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Wonder if those "GPS" watches fare any better... I really like one of the G-shocks with GPS but haven't jumped on it yet.   (http://smile.amazon.com/CASIO-G-SHOCK-GRAVITYMASTER-GPW-1000RD-4AJF-Japan/dp/B01BXQ3P2E/ref=pd_srecs_cs_241_24?ie=UTF8&dpID=51R0DNllVZL&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL250_SR170%2C250_&refRID=1XC7QC7MW2Y47NBXZ4NP)
I was interested on the Ultrasones until I looked at that price! :o :o   Wow. Not worth it IMO (especially when the sound MIGHT be just an Ultrasone usual sound... :( ).   Oh well.
Excellent. I was an "early bird" and was worried that they might not make it. But good on them and great for us! ;) These will very possibly replace my Sony Pulse that I use for gaming which has a "similar" vibration thingie.
Yeah, it seems they took the M50 and the ATs and just modded them. Not sure if they will use the same drivers or not. I just hope they sound good. Hopefully I'll get to experience them once they release it.
Are you guys actually using them every day? Ultrasone, Beyers, thoser are sturdy... these plastic things... meh. Sorry but after three pairs, totally disagree! (and i baby all my headphones which is the most surprising aspect...)
This box greeted me this morning...    Oh Oh... seems "ze germans" are following me!!!   For some reason it looks HUUUGE on this pic but it's really not (i.e. my Steinhart Apollon and other divers are bigger!) but it is a decently sized 44mm and lug to lug is 54mm   Just like the Sinn, I fell in love with the look and liked how it was the inverse of the Sinn regarding the dial. Feels very good and comfortable on the wrist. Lighter than I thought it would feel...
 Very nice looking!
 It kind of looks big on your wrist but as others mentioned, if it's comfortable and you love it, that's all that matters!Personally, I LOVE big watches and I also love Steinhart so that means... LOVE THE PIC! It definitely packs a punch. :)(Currently have their Apollon and their Terra Incognita.) Enjoy!
Btw, these are my T5ps... http://www.martincustomaudio.com/2015/01/quilted-maple-beyer-t5ps.html?m=1 The guy took like a year to make them (I don't think he is doing mods anymore).
Asgard should be plenty of power for any closed back you end up getting. Thanks but I also had the Pros and decided to stick with the Signature DJs (more soundstage, a bit more bassy, I like bass ). Also for some reason I found the Sig Pros more uncomfortable than the Sig DJs even though they are basically the same. The 1770s kick the 770s ass all the way to Germany! My opinion of course...
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