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 Don't always put up too much value on the graphs.There are A BUNCH of headphones with similar looking response and they sound different. And no, don't have that one.
Ok, so, the Performance series is actually a good one from Ultrasone but again, they suck at pricing their stuff!! At one time (there might be posts here), I got the 880 and 840s while I also had the Sig DJs. The main difference from the 880 and 840 was minimal. 840s have more bass and a bit more undefined highs. These are both v shaped. The Sig Djs is in another league with regards to smoothness and impact. Its a cleaner signature but the 880 approaches the signature but...
It compares favorably. Perf 880 at the right price is Aces! But the difference between 880 and 840 is almost none! So I would suggest the 840s especially if found for $150 or less. I'll post a bit more details later.
 I noted the same thing in comparison to the Flows-C but it seems to happen more with crappy recordings than with decent, or well-recorded material. I just lower the volume a bit when those come on my MP3 player... LOL. Thing is that the nature of the Senns might "tame" tame that area due to their signature (I know that's what happened on my HD600s when I had them) BUT tracks still don't sound as involving or addictive would be my guess. Unless you have lots of...
 So... early impressions >> than the DT1990? 
 If you are already satisfied, then I suggest you listen to the Flows first either on a dealer, a meet, someone you know, etc. instead of jumping to an upgrade where you won't be able to perform comparisons... Just my 2 cents.. ;)
 Too much bass COMPARED to the Ethers (remember, my impressions were mostly a comparison, I am a "semi-basshead" and have owned cannons as per the Extreme Basshead thread...). But yeah, Z1Rs are just more addictive that the Ether C Flows in the end. Wasn't a big fan of the TH due to mostly the treble (I only got to try them I did not own them), but the Sony's even though they are not perfect up on that region, are more controlled and less intrusive. Enjoy your Z1Rs! :)
Go ahead. Thanks.
Just in case you missed it:http://www.head-fi.org/t/818846/the-official-sony-mdr-z1r-flagship-headphone-thread-live-from-ifa-2016/4140#post_13139517Yup!
Hey Sonic.Yeah, I definitely feel better and decided to sell the Ethers... My impressions still stand and I just find the Z1Rs more fun and engaging. They have become my main headphones now. Thanks.
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