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Logitech UE 6000 Active Noise Canceling Headphones with Built-in Microphone Factory Recertified - $39.00
17.5kg 24.6kg 39.4kg
I just bought the Westone ADV during the last sale. I've had them for about 2 weeks. They sound great. Tons of isolation. Tangly cable. Good controls. The over the ear cable is a little weird with the cloth cable wrap, but using the shirt clip helps. I'd buy them again for sure. Especially for $80. I'm considering buying a spare pair.
Got my pair of UE9000s on Black Friday for $150. I love them. They sound great with or without wires, and the bluetooth works flawlessly. I use them at work all of the time (I'm a woodworker). The noise canceling works well, and they provide great isolation. If they ever go on sale like that again, I'll buy two more pairs for backups.
I will never replace my Monsoon set up!!!!!!
Got my Vfrees. Showed up in a little brown box. Had to download the manual to figure out what the buttons were for. Paired easily, but the bluetooth is a little dodgy. They sound nice for an absolutely free pair of headphones. Wore them all day yesterday listening to an audiobook and a little music here and there. The top of my head is still sore. They don't sound nearly as bad as some people are saying. Good bass, sparkling highs. And free. Thanks to whoever originally...
I got my absolutely free Velodyne VFrees a little while ago. Charging and then a listening session. I will give an opinion, but I will not complain about free headphones.
me three
Sony XBA-1IP - 1 Driver Balanced Armature Headset for Apple - $23.49   I have the XBA-2IP. It's my everyday headset for podcasts and audiobooks. Pretty cheap for a gift or a spare pr.
VFree silver for me. Didn't really want vpulse in pink. SCORE!!! If they actually get here that is.
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