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Seems only upgraders can buy the GO2a at this time.
Bummed that I misplaced the cap from my DFR after only a few weeks of ownership, and will be purchasing a set of ugly silicon USB caps as protection.
I use the Revive with my iPhone as a source, not with a computer since that use-case is when I need a battery. I use it for home-mobility. Sorry I am not helpful. I use a Schiit Wyrd, or Uptone Regen, or a Wyrd4Sound Remedy USB Reclocker to fix the USB signal. When you say it is not working, does that mean you are not able to power the DAC/AMP? Does JRiver have a setting for DAC input? I would check that setting and also ensure your PC can see your DAC now that the...
Lyr2 for pure tube liveliness for someone with Tinnitus? I have been a supporter of Schiit for a while having paid for two upgrades in my BiFrostt, which is now a Bimby... Along with a Vali and a Wyrd. They give good value for the money, and I like supporting an American company. I have solid-state gear; LH labs Geek Pulse Sfi, and portables; Chord Mojo, Audioquest Dragonfly Red, Zuperdac, I-dsp, ODAC, PA2V2, and iBasso P4 Warbler which is very powerful and fun for opamp...
Does anyone make an affordable audiophile USB Type-C cable?
 I apologize for not being specific regarding my intended use-case, which is not to bypass the Mojo's battery for mains-power exclusively. I would be interested in comparing the sound-quality applying my recently acquired LH Labs Revive which is a battery-powered power-cleaner, and re-clocker.  Since it is not possible, I suppose the point is moot.
Is it possible to bypass the Mojo's battery and use an external power supply?
She enjoys watching NY Giants football, but does not care about sound quality one-bit (pun intended.) Actually, I had scheduled our first date on a Saturday when I forgot they were playing the 49ners in the playoffs, she asked if we could watch the game!
I thought she would enjoy watching football more with the stereo audio. Nope, she is OK with the tinny sound from a flatscreen TV.
A single Bluetooth box is adequate for her music listening, she would never listen with headphones.
New Posts  All Forums: