II've noticed the same using this cable with my Sony HPA-1.
Are those woodied DT770s?
Grado fans already roll drivers!
They sound very good out of the Audio-gd SA-31, so the G109S should also be a good match (they sound quite similar).
I tried the Customcans damping mod yesterday. What a difference! The bass is now still deep, but also fast and controlled. The soundstage now opens up nicely, making this a good closed can for orchestral music. Getting that bass under control really opens up the midrange. The treble is still a bit harsh, though.
...and make sure the plug is securely fitted (ideally using the screw).
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