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Like it!I like uncluttered dials and this one looks very very good!
Hello.   Selling a recently acquired (2 months) Denon DAC/Amp. It's in very good condition and was only used for a few times (battery cycled maybe 3 times). The come with:   - Original Packaging - Denon DAC/Amp unit - All cables/accessories.   I will take care of shipping and paypal fees. For more info:   NO TRADES! (Unless... closed-back headphones I haven't tried... i.e. W1000X/Z, Denon D7100,...
 I actually went and did what I usually never do... pre-ordered a watch... Guess which dial I chose... :p ;)  Thanks for looking out though.
It's not as big and cool as the Triton, but it has its charm. :-P
Didn't noticed it was blurry! :-( But from a few days ago. My Obris Morgan is the one I use with Nato's specifically...
Similar sounding but the DJs is more refined overall. Better clarity and to my ears, better mid bass punch. I sent the 840/880DJs for measurements. If you'd like to see, send a PM and I'll provide the links (since it seems mentioning the page here gets posts edited!?!)Yup! :-)None of them.The Signature Pro is Ultrasone's "attempt" at a neutral-ish sound signature. So the bite up top and the bass slam is more subdued.
So I guess they'll be released this month!? Filler stuff but real pictures.!
I know! It's weird! They are BOSS at being comfortable, they sound very good, they fit well and look fantastic. They also measure well. I sent my pair for measurements and they perform just like I thought/heard. I'm not getting rid of them any time soon.
Buy them used. You will possibly find them cheap here on the forum.
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