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This is a feature of the amplifier, not the headphones. You are running the risk of confusing the issue, when the guy clearly needs his understanding of the basic issue improved, not to be led into a minefield of secondary issues. A volume control divides noise equally with signal. The added noise after the volume control is trivial, recall Friis.w
I am an RC modeller too, but an external charger is not always what is wanted. You have found my TPA6120 amplifier. I have built 2 of these with protected li-ion batteries. One set of batteries has survived being left on continuous charge, but one set died, I don't know whether the batteries were at fault, or if the charger is wrongly adjusted. The batteries are from, I buy them for my LED flashlights, I have had a few fail. Anyway, be careful if you use...
Very nice, NuClear235. How are you charging the batteries? w
Doesn't that mean that the outputs are updated out of phase by 50% of lrclk? I think you can just cascade the shift registers, get rid of the XORs and run the update of both left and right direct off lrclk. It's just a question of which is left and which is right, top or bottom. You might have to invert lrclk.One of the things I'd build into an experimental prototype is the capacity to control the output pulse width. The chip has tristates, you could drive them using a...
Try Ball and Chain, Big Brother and the Holding Company. w
Way to go, ab initio. w
No. The signal-to-noise ratio is a feature of what is going into the 'phones. Sensitive 'phones play the noise loud, but the signal louder. Insensitive phones play the signal quiet, but the noise even quieter. The sensitivity of the 'phones has no impact whatsoever on the actual or perceived SNR.w
Absolutely not. I play a number of instruments. I've had access to perfect sound all my life. It hasn't made my ears 'snobby'. Most people are familiar with the sound of live instruments or singing. You ask the oddest questions.w
OK, thanks. I had no idea that I2S has that wasted bit, and I thought it was 24-bit. Actually I thought it was capable of running with only 16 bits when that was all that was being used. w 1000 posts!
Could you explain the operation of the circuit please Avro_Arrow? What is the format of the data? I'm kind of expecting 16 bits*2, which, yes would give 4 shift registers, but they would be paired into 16-bit outputs, each with it's own resistor network. Stereo DAC. Fred
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