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What a great finding. This shows that it is possible to DIY systems with superb quality without enormous cost, although it is obvious that Wachara could have bought many off-the-shelf systems for his investment in money and time. A standard electrostatic capsule would be seized on by many people, I think. The idea of organising production of one is so compelling that I will be forced to investigate it if nobody else appears to be doing so. Fred
Good, you have blind test results to support this?w
I have a lot of pairs of "giveaway" quality earphones. I bought a bunch of low-capacity DAPs in a clearance, amongst other things. I'd just cut the cable off one of those. Perhaps you have, or could access a similar source? w Oh, sometimes difficult cables are better crimped. You may have to be inventive and even resort to a hybrid crimp/solder bridge.
The battery market is a fast-changing scene. You can get these lithium based batteries with 500mAh nominal: ...or these NiMh with 400mAh: These will make a difference...
A 9V NiMh rechargeable is a good choice for a cmoy, although l prefer to use 2. Exactly which one to choose really depends on where you live, and availability in the local market. w
Well, I'll kick off and say something, my guess is that an open back is a close approach to an infinite baffle speaker installation in a room. Speaker (box) design is mostly about suppressing or modifying and controlling the sound that comes off the back of the speaker. One way of doing this is to port the back of the speaker to the outside air. Very little of the unwanted sound may be heard in a suitably massive installation. This is similar to the situation with...
Touched a raw nerve there, evidently. w
You should probably use 1.6mm for the PCB thickness, this is the most commonly encountered. I have thought about how to make all these parts, including spacers, from regular PCB thicknesses, because thin PCB is not easy to obtain in the UK. If concentric stepped rings are used in the supporting structure, this is comparatively easy to achieve with a CNC mill, even if skimming the PCB proves too difficult. w
So sorry to hear about your experiment gone wrong. Don't be depressed, it's a temporary setback. It is not uncommon to see resistors used in the amplifier circuit of Stax transformer drivers. This is intended to 'isolate' the amplifier from the transformer, these are frequently in the range of 2 ohms. The Ciuffoli design uses transformers with a quite substantial DCR. An 8 ohm speaker will typically exhibit a DCR < 6R5. We'd like to mimic the speaker as a load, I think,...
 Ah, OK. I was resigned to rebuilding them a few times. I'm trying to finish the HT supply. I went to the library today, to use the laser printer. My UV lightbox is playing up, I haven't figured out how to mill PCBs but I know I can do toner transfer with the regular paper in the library if I keep the tracks wide. Anyway I forgot to take a vernier. When I got home the printout was undersize. Grrr. w
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