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mint condition. Got it just before FP got released. Original shell, comes with cable and otter box. Shipped from Singapore.
Sennheiser HD650. Condition 6/10 due to wear on foams (headband, grills and ear pad). Not for fussy buyer. Toxic Cables, about 1.5M+, 3.55mm DHC Plug, DIY-ed by fellow Headfier. Comes with original long cable, and stand as shown in the picture. Shipping from Houston, Texas ITEM IS SOLD.
I got them near the same period as FP, but I don't think they are freqphase sadly.
Barely used JH13 CIEM. Shipped from Singapore, with Otterbox and Cable. Let me know if you are interested.
Bought earlier in February this year. Everything included, in mint condition, with a velcro strip on it. Shipping from Singapore. PM for details:)   Pictures to come soon. But it's honestly mint.
Full set. Unit in very good condition, well burnt in. Additional hybrid cable that comes with it, DIY, but amazing build quality. Pictures upon request, let me know your email. Shipping from Singapore.
Selling a LISA III in wooden case.  Mint condition. I have a charging unit that comes with it. It works the same function as the LLP, so you guys get to save a ton against buying a LLP. Cheers. Shipping from US.
a couple of years old, but mint condition. Sounds fantastic as well burnt in. Comes with velco pouch, charging cable and amp. Shipped from Singapore. PM for any details:)
selling the Triad Audio L3 Amp plus LLP. Newest version. Have extra batteries and the charging cord too. Everything in mint condition, and was purchased earlier in the year. Shipping from Singapore.
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