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This sounds like a programming issue. Post the code.
If you join Elector (free) you can download a .PDF of Doug Self's design, or you could in the past. Or I have a copy, since they gave it away, I don't think there's any issue about passing it on.
You're going to build my design? Or you're going to build a similar multi-5532 design? Either way, I'll do anything to help that I can. I have lots of headphone amplifiers that I have designed. I don't listen to this one very frequently, but I remember the sound as highly satisfactory with the phones I was using at the time. The first thing I do with an amp when I build it (other than checking for fatal errors) is listen to it, kind of obviously, but critically, for...
Cheap irons blacken quickly.   Steer clear of lead-free. Most everybody that can sticks to leaded, because it's the least problematic, and it's better not to mix leaded and lead-free, although it's very hard to avoid if you're doing rework these days.   w
WhereTF are you?
I don't mean any harm by it. Probably a bit of frustration speaking there, but it's hard to pass an opportunity like that by. Once in a lifetime, you might say... Here's the amplifier, txfrmrs, LT and EHT supplies. Still haven't turned it all on.
What, you mean, I shouldn't bother trying because the cancer will probably take me first? Thanks.
You will see a few pages back that I have drawn up some PCB designs for stators and spacers. These are untested, but the likelihood of there being problems are small. While I have made parts myself at home on my CNC mill, I know from the time and effort involved that no-one here is likely to take on producing these parts in numbers for customers here without it being a labour of love (i.e. ultimately a drain on the producer), or priced at a level which would to a degree...
tomb   It surprises me not at all to discover you, advocating that someone should waste their money.   Your behaviour is self-serving to the point of being embarrassing to witness.  You are a member of the trade, try to act like you understand financial propriety, even if you have no appreciation of design consideration.   w
You might get a visit from the 2-channel police.jcx makes some good points. You're not the only potential benefiter here. Other people are reading this thread.The waste of money may seem of little consequence to you, had you but known you could have given it to charity, and got a better amp into the bargain. Have a look, the cost of a populated board can easily exceed the yearly income of a person in the 3rd. world.Anything that can be done to mitigate the present effects...
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