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 Last thing I need on my side in a zombie apocalypse is another wishful-thinker. w
 Keep it to yourself or tout it on parts of the forum where reality checks are explicitly prohibited. I'm not interested in what you consider valid and logical, you've demonstrated that you're not qualified to hold an opinion. w
I know you guys are enjoying proceeding as though cables make a difference, but do you have any new evidence that they do?   If not, I don't know what you're doing in this section of the forum, unless you're trying to provoke a flame war. Take it elsewhere.   w
I understand where you're coming from se, but 'ground' is there for a reason. It's not possible to adequately discuss propagation from vertical monopoles without reference to the huge conductor and image 'plane' that is the 'ground'.The full ramifications of balanced and unbalanced are only discovered when considering radio.
This is mostly drivel, and what isn't is only right by accident.w
The transducer response is linear across the range as far as the manufacturer can make it. That goes for both microphone and headphone or speaker.   So a piece of music is recorded with equal weight given to all frequencies. When it is played back an equal weight is given to all frequencies.   Hence the playback sounds (and is effectively) identical (!) to the original to the listener.   The fact that the listener doesn't respond equally to all frequencies (can't...
12V, 800mA.   This is a respectable-sized wallwart, but far from the biggest. Get a 1A one. Take the last foot or so of the cable and pass it repeatedly through a ferrite toroid or other large bead, preferably lossy, with as low frequency as you can find. Stop only when just sufficient cable remains to make the connection.   DC cable length matters. The intent is to put distance between the AC parts of the circuit and the DC-using part. This is absolutely the cheapest...
Sorry, should have read the thread, I didn't realise there was regulation in there. Measure the voltage across the resistor (75R) and make sure you have 1.25V. w
From the numbers, you are running 24VDC into a battery with about ~16.5V depending on state of charge. So you're dropping 7.5V across 75 ohms, which is 100mA, far too much to trickle charge a 250mAh battery. You need ~330 ohms to get the current below 20mA, (less than C/10). w
I believe Celemony's Capstan either works at or outputs 2496 by default. While it is primarily targeted at tape, I believe it can be used to process vinyl rips. Again, it is a commercial application, intended for use professional production. Like so much software, however, now that the cat's out of the bag, the functionality can't be hard to mimic. Capstan is €3790. I would expect to see post production software like this to be used increasingly in 'domestic' systems...
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