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Suffering with my new T "friend" for three-months, four-weeks ago bought Widex Zen hearing aides from my ENT's audiologist. Having a professional to talk-through the emotional impact and this change in my life has been helpful. It is a lonely feeling suffering from a 9 kHz tone 24/7. The purpose of the Widex Zen is not the hearing amplification but the two "zen" tones it plays asychronously plus two wind two tones. The tone is available on YouTube, very relaxing. The...
I started using the Zen Widex hearing aids, four choices of sounds; two asynchronous relaxing piano tones (not melodies, to prevent ear worms) and two wind noises. So far it helps to mask and redirect my brain elsewhere.
Totally confused right now about which I would prefer. Red's soundstage seems to be preferred; but it also seems to have a harsher treble, if I read the reviews correctly. Black seems to be reported as having a slightly warmer sound.
@GearMe You make excellent points, about pre-announcing oneself. Your post has made me think more about the OP's behavior. Intent to buy headphones; I am suspicious about the OP's stated intent to purchase headphones to take home and review. In those situations the reviewer anonymously orders headphones to review and AFAIK orders them either online or over the phone; the retail establishment is not part of the review. The Lounge; If the OP's intent is to write a review...
Elijah Audio cable - micro USB connection for Mojo. Bought one from Mike in Australia; initial impressions. - quieter backgrounds - more of the attack, hitting sound on the cymbals - extracts more of what Mojo delivers.
To Currawong please.... What synergies do you experience with the Soundwave (controlled warmth?) as paired with the Mojo (detail and "musicality"?, whatever that means, I own one) as experienced in the Meze (speakerish acoustical timbre?)Soundwave seems to be such a well tuned DAP, I am surprised anyone felt the need to add a Mojo, Bravo!
That folks are having difficulty pairing a Bifrost with a Garage1217 amp is disturbing to me. I own a Bifrost Multibit and have am interested in the Ember to start my Tube Journey, now I am unsure about the pairing. I hate returning things for various reasons.
WiFi and a Web-browser please!
I am "tied" to WiFi for only the brief period of time when I download a song to my (would be) DAP for offline playing. I rarely ever stream from the Internet, and I naturally do so only when I am home and am interested in discovering music that is related from Tidal's suggestions. My typical use-case is that I am on-the-go and hear a song somewhere and Shazam to identify its name, then Tidal it to download and play. That impetuous identify-download on-the-go is critical...
Does "sell your coat..."Mean that I ought to dump my other equipment because my Mojo is that good?What is a Spurgeon? (Please be kind)
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