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Ok Liszt, you've had almost two weeks.  Did you find the M9+ to have better headphone out quality than the M9? There are a number of HTC M9 variations and it is confusing, especially since so few websites concern themselves with audio quality. Headphone out is of paramount importance to me.
I ordered those "donuts" from Amazon.  When I placed the order they said "to be shipped Sept 12-23". But later in the day I received word they had already shipped. 
Where do find the "donut" type of covers for Baldoor E100? I looked on Amazon and could not find them. thank you.
As stated the Baldoor E100 from Excelvan through Newegg is now listed as $40, and that is with 33% off. I really like the sound signature and so ordered two at the $12 price. At $40, though, I will look for something else. I will look elsewhere as I have small ear canals and the fit, while tolerable, is less than optimal for me. Does anyone have suggestions for me? Thanks.
I buy phones with primary emphasis on headphone out sound. I seldom place a phone call. I need my phone to function as a DAP. To that end I am up for a new phone by July and am looking at M9. However I sure would like to audition the Asus Zenphone2, as it has an Intel cpu.  Many Androids have the same SOC so I supposed they have a certain family sound. Maybe the Intel based system would sound better.  Asus does make some pretty good sound cards and DACs. And then I need to...
I compared the Etta James album At Last, "Sunday Kind of Love".  This is a 24/96, FLAC. Compared the native player to Neutron and to Poweramp. Interesting.  I can't see where the native player identifies the cut as being 24/96. The third part players do identify the cut as 24/96. It sounds to me like the native player has more dynamic range. That is what I hear on main system as a difference between 14 and 24, This is sure not a good comparison for a number of reasons;...
This is true.  I can't remember which website was testing the G2, but they discovered significantly increased distortion with the last 10% (about) of gain. I too thought the maximum volume to be a bit low, but thought perhaps that reflects my poor upper range hearing.  I use my G2/Neutron/REO with the Kunlun OTG and this offers noticeably better sound over just using the G2. I had a Note 3 for ten days and the poor sound quality was intolerable. G2 is much better.  (My...
referring to Hak cable.
I bought one of these and can not get it to function with LG2.  Tried it both ways.
I have it in my queue at Netflix. Thanks.
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