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Excellent price!   GLWS!
 I love the look of this one so much that I was going to get --> http://www.amazon.com/Seiko-SUN025P1-Kinetic-Stainless-Bracelet/dp/B00SEFOMAW/ in the meantime! LOL!!! But no... just another league! Guess I'll just wait! :p
 Very nice collection!!!
 Yes.It's part of its character...
 LOL!!!(don't know why this had me laughing so much, but it did... :p)
Spiders were sold. Thanks.
 Dealt with them via eBay.Nice price for a Sony SRS X3 a year or so ago. Fast shipping as well. I would say go via eBay if they have the same deal up.
Hello.   Getting rid of a few things. FiiO X5 2nd gen is definitely an extremely good sounding DAP. Cheap as well :) 2 microSD card support, firmware updates, etc. make this a very decent player.   Changes over gen 1: All-new exterior design, improved build, with metal finish changed from powdered to brushed; More compact and lightweight; smaller black borders around LCD; All-new independent amplification stage with analogue volume control, increasing audio...
Hello.   Getting rid of a few things. Blue Lola's are a weirdly designed but good sounding headphone. The white color looks extremely sharp. As per Tyll:   "Blue's MoFi of a year or so ago was a bit of a disappointment, but this year's all-passive Lola is significantly better sounding to my ears. The weight and ergonomics seem a bit better as well. Good enough for a review? I'll have to play with them for a while, but check them out if you have a chance; quite an...
 Is the Carbon Fiber strap crappy?I think I saw something regarding "peeling" over at WUS but can't quite remember if it was G-shocks or other straps.
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