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Excellent, thank you, no, that will do.   I was pretty convinced anyway, but that provides quite a lot of substantiation.   You are a mine of information, it's just that getting at it can be like pulling teeth.   w
Quit griping. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.   Given the large numbers of spurious claims we encounter you should be disappointed if yours is examined any less rigorously.   I am simply asking questions I would expect you to ask, and consequently have a ready answer for. What measures were taken in these tests to ensure that there was no transducer-introduced effect? Or is it widely accepted that what you generate mathematically will be reflected in the...
I'd like to see a spectrum analysis of the test tones to be sure that there aren't any differences emerging from any other cause that might be expected to be audible, independent of the phase switching. There's mony a slip 'twixt cup and lip.Even if absolute phase is recognised to be audible using test tones, l'm still not convinced that the conditions required for audibility maintain in music.My feeling about absolute phase is that if this has not proved a significant...
Audible, fool, not edible. w
  Fine, you won't be lonely.  Get an honest job, like, say... a lawyer, or a real estate agent. w
....errrr, 'box yourselves in'??? I think you've got something a bit bassackwards there. Perhaps when you sort out that little confusion in your mind we could have a conversation.w
 Trust me, I'm an audio salesman. w
I can understand that you might feel like that, being a largely classical listener (If I'm not mistaken), but as a popular music fan, I really regard the production as an integral part of the artwork. Modern music puts an acoustic guitar in a mix with drums, bass, electric guitar, maybe an orchestra, and vocals. These diverse parts generate disparate volumes, to consider only one feature, but modern techniques and repeated exposure mean that most listeners do not even...
I'm only being mean to you in the nicest possible way.   w
 What? You think people would seek worse sound? Why not just no sound at all? Or do you mean... Q. 'What is the point of an audiophile?' A. 'Absolutely none whatsoever.' I guess it's all part of life's rich tapestry, evolution, small organisms that break down decaying matter and such. The issue was originally highlighted by Murphy, the famous Lawyer. 'Anything that can go wrong, will,' he said. And so it did. w
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