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Are these 25 Ohm or 200 Ohm?
Just ordered these from Amazon.de for EUR 12...
It shouldn't need a dedicated driver, as it only runs to 24/96.
Of course, you have set the switch, too...
Did you connect to the charging port (not the iDevice port)? The full-sized USB port is purely for iDevices.
As the P5 is intended to be used as a desktop amp for at least part of the time, it would have been nice to have an input in the rear panel. As it is, it suffers from the same problem as the O2, namely that of the signal cable entering from the front. This is not a problem if you are using a DAP, but it doesn't look all that neat when connected to desktop sources.
Fully-restored Quad ESL57s?
It doesn't appear to have a digital output, though...
Has anyone tried the Sparkos Labs discrete opamps in the P4?
If it's actually blowing the mains fuse on switching on, I would suspect a fault with the power supply. In that case, your best course of action will probably be to return it to the manufacturer.
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