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As stated the Baldoor E100 from Excelvan through Newegg is now listed as $40, and that is with 33% off. I really like the sound signature and so ordered two at the $12 price. At $40, though, I will look for something else. I will look elsewhere as I have small ear canals and the fit, while tolerable, is less than optimal for me. Does anyone have suggestions for me? Thanks.
I buy phones with primary emphasis on headphone out sound. I seldom place a phone call. I need my phone to function as a DAP. To that end I am up for a new phone by July and am looking at M9. However I sure would like to audition the Asus Zenphone2, as it has an Intel cpu.  Many Androids have the same SOC so I supposed they have a certain family sound. Maybe the Intel based system would sound better.  Asus does make some pretty good sound cards and DACs. And then I need to...
I compared the Etta James album At Last, "Sunday Kind of Love".  This is a 24/96, FLAC. Compared the native player to Neutron and to Poweramp. Interesting.  I can't see where the native player identifies the cut as being 24/96. The third part players do identify the cut as 24/96. It sounds to me like the native player has more dynamic range. That is what I hear on main system as a difference between 14 and 24, This is sure not a good comparison for a number of reasons;...
This is true.  I can't remember which website was testing the G2, but they discovered significantly increased distortion with the last 10% (about) of gain. I too thought the maximum volume to be a bit low, but thought perhaps that reflects my poor upper range hearing.  I use my G2/Neutron/REO with the Kunlun OTG and this offers noticeably better sound over just using the G2. I had a Note 3 for ten days and the poor sound quality was intolerable. G2 is much better.  (My...
referring to Hak cable.
I bought one of these and can not get it to function with LG2.  Tried it both ways.
I have it in my queue at Netflix. Thanks.
do you have anything definitive that states it does or does not have a Wolfson?
For what it is worth, the LG G2 works with Kunlun. I hope that gives you hope.
SM-PV900P.  I think that was it.  It was the Sprint version. Sounded like an AM radio. You would easily hear how bad it sounded. This was headphone out. Into my car stereo system (Kenwood 24 bit deck and Focal speakers).  Also Hifiman REO (Kylin).  Only headphones I have are Superlux  HD 661. I ran an old HTC EVO 4G into the same kit.  The EVO clearly sounded better. Seriously, you would hear it.  I wonder if my Note 3 was broken.     M
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