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Heh, I just bought the GR07s from Amazon. The reason being that they're more balanced and natural sounding. Thanks for your help, DaBomb. And everyone else, too.
I'm thinking of buying the TF10s, but I'm slightly concerned about the recessed mids. Some say that it's not so bad. Will my Fiio e6 amp resolve this issue?
Are the tf10's that much better than my sennys so it would be worth upgrading?
I'm thinking of buying these, but I'm slightly concerned about their tendency to have recessed mids. Will my fiio e6 amp resolve this issue? Also, how much better are they than the Sennheiser ie6?
I listen to alternative rock more than I listen to electronica. I've heard the TF10's mids are recessed, but will this issue be resolved by using my fiio e6? Which ones do you think are more suited for alt. rock (Coldplay, Smashing Pumpkins, Frank Zappa, etc...)?
I am interested
Which has more detail: the gr07 or the TF10?
would super glue stop the TF10's cables from breaking?
I've heard that the tf10's cables break easily...  I can just turn on the bass boost on my amp, would that help the GR07?
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