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Is there an English language Web site? I could be interested in the unbalanced version. Though AA batteries?
I attended the event today at the NY Stereo Exchange, here is my unofficial "review", as I consider myself an enthusiast looking for the most bang for the buck.  I did not spend more than five minutes listening to any product, and those that I did I used my iPhone 5's offline TIDAL content of Steely Dan's Aja album.       1. Master & Dynamic   Build quality and materials as nice as has been written.  The leather makes a nice seal and passive isolation.  However,...
May I ask what all those components are? Including the interconnects?I think I see an iBasso P4 Warbler, I have one myself (it is LOUD). I just wish the volume knob was smoother turning.
Wow. I paid 279 USD for my iBasso P4 warbler.
@Dsnuts,Who makes those cool-looking silver cables and right-angled interconnects?
I am looking for recommendations of earbuds (not IEM!) for my iPhone 5 with similar microphone and volume controls as the standard earpods have...though with better sound.   It would be great if they also had a right angle jack and the wire was a flat-tape kind that did not tangle, but these are lesser considerations.
Why buy a PONO if its format is FLAC?   I thought my iPad can be a digital transport to FLAC files as a digital transport, with a iOS DAC or digital dock as a transport.   As for source material, I can buy a CD and rip FLAC files (OK, not as convenient compared to a download.)   Alternatively, I can download FLAC files from a few sources on the Web.
James, Is it possible on the W1 to bypass its DAC? I would like to output SPDIF from the receiver to my own DAC, such as the E17, for example. I am unsure if I saw any digital output from the pictures inline if the receiver. Thank you for your help.
Their support says that it streams stored media files without any compression.   Seems to me to be a good solution to add storage to an iDevice, or other smartphone or tablet.   Wondering if anyone else has used it, I don't see reviews by audiophiles
uh oh, I sent them an email. Hopefully they will allow me to reduce my contribution toward the femto clock upgrade down to $119 USD
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