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Every Grado owner should have at least one of these amps sometime in their life. They are magic.
Very good photos!
I have expressed interest. I am second in line. I live in Australia. I will be responsible for any import fee incurred as a result of the purchase of the amp and importation into Australia.
I should have added that the Zen makes the GS1000 sound equivalent to my Hd800 with a bit more bass and high end treble. For the first time since getting the Hd800 I am happy with the Gs100. I am thinking about selling the Hd800 now the GS sounds so close!
In my opinion the Zen is a great choice for the GS1000. I have balanced GS 1000. The GS is difficult to power. The zen is the best I have found. I purchased a 5w Pass Zen off ebay for about $33 and assembled it. Needed to add transformer, box and connectors. I use a 33v DC printer psu and an old box. I run the amp as pseudo dual mono with two 3pin xls. Total cost $33 as I had everything else lying around. Currently I run the amp without a top on the old DTV box as I need...
Why not take your hdmi out of the Onkyo? if you area price  sensitive at this time you need to assess the cost of nos tubes for the LDIii. Four tubes could double the cost of the amp. If you are going to stick with the original tubes (due to cost) then go for a Matrix. The Bly changes you can make is opamp rolling say AD797s or OPA627s , cost about $10 from China for a pair on a dual dip8.
Mapletree Ear really take the ms2 to a whole new level-bringing it alive like no other amp can do. It works well for rock, jazz, piano and most music except large scale symphonic orchestras. However if you are wanting symphoniies you have the wrong headphones.   You can pick up a second hand Ear for reasonable money. All Mapletree amps have transformer output to the headphone out so the 32 ohms is not an issue.
Balanced v SE is a dilemma. I have balanced Alessandro MS1, Hifiman HE500, fostex Rp40 modded. I found a slight improvement soundstage, articulation and separation. But in my opinion it did not justify the cost as my mood probably made more difference. I prefer my Mapletree tube amp(SE) to balanced. On the other hand Grado Gs1000, Sennheiser Hd600 scale up and definition improves dramatically in balanced mode. They never sound as good in SE mode.
You should consider the Mapletree Ear amps. Euphoric with Grado, Hifiman HE500 and hd600. It is worthy king up a second hand example. Any model, as the house sound goes across all models. I do not know why it sounds so good.i should add a qualification thAt I am not convinced it is excellent with symphonic music. I use mine for rock, chamber music. It transports you to another world.
A Mapletree Ear is best synergy with Grados, especially RS, but also GS. I understood the term euphoric after listening to the Ear.
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