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 1) I don't have a passive in-line mechanical balance control; whether it be a knob or a slider.  No one makes that as far as I can tell. The best I can find are noisy mixers, but I need to set the volume of each left-right channel, which is different from a balance or panning control.  2) The lack of line-out functionality from either dedicated amps, or DAC/amps.
The headphone plug and the USB are on opposite sides of the HA-2 ?  Reminds me of my ancient HRT iStreamer.   That must be a total PITA to carry inside one's trouser-pockets, or, in my case, the inside breast-pocket of a men's sport-jacket.   Yeah, I know...you can get a right-angled cable for the headphone and have that on the bottom end as there is no, AFAIK, right-angled Lightning cable.   Form factor and usability are very important to me.   Any solutions?  (I...
As a professional software business analyst, I am uniquely qualified to provide feedback on the software functionality,usability, user-experience, workflow, and design GUI implementation.  I am 54-years old, and listen to a wide range of music; jazz, classic rock, traditional vocalists (e.g., Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.)  Frank Zappa, Blues, and non-electro modern, rock music.     The interaction between the sound and the controls, and their calibration is also...
@Paul - iBasso OT (my apologies) Any advice on how to get my P4-Warbler's volume knob to the pot working more smoothly? after all these years of use, it has become kinda sticky.
On my iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8.3 the device stopped working after a week, I get the "not supported" error message.   I have also contacted supported at HRT and have been ignored.
Is there an English language Web site? I could be interested in the unbalanced version. Though AA batteries?
I attended the event today at the NY Stereo Exchange, here is my unofficial "review", as I consider myself an enthusiast looking for the most bang for the buck.  I did not spend more than five minutes listening to any product, and those that I did I used my iPhone 5's offline TIDAL content of Steely Dan's Aja album.       1. Master & Dynamic   Build quality and materials as nice as has been written.  The leather makes a nice seal and passive isolation.  However,...
May I ask what all those components are? Including the interconnects?I think I see an iBasso P4 Warbler, I have one myself (it is LOUD). I just wish the volume knob was smoother turning.
Wow. I paid 279 USD for my iBasso P4 warbler.
@Dsnuts,Who makes those cool-looking silver cables and right-angled interconnects?
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