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I swear read a thread on here where I'd seen someone do it and didn't like the sound change.  Wish I could find that post for reference but I can't seem to locate it.   EDIT:  Found it, it's a series of posts starting around there
In regards to clamping force, mine had quite the clamp on them when I got them.  Uncomfortable, even.  They've conformed to my head over time though.  I have absolutely no concern about them falling off and they've been more than tested in that regard.
They're great, right?!  It makes me happy to put them on my head every time I use them, as if the newness hasn't worn off at all.
You just... threw away the other cable????  
  This.  But I've heard that cutting the posts off the drivers results in eventual loosening of the cups over time.
  Did I miss a post somewhere?  Who is "he?"
It was the case on mine that I wasn't wearing them on my head at the right angle either.  I had the head band on my head such that the band touched just in front of the highest point on my head, as I normally wear cans.  The M-80 headband seems to want to sit more forward on my head vs. most other cans I've used in the past.  With the hexagonal shape of the pad and the lobe shape of the ear, it makes sense that it would fit that way.  Once I found that, all my ear pain...
I thought I remember Val saying something like how the VTFs were going to be shipped with the standard shields and the custom engravings would be sent out later.  Am I imagining that?
Aren't they carrying the Amperior from Sennheiser now?  
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