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 Hear that @mrspeakers ? That sounds like a challenge! (or what I wish was a challenge!!!) :pEther-C mini @ less than 1k Dreaming too much?
Lol.Yeah, this I the extreme basshead thread, emphasis on extreme!!I have always said, the JVCs are underwhelming. Their mids are too thick and make everything sound kind of low fi. Bump it up with proper amp and EQ and you have the monster everyone one this thread raves about.TH-xxx and Denon Dxxx are pretty good unamped or without EQ as well as a host of others, but none are extreme unless you EQ and provide ample power.Regarding making a SZ sound like a neutral...
For some reason i would love to see measurements with the zmf pads on vs originals ...
Just test it out.My current Citizen doesn't see too much light, only room light or if I decide to turn on my Winder box light which is usually never. My G-Shocks had a charge indication telling if it was low/med/high. Also, most of these watches have a sleep mode which extends the life and the time you can keep them with no charge.So, test it out, you'll probably be surprised...
Errmmm... You do know that solar watches hold quite a good charge right? I guess you really need to take a look at the manual. Lol.
Sold on the bay.     Thanks.
You know, you can still wear your watch at home!! I do, all the time! Lol
Excellent price!   GLWS!
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