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Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio??
Which ones are these? Any photos?
Hmm I really like the midrange and treble on the 400 though.. one CIEM comes to mind, however, the JH13, though it may not have a treble response that is as smooth.
I really like these IEMs so far.. I just wish there existed an IEM that had better sub bass extension, a slightly bigger sound stage and better instrument separation, while retaining the midrange and treble of the RE-400... oh well, I can dream, can't I?
Owned mine for several months now.. experiencing slight cut-outs in sound on both earpieces, so I'm trying to change the cable to the spare one. I am having serious difficulty removing the cables from the earpieces, for fear of ripping the driver housing apart like I did with my TF10. Anyhow, I am kind of annoyed because the cables are taking an unusual and almost absurd amount of effort to remove (my fingers are hurting). Does anyone have any advice on how to remove...
Joker, I'm curious.. many of the new top tier multi-armature IEM models all seem to have an upper midrange dip of varying degrees (Heir 4.Ai, UE 900 to a less extent, and now the SM64), slightly boosted bass, and an inoffensive treble presentation. I'm fine with the treble and bass, but why do people tune IEMs with an upper midrange dip that can cause a veiled effect, and a decrease in perceived clarity? (Most noticeable with female vocals). Is there some psycho-acoustic...
Really curious to know if these essentially make the F111 obsolete (price notwithstanding).. Anyone who can demo these in Japan itself? Since that backorder is gonna be there for a loooooooooooooooooong time...
Anyone knows if it'll keep the same type of sound signature as the F111? Is it supposed to be a successor to the F111?
Looking forward to your impressions!
Other than indie rock and punk, how does the F111 fare with other genres of music?
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