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to my mind I also believe balanced to exhibit a little better soundstaging. The sounds are more likely to come laterally from outside the speakers. Generally more expense for what might be little improvement. Also a little more space between images. 
does your HTC 10 get very hot when charging or streaming video?
Just based on what we know today would you expect the LG G6 to sound better, worse, or the same as the LG V20?  I know it is difficult to say, but we have some very knowledgeable posters in this thread. The G6 should have some new tech, correct?
Too bad I missed the v20 at B & H for $500. I do believe I would have jumped on it for that price. V30 will probably be 900 to 950. G6 with 821 will still be around $650.
Those are exactly the reasons I have hesitated on V20; loose headphone connections, loose usb connections, and the fear of bootlooping.  I still use an old LG3 and while it hasn't bootlooped yet, the connections are becoming more suspect. Also, I bought ZTE Max Pro and have discovered I prefer 6 inch phone. Incidentally, the ZTE randomly reboots once a day. And bloatware. But for $100 I can live with it. Found T-Mobile is faster than other carriers here. Sound is mediocre. 
I am using the desktop ap with Tidal premium. I live in a rural area and I only get about 8-10 mbps.  I can play the Masters version, but it cuts out.  I thought the idea was to have a file that would be higher quality, but would be unfolded and be playable with a lower Mbps.  It isn't working for me at these speeds.  My primary interest is to have Tidal playable with phone (eventually). But if it won't play on the desktop then it won't play on the phone.
Three new HTC phones Quarter 1, 2017. That's what I am waiting to see, but they likely will be more than I want to pay.  One is supposed to be a "note" type.
Interesting, but " ONLY 3G works with GSM carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile etc.). 4G LTE does not work in USA".  Still, thanks for pointing this out. Here is the LG V10 for $260:   The warranty adds $75 for one year and $100 adds two year warranty.  And then I wonder who provides the warranty.
My bad. I apologize.  The Metro PCS phone for $100 is the ZTE Zmax Pro.  I have been looking at these Chinese phones  so much I have become confused.
You guys have just about talked me out of buying any phone right now.  I want to leave Sprint and go to Metro PCS (non-contract T-Mobile in USA). They have the Xiaomi  Mi Max for about $100.  I mean, how bad could it be? At that price I would not be terribly upset if I had to throw it in garbage after having it totally die. Though, Metro does offer extended warranty.  I will not pay $800 for LG V20. I can buy LG 5 for $400, but I am scared of overheating. Also I have...
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