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 Have the same one...It works great, silent and keep my watches on time.
 Well, velour usually tames the bass even more and increases upper mids so I'm not sure I would like that either but I can try. I think I have my DT1770 pads somewhere (and they probably "fit"). Could definitely try them. And yeah, comfort is my main issue.
Well... still using them and as you mentioned, pads definitely changed their sound. Highs are DEFINITELY harsher with these pads on. The original but uncomfortable pads definitely sounded better to my ears. I might try others if I find them at home. Should have some "cheapos" somewhere.   Also, if you are in the States, I can just send them to you so you can compare them with your current JVC cans.
Well, agree to disagree. I had both, the SZ1000/2000 and the only way they REALLY excelled was amped and EQ'ed. I actually WOULDN'T recommend these JVCs unless they have an amp, love EQ'ing and are "ok" with overly warm mids... it all depends on what the user wants and likes.
 Closed.  (scary) LOL
Ultrasones do well if you are not looking for something extreme. Un-amped, my Ultrasone Signature DJs hit harder than the SZxxxx series and has more clarity in the mids and up-top as well. When we get into amping territory, that's where it loses to all of the top list.
I... caved... in... :o Now I need to find a Mojo somewhere to take from home to work, etc.
Hello.   Posting this to see if there's any interest on acquiring my Martin Custom Audio modded Beyerdynamic T5p's. Had these for more than a year now and frankly I don't use them. They were sitting on a stand looking at me and I just ignored it. Never loved the T5p's and thought that with the new look I was actually going to use them more but... no.   Anyway, looks great still and sounds good. Cosmetically it looks very good. The only "issue" I can find is that...
 Hopefully not!!! :)
Yeah.   Put these on: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MFDT894/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1   And DEFINITELY more comfortable. But the sound indeed changed a bit. More bass, a bit harsher up top. :( At least they are comfy now LOL   I mean, look at the difference!!!
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