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The Widex Zen systems offers choices of various tones of within which there are two categories; 1. White or pink noise, like the wind, and 2. Asynchronous nonmelodic piano tones. You can hear them on Youtube, but I am unsure if they are in stereo so I don't know if you get the full asynchronous experience which helps distract me from my 9khz internal tone. As to IEMs, I used to use the cheaper Etymotics because I have tiny ear canals. I gave up on them because I am...
Is this battery powered?
I use it with the original iPhone adapter sometimes referred to as the CCK with a mini to RCA cable into a 70's micro stereo. Sounds great.
My Frankenpoly; made from bits I already owned, sounds great!
I power an Auris bluMe Bluetooth receiver with a battery pack and pass digital Toslink to the Mojo and play Tidal offline content from my iPhone. I am expecting for USD 600, for a Poly, much better performance than what I enjoy today using what I already own.
My existing Auris bluMe is a high-quality Bluetooth receiver, which I power with a portable battery pack, and pass Toslink to my Mojo.
I need female RCA on one end and female 3.5mm on the other for my active speakers. The speakers connect via their own proprietary 2.5mm to a 3.5mm male. On the other end I have an amp with RCA female plus. So I need a RCA female to mini female coupler.
I am looking for a mono RCA-female to a 3.5mm female adapter or cable.
Here is the list of features I think we know so far: correct me (nicely please) if I am mistaken. The attempt is to isolate each feature to make assessment easier. 1. Single micro-USB port for music and power. 2. Wireless control of playback and volume from your mobile device. 3. Communication from wireless device via Bluetooth or poly's own wifi network. 4. One SD card slot of Poly-located stored content. 5. Wireless transmission of content from mobile device or desktop...
"adding a screen" is nonsense! This requires developing software with a competitive user interface, and that is an entirely different skill set than Chord's. I think they are smart to not get involved with that endeavor.
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