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On the topic of cases, I have been using FiiO HS7 Dual-layered Hard Carrying Case, as it works well when MoJo is in the Chord leather skin.   One needs to protect those ports.
@Audio Addict, Thank you for the reply. Now I understand better. I, myself, would prefer to use a DAC between the phone and amp, but can see how this would be an entry-level and simple solution to those who don't want to bother.
Would I connect this cable to the line-out if my MoJo (a battery-powered DAC/AMP) and a USB-powered DAC/AMP like the Dragonfly Red? I don't understand why someone with a DAC would use this cable-device. Is it "just" a power converter?
Brief Review of Cable Pack received today The case extension and cables appear to be high quality. As others have noted, I am disappointed the extension is not flush with the basic CCK. Unexpectedly, I anticipate preferring to protect my MoJo with Chord's leather case and to forgo the cable neatness and the device's improved attachability to my iPhone. I have a Neoring female attachment on the back of my iPhone's Otter case. The case extension certainly improves the...
Those with the HD 650, what amp pairs well with the Mojo?
Has anyone paired the Mojo with the Vorzuge Pure II+ ?
Amps added to Mojo for different sound?   I am interested in anyone's experience with either portable or desktop amps added to the Mojo for purposes of using the Mojo as a DAC only and obtaining different sound signatures through an amplifier.
Can this topic of sources be moved to Sound Science forum please?
I appreciate the photos, looking for portable ideas to carry and case.
Hoping for suggestions for desktop amps that cost less than USD 1000 that are darker and warmer to pair with the MoJo; the Violectric V220 is ~1200 and the Heron 5 is ~2000, and the Fostex HP-V1 looks to me to be a transportable.
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