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I'm only being mean to you in the nicest possible way.   w
 What? You think people would seek worse sound? Why not just no sound at all? Or do you mean... Q. 'What is the point of an audiophile?' A. 'Absolutely none whatsoever.' I guess it's all part of life's rich tapestry, evolution, small organisms that break down decaying matter and such. The issue was originally highlighted by Murphy, the famous Lawyer. 'Anything that can go wrong, will,' he said. And so it did. w
Go and listen to the reduced bit-depth files on Ethan Winer's site:-   w
 TheAttorney is giving you notice that he intends to obscure any result to the best of his ability, so better not to try. Your nightmare, at his hands, is about to start. The Internet, don't you love it? 
The difficulty of obtaining useful results from listening tests is frequently exaggerated by those who for some reason or another, find the results disagreeable. Here's a link to an excellent how-to from Stuart Yaniger. w
Logical thought and reasoning 2000+ years ago led the Ancient Greeks to conclude that the world was made up out of admixtures of 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.   20 centuries or so later a few of us have come to the realization that logical thought and reasoning alone are insufficient tools with which to examine some issues.   This is, however, still news to some people.   w  
 Last thing I need on my side in a zombie apocalypse is another wishful-thinker. w
 Keep it to yourself or tout it on parts of the forum where reality checks are explicitly prohibited. I'm not interested in what you consider valid and logical, you've demonstrated that you're not qualified to hold an opinion. w
I know you guys are enjoying proceeding as though cables make a difference, but do you have any new evidence that they do?   If not, I don't know what you're doing in this section of the forum, unless you're trying to provoke a flame war. Take it elsewhere.   w
I understand where you're coming from se, but 'ground' is there for a reason. It's not possible to adequately discuss propagation from vertical monopoles without reference to the huge conductor and image 'plane' that is the 'ground'.The full ramifications of balanced and unbalanced are only discovered when considering radio.
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