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It'll happen again; mark my words. Give it a month or two. Windows 10 and Uni Xonar drivers made no difference to me. Although the solution I've switched to, the Powercolor Devil HDX 7.1, has its own problems: no headphone gain control so I have to turn the volume down to 15 - 30% and sometimes usually the card doesn't start up on warm reboots. My next computer audio solution will most definitely be external DAC + AMP.
 I thought it was too good to be true that it would be an easy fix like reducing DPC Latency. Well I've got my Powercolor Devil HDX sound card now. Been running it for 4 days in Windows 10 without issue. The drivers are OK, but they don't offer any gain / impedance setting for headphones so I have to turn the volume down to 15% (rather than 35 - 40% with the STX) to get a reasonable volume. If you forget to turn it down when switching from speaker mode, then your eardrums...
Has anyone experienced lag while fast-forwarding long files such as audio-books? The larger the file, the longer it seems to take to resume playback after seeking. e.g. a 2 hour file can take 10 secs to seek after releasing the fast-forward button!
Using that DPC Latency Checker utility, I found that HWiNFO was causing spikes with its Periodic Polling of Bus Clock setting in the Options / Safety menu. So I've disabled that and the graph now stays around the 500µs mark, which is in the green.
 I would rather purchase a different sound card that would allow me to use said features and put up with negligible latencies that wouldn't normally cause an issue.
So if all these interruptions are occurring all the time because of core parking, C-states and everything else, then why is the screeching so infrequent? Why can't the sound card compensate or avoid surpassing set amp parameters to make the noise at max ohm and max volume. I'd understand if it stuttered or popped slightly when the interruption occurred.
Well I've had enough of it. It's ear-piercingly loud for me on my Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro cans, and nobody's proposed a verified cause or definitive solution. Surely it can't be due to "OS events" if the noise only occurs on the Xonar series of sound cards? I'm about ready to try the Devil HDX 7.1 Channel PCI-E Soundcard because it's cheap(er) and has similar hi-fi sound quality to the STX.
Had the screech again when fast-forwarding through a video. This time it stopped when I paused / navigated away from the video, and sound returned to normal. Normally the screech carries on until I reset the computer.
Both channels for me, I believe.
I have had this high pitched noise twice while mounting encrypted containers in VeraCrypt, which is a very CPU intensive task, and once while opening Facebook (there were some videos in my feed) in Firefox. Another time it happened while I was mousing over my downloads on my Download Status Bar, which is an addon for Firefox. It calculates the MD5 hash when you do this, which is another CPU intensive task. I have mounted encrypted containers and opened facebook hundreds if...
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