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  Professional recording engineers write off their equipment spend against tax. They get paid to endorse equipment. You have to think before you believe everything you hear or read...   w
Er, English beer, except it might not be neutral.   w
Sorry I haven't written anything here for a while, I'm having some trouble with the 16F690 voltmeter.   I've got the meter working with a 16F887 with a non-multiplexed display, i.e the A/D code works, I've got the display working multiplexed with the 16F690, but I can't get the A/D to work with the multiplexed display. It's occupied several days now without significant progress. The minute I enable the A/D the display goes haywire. Something in the interrupt service...
  Yes, there's a certain amount of truth in that, but...   1. People who weren't high on LSD also loved feeling their body vibrate from it. I know this because I took the LSD partway through the concert.     2. I've yet to encounter any headphones which make my body vibrate, but I can still tell when the bass is inadequate.   w   As for doctor dre... please - not in the same breath as the Dead.
There are differences between equipment, but as long as your equipment goes loud enough and meets a certain basic standard, they are pretty insignificant. Very cheap equipment can have poor SQ, but it's not necessary to spend a lot of money to get good sound quality these days. Most people agree that a Sansa Clip+ (U$35) is pretty ****ing good, and the measurements confirm that. If you pair that with some Klipsch Image S4 in-ear phones (U$45) or Koss Portapros (U$35)...
Bass reproduction presented more of a problem in the past (and still does to a certain extent). You can't easily get bass with a small speaker. If an amplifier is AC coupled, a comparatively large capacitor is required to pass bass frequencies. Treble and mids are rarely missing, so people specify that they want bass.   That's all she wrote.   w
  Why not go and listen to some of the audibility examples on Ethan Winer's site and see if you still believe this...   w
OK, best for somebody local to take this on...   w
I haven't got round to the PCB rebuild, but I did find the problem with the original build. As I thought, the problem was with a 220u cap in the PSU which I dented while wrestling with the heater supply. I was reluctant to go for a repair, I was thinking of a complete rebuild, but after leaving the amp to sit for a few weeks, I figured a way to do the repair that wasn't too ugly. I replaced the cap, fortunately I had a spare on hand, and the tick, tick, ticking sound...
Where are you?   w
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