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I personally use an SM3v2. Actually, I have no complaints about the volume. I think that the ipod touch provides more separation, power and detail...... and the sansa clip + doesn't.
Hello all!   I've been wanting to upgrade my current DAP to something that can provide more power to drive my IEMs so that I can get a fuller sound!   Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm already noted the existence of the following DAPs which are potential upgrades:   1. Cowon J3 2. Sony Z series 3. Galaxy Android Players 4. Sansa Fuze +   My requirements are:   1. Android/ Rockboxable 2.High output power 3. Clean sound of the same or...
Personally I feel that the SM3 is like the UM3x except with a comparatively recessed treble, (and as a result) a wider soundstage, darker sound sig. The mids are awesomely lush but not as forward as the UM3x. (: Happy hunting!
I would have to recommend foobar 2000. All in one audio player, with 10> equalizer.   Free,too.
OP, as for the Astello Radiance-- it is the single product in an in house brand by STEREO electronics Singapore- it is perpetually on discount at SGD 19.90 (15.283001 USD) , MSRP is SGD 49.90 (38.322701USD). It does not seem to retail over the web... so you might not want to bother with it. As it stands, it is one of the better earphones (if not best) earphones in its 15usd price bracket.
Try Dunu Tridents if you can get them!
ARGH.............. Didn't read the title.
TF10. Although it may not have the same bass quantity or amount, it is definitely much clearer and has a V or U shaped sound signature which you have expressed you like. Otherwise, the E10 is a very good iem for its price too!
K3003 can be insanely neutral if the (really working, real deal ) sound filters are changed. Give it a try sometime. If you dislike the sound sig after a while, change the filters to get a totally different earphone!
I personally feel that UM2 is muddier than the UM3x and the bass is kinda bloated and uncontrolled. However it has a better soundstage, depth and sense of space and is warmer and darker than the Um3x.
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