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Any membership privileges? Discount on the HD800 maybe? 
Or better yet, a custom title underneath our usernames.   Basshead Certified or Team Basshead, etc. 
Definitely in.   Head-fi needs a Group thingie... fo srs.    My basshead cans are Senns HD438. Modded, dampened, friggin amazing for dub. 
Pics would help illustrate your point better.    And running with Grados is just.. absurd. 
Are you sure this isn't just a fling? You said it yourself, you're new to all this but you're already gunning for the high end headphones. It can get pretty pressurising being around people who talk about their thousand dollar rigs all day. You sound like my friend who was into bikes. He was all, "I LOVE BIKES some day i'll gather enough money to buy some high end Trek bikes"... months later he decided bikes wasn't his thing and moved on to photography.      
  Lol'd.   "hmm this really doesnt sound very good I bet it is low bitrate"   Now get a lossless file of the same song and convert it to mp3 320kbps and 256kbps.   Put all 4 versions of the song on your playlist.   Even if you can tell the difference from lossless and lossy, I doubt you'll be able to tell 320, 256 and 192 apart.  
You'll be tried as an adult from now on...    so don't go around doing anything stupid today.    Happy birthday. 
Well it depends on what aspect of rock and what type of bands he likes. I like my The Killers with my Grados, but RHCP just sounds better on my HD438 which are bassier than Grados. 
You might want to also post that question in the PA2V2 Appreciation thread.c  
I wouldn't really play rock on Ultrasones, granted I've only heard the HFI-580. I've also never played any female vocals through them but I doubt they'd sound good on Ultrasones.    
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