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At least I find them to have similarities...
Like the HD600, then...
... or run the line out into a passive preamp (like the Tisbury) first, then into the speakers.
Audio-Technica EW9 (apparently still available on Amazon).
Oh, and they have a very short fixed TRS cable (shirt pocket length) and an extension cable. They do not appear to be wired for balanced operation. Recabling should be easy, though.
I got mine from HK via Shenzhenaudiostore in China. That was about four years ago, though. I used to use them with an iBasso P4 (or a Little Dot Mk. III OTL tube amp).
Maybe I should dig my EW9 out. Haven't used them for years! Should be good with a portable tube amp.
If all you're after is a digital transport with a USB output, why not just get an Android phone with an SD card slot and use it as an OTG transport (i.e. don't even put a SIM card in). With the right phone, you may even get a replaceable battery...
Generally, low cost Chinese amps tend to come with very ordinary stock tubes. They will work out of the box, but you will achieve significant performance gains by replacing them ASAP.
The modification simply consists of buying a pair of adapters and some tubes. It takes all of 2 minutes. The 5687s have a different pinout from the stock tubes. You need 1x Little Dot Mk III, 2x Mullard EF95 (or equivalent), 2x 5687s (Sylvanias are good), and a pair of these adapters: http://m.ebay.com/itm/5687-to-6N6-Vacuum-tube-adapter-socket-converter-tube-socket-Music-buffs-DIY-/262451561666?nav=SEARCH. I buy my tubes at Langrex in the UK.
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