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Reconsidering the Jotunheim, though I don't care about vinyl it seems to me that; 1. Single-end in and balanced out feature is an entry-level price-point to the balanced world.... Then I would need to spend on balanced requiring and a worthy headphone. 2. The extreme power capability wil make it worthwhile for me to begin to explore high-impedance headphones. 3. My powered speakers I typically use via Bluetooth, but the preamp would be useful as a knob controlled volume...
Not sure if this makes sense for me as AMP only, as i dont care about vinyl and already own a Bimby. The Valhallas and Lyrs are still my preference as a Vali 1 upgrade.
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80
Keep it Simple; SYS plus two knobs; one for a potentiometer and another for a balance control. (I call it SYS BON IVER)
Ety's only for my tiny ears.
Oh of course. I do that with my iPhone, but then I need a DAC/AMP too. I thought Tidal authenticates its license for offload use on every runtime.
I love the form of the Echobox and to finally have a DAP connected to Tidal is also excellent. Seems though I need to connect to phone's Wifi hotspot for portable usage. So I am still holding two devices. I don't see the convenience anymore.
I am surprised at the lack of reviews on the HA-P5
Seems only upgraders can buy the GO2a at this time.
Bummed that I misplaced the cap from my DFR after only a few weeks of ownership, and will be purchasing a set of ugly silicon USB caps as protection.
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