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Hi guys.   Sorry I haven't made a contribution for a while. Getting stators and spacers manufactured in bulk has just proved beyond my energy.   Regarding the stretching problem, there are a couple of things that might be done.   A stretching jig might be devised with some kind of repeatability and mechanical graduation.   A way of estimating the tension might be devised.   In reverse order, you could apply a load to the diaphragm, and observe the displacement in...
No, that's a programmable filter. It has no memory for music storage.   What you need is like a double-DAP. 2 audio players in the same package with a single memory and controls. It's far from impossible, just nobody makes anything like it, AFAIK. I stand to be corrected.   There are multichannel portable recorders such as this Tascam:-   There are many flavours by many manufacturers,...
You can't do it. The phone has only 2 output channels. This is a hardware limitation, there's no good reason to have more. You need a device that commonly has 4 or more output channels. Like a desktop computer with onboard sound.
 Lots of people find that maths is much easier to deal with when it's applied to something they're interested in. I used to hate trig identities. I used to think they were as useful as the Latin I had to learn. Now I have a use for them. You might find the same thing. The Latin comes in handy for writing prescriptions.
I remember in my first year of uni. electronics, the professor came in one day and said, 'OK, I'm taking the class today. One thing you all need to know, is how to design an amplifier. Relax. I'm going to explain how to do it.' And he did. In less than an hour. Of course it wasn't a full scale audio power amplifier, just a single-stage common-emitter baseband amplifier. That lecture depended on everybody being up to speed on a whole lot of other stuff, however. Against...
What do you want the simulation to show you?
You might try converting to midi, perhaps after removing voices. This is a way to take the instrumental character out of an arrangement, you can assign any voice (tone) to any melodic line, depending on the sophistication of the software and your preparedness to work. You can output the conversion as manuscript and edit that. I see some free software; google wav2midi... I seem to remember doing some of this in Cubase, or was it Cakewalk?
Interesting. I always wanted an IR camera for diagnostics. Photograph everything when it was working right. Now I see it is quite simple to convert a digital camera to IR. I don't know if you get something that can see long enough IR to be useful. This is something I would check out if time permitted. Perhaps someone else will find it interesting enough to investigate.
I answered this in your other thread, you build it exactly as you would expect, 4 inputs to 4 switches to 1 out. w
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