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I bought a few CDs recently from interpunk... Hadn't bought CDs from there in quite a while. Got a few LPs as well... Mostly pop/punk/emo stuff. Pre-ordered the new "The Early November" album, bought a Tribute to "The Police" (!:_A_Tribute_to_the_Police), a couple others.   I'm fascinated by Lakes, especially the song "The Ghost and the man" ( -- Free if you have...
 Love it!There's something about the design that just screams: "Buy me!!!!!"Probably why I like the Autodromo Prototipo as well. Wear it in good health!
Thanks for the info DF.   So, any new gear being bought by anyone? I recently got a Denon DA-10 USB Amp/DAC thingie and although it doesn't seem to support OTG, connected through USB via laptop it sounds pretty good. Just not for me though...   Also got the new ADL H128 closed-backs and I have to say, these have been the best closed-backs I've tried recently (trumping Sony's MDR-1A, Master and Dynamics MH40s, Ultrasone Performance 880/840, etc.). Very "natural"...
Yeah, I don't think it supports OTG! :( So I'll probably sell mine soon. Too bad though since I actually like it when connected to a PC! Heck, I even like it when double-amping.
:)   They are basshead alright! I sent both of mine to ultra over at chang's for measurements, so you can visit or PM me. I also sent in my Ultrasone Signature DJs for measurements.
 I have the Sony NWZ-A17 and it's a winner!!Very good sounding, GREAT battery life, no worries nor troubles reading files correctly unlike some other chinese players, FM radio, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. I'm using it with a converter (microSD to SD) with a 256GB card and it works flawlessly. :) Sold all my other players... sticking with this Sony.
 Also have the tiny X3 and the Riva "sounds" like a winner! Definitely interested.  Thanks for the review moe!
 I actually got the Blue ones... :o :o ;)
 Ran it straight from my Sony NWZ-A17 which has an amp section not as powerful as other DAPs and they sounded A-Ok. I mean, they are not as easy to drive like my Sony MDR-1As, but they are not as bad either.
LOL!!! :)
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