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The coax is regular SPDIF, not optical.   The transformer has 15-0-15 and 9-0-9.. It's good for a total of 30watts.   The amplifier wants 240mA 15-0-15, that's ~7.5 watts. The transformer probably splits the power capacity equally between the 15 and 9V sections, so there's probably another 250mA available on the 15V windings   The DAC wants 15-0-15 and one 9V winding. The current it wants is probably negligible, so I think that you can run both amp and DAC...
Thanks, KT88, but what took you so long? We could have been here about 60 posts back...       w
But not now. Thanks...               w        
And I'm saying you're categorically wrong when you say that -6V will destroy a 2N3904       w
What are you saying, the regulator circuit doesn't have output transistors?   w
Exactly.   w
I'm happy to leave it to readers to judge.   wakibaki versus goldpoint, same capacitance, ideal voltage source in goldpoint...         w
  Ignoring for the moment the fact that your circuit doesn't work, KT88, anything with a trimmer is just nonsense. Something that needs trimmed to accomodate the amplifier is double nonsense.   We're looking for self adjusting.       Yeah, that's what you say, but anybody who reads the whole of the thread will know that if you're building an amplifier, the circuit you'll use will be mine, because it will SOUND BETTER, COST LESS and have BETTER BATTERY LIFE.   w
Here's a budget amp...   ...get one even if you don't need it, U$8 shipped.   A cool JLH clone headphone...
I see you are a member of the trade goldpoint. Why haven't you registered the fact with Head-Fi moderators?   No Members of the Trade can use his/her business name, product name, brand name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number or URL as part of his/her Head-Fi username. All Members of the Trade must contact the forum administrator at to notify him of an interest in posting before making any posts....
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