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That popped up yesterday I think. I almost jumped on it. Still not sure. I've heard good things.
No kidding. Someone get on that!
That is a spectacular deal for the EPH. They play way above their price range. Go for it!
When you get into that much money, you should be buying real speakers. Headphones will NEVER sound as good as a serious home audio system.
That is a seriously stellar deal! That's $14 less than they've ever been on Amazon!
Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80 Closed Supraaural Headphone - $159.99 Amazon Lightning Deal - 2hrs 20+ minutes left
I have the Amperior refurb and they sound great. Machined aluminum cups for under $100? They are a no brainer. Almost everyone says the DT1350 sounds a little better, but I never tried them.
Yamaha EPH-100SL In-Ear Headphone - $85.06 from Amazon - lowest price ever. I finally bought a pair.
Nothing they sell wouldn't be a good buy at 40% off
Ps Audio is a serious company when it comes to making high end stuff.
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