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 Better to have a wait and get a good finished product over them rushing and having to do iterations ala ZO2. An update would be nice, but I doubt they're sitting there twiddling their thumbs.
I imagine there was possible a set back, but that's just based on pure speculation. hopefully things are fine.
 Hey, glad to see you're still around. It'd been like a few years since I hopped on head-fi. I remember you. Funny thing is that I actually use my Zo2 for my car; plugged in through my phone and etc. - If I had a way to do my Headset as well, it'd be prime. What I'm excited is to be able to pass on my Zo2 to somebody else that I know would definitely appreciate it... while I hog my new Zo3.
Subbed. Excite. I've loved my Zo2 v.1 since I got it and I still use it daily.
  Awesome, thank you for your answer. Has anybody had any experience with the Boom mic yet? Or was that back logged?
Going to try asking again:     How has the M-100 been for gaming? Has anybody tried them yet with movies as well?   And how is the Boom Mic (Boom Pro)? Will the Boom Mic eventually be for sale separately in case I miss out on them as a pre-order bonus? Does it work well? How does that mic compare to an actual headset with ANC microphones? 
So, I'm tempted to get the M-100, but I probably won't be able to until the holidays. I've already read all the impressions, and I'm very eager to grab a set and potentially retire my LP2, which I -love- a lot. One of the reasons why I love my LP2 a lot is because it works out amazingly for gaming, etc. (Skyrim, Borderlands 2, etc.)   How has the M-100 been for gaming? Has anybody tried them yet with movies as well?   And how is the Boom Mic (Boom Pro)? Will the...
Kind of repeating myself here, but maybe Val'll see it. Anybody know if he has any intention to repeating a bit of the magic with sending out review phones to members of the Head-Fi community, like last time? Still loving my LP2, and still have my M-80 out and about, can't wait to hear the differences between all of 'em.
Val, probably not able to do so, but have you thought about doing another review promotion? I've been following the M-100 for a while, and I'm anxious. I still religiously use my LP2 over my M-80, so it'd be interesting to see what the comparison would be like.
Here's my shield design with my custom logo. The Kanji means Sama (Which is part of my alias for gaming, etc. It's also the logo I use for my Youtube Channel)   These are on my LP2. I am in love with them still, and the shields are just ******* awesome on the black LP2.      
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