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The one you like will be the better one!!
Sold in a flash. Thanks.
Hello everyone.   For sale an old Schiit Magni (bought on: Thursday 13 December, 2012 -- yeah, time does fly!). I've used it A LOT since it was part of my "rig" at the office.   Still looks good and works as it should but no longer need it.   Includes:   1) Schiit Magni unit in good condition 2) Wall adapter 3) RCA cable   I don't know for how much these are going for but, Price: $30 (this includes shipping and Paypal fees)   No international.     Thanks.
Hello.   Up for sale these JVC Studio/Professional headphones. Frankly, haven't used them much and I'm selling everything I don't use much instead of hoarding things like I used to do. LOL.   Anyway, included in sale:   1) JVC headphones in excellent condition 2) Original box in good condition.   As always, payment via Paypal. Asking for $210 (and this includes shipping and Paypal fees) or best REASONABLE offer.   Pics up.     Thanks.
My new Steinhart!     :)
LOL! I'll probably be getting rid of mine. Not sold on it after this long so... they will have to go.
Aaawwww someone's in need of attention!!! You do know that not everyone has every Ifi unit in the world and if they do, they still probably have a life and don't come to head-fi every single day...You are the only one who can tell what's worthy or not. Buy the unit you have a need for (i.e. form factor, battery for portable use or not, etc. ) and decide if you like the sound or not. If you do, then that's it...
I'll compare during the weekend, but at the moment, the Flows basically shows all the flaws of the DT1770 (i.e. weirdo mids with scooped sound, artificial highs, bloated bass response). But then, the Ether might sound a bit "thin" by comparison (and no, it doesn't lack bass IMO, it just seems to be just a tiny bit treble happy).   Initial...
 Interesting... I don't own it so can't double check. But that sucks... Does this happens when you use the unit to format the card though? (i.e. is it a software issue on their part when formatting cards?). Mine was formatted in Windows and I've successfully used it on every phone/PMP I can get my hands on. LOL.
 After having them for a few weeks (that's what usually takes me to nail the sound and finish comparing against my headphones, etc.), they were not my thing. I probably sold them for like $40 or so. Build-wise it is Ok.Sturdy, mostly plastic. Did not sound open at all... Warm sound (too warm), wasn't able to tame that bass and in the end not as great after those first impressions. Momentums still have my vote if looking for on-ears. Better build, better materials, better...
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