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  Thanks for the replays.   One "newbie" question? What is Digital Mastering (Digitally Mastered)?   I DL'ed the Black Sabbaths official live albums and there are 3 editions for some albums. I will take for example the 2nd album, Live Evil.   1982 Live Evil ( 1989 ) [ Germany 826 881-2 Vertigo ] 1982 Live Evil ( 1996 ) [ UK ESM CD 333 Castle ] 1982 Live Evil ( 2010 ) [ Germany 2733929 Sanctuary ]       The 1982 Live Evil ( 1989 ) [ Germany 826...
  What do you think which ones are better, original recordings or remastered editions of music albums? I'm not a professional but many times a remaster sounded much better than original for my ears for example clearer and softer sound, but also many times a remaster sounded worse than original with too much loudness . So what's your...
Is there a big difference in the sound quality, bass? The M2s design is better for me. If i buy them i will get it in package with 1 year warranty, and if i take CKS90 i will get just the earphones, without package, accessories or warranty, but they cost only 60$. I saw the feedbacks same seller have sell them for 95$.   And what about shipping, items from ebay arrives for max 30 days. What about mp4nation?     Please i need some advices quickly, i am going to buy one...
As the title says which one is best choice for overall sound and for bass (i like it more strong and punchy)?   I can get the BRAINWAVZ M2s for 59.50$ from mp4nation   and CKS90 genuine unused, just the earphones for 60$, from ebay?     Thanks
What about M2 compared with CKS70 and CKS90, what about bass (i want the most) and details in sound and treble?
    Thank you very much for your reply, i read really good things about the M2s, if i had to decide now i would buy the M2s by Brainwavz, but i have just one more question, what about M2 compared with CKS70 and CKS90, what about bass (i want the most) and details in sound and treble?
BUMP       I can't decide which one to take, CKS70 or CKS90? Which one is best choice for good punchy bass and nice clear and detailed sound?    Will the bass be better than on the CX300II?     And what about KOSS - THE PLUG earphones?
  Thanks for the reply,    Well i'm not an expert, i don't really understand this things. What i want from earphones is to have nice clear sound, clear treble, sound not to be noisy, nice details in music, and most, bass, i like to feel it in almost all songs, i first have the Nokia 3500 classic, i listened with the earphones that comes with the phone... and woooooow, a tons of bass, strong, punchy and permanent, there was very nice bass in 95% of songs i've listened....
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