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Just tried Sylvania 5687s (in Beidou adapters). Drivers are the Voskhods, cans HD600s. What an improvement! Much more detail and clarity, much tighter bass.
Have a look at some of the Audio-gd range. I use mine with an SA-31 (upgraded to SE specification).
Ouch, they're ugly. This must be the antithesis of the Bauhaus / Apple design approach. I'm sure there can't be an acoustical reason for that surface finish, and wait until those dimples fill up with sweat and earwax... I'm sure they will sound good, though (and, finally, detachable cables!).
Are you using the DAC to drive the power amp directly? If so, and if you're using the original "non-D" version, the output may be on the low side, and/or there may be an impedance mismatch...
Looking at the design, it may be difficult to keep clean (as the PF series tend to be worn without tips).
I agree that the bass is non-existent if you don't have a perfect seal (difficult to achieve if you don't actually hold the cups to your head...). Maybe the pads are part of the problem (poor seal, highly reflective)? It's also likely that the act of holding the cups damps them somewhat!
SQ impressions? I find that my TH500s are OK on the end of an OTL tube amp... BTW, how did you get them open without destroying the pads?
Try the 603 through Grados (not on the subway though, please)!
That more or less sums it up (I have both).
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