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no one?  
Just opened a new thread, but I figured I might as well create a post in here since it's close to the topic.   I'm desperately trying to identify the song at 8:25 in this video :   I was at this event and since then I've been searching for this song. Someone gotta help me, please! :D
I know that most people on here aren't too much into Electronic music, but there's one song/ part of a song that I'm desperately trying to find. <- This is a live recording from an event that I attended and the song that I'm trying to identify starts at 8:25.   I'd be super super happy if anyone on here could help me!   Cheers
I'm interested. I'll pm you
I went to 32 OHM Audio in Portland and decided to take a completely different path. I got a decent amplifier that I'll (at home) ujse with my Phiaton MS 400s and instead of buying other headphones in a similar headphones I'm gonna wait a little bit and then get a fairly expensive set of cans. Right now, I'm really tempted to buy the Beyerdynamic T5Ps, however, I'll do more testing with these and other headphones such as the Sennheiser HD800 before I make any decision....
he has the beyerdynamic dt 770s
Thanks for all the replies. I have absolutely no problem using IEMs, I guess I just haven't ever tried any high-end IEMs, I had several models between 30$-50$ and right now I have the Sennheiser CX 870, which sound good but not exceptionnel. Can IEMs compete with full-size headphones in the same price range? If yes, I am definitely tempted to try some.
I love the Phiaton's midrange. It is warm, very clear and smooth. The highs are good, but sometimes roll off a little bit and lack this sparkle that I've heard in my brother's cans (forgot the name). Also, I think the Phiaton's have a fairly broad soundstage. The bass is tight and punchy, but seems a little bit recessed to me at some songs. I would like to have a pair of cans that produces clear and crisp sound as the Phiatons, as well as having a tight, but stronger...
I've opened a thread yesterday but didn't get a reply so I'm gonna try it here :)   Hey head-fiers,   I'm looking for another pair of cans that I is driven well by an iPod (actually it's a Zune, but that shouldn't make a big difference) without the need for an external amplifier. Price shouldn't be much higher than 200€ (250$) Hopefully, some of you guys can help me find something.   I mainly listen to Electro/Dubstep, Rock (e.g.Muse, Hard-Fi),...
By far ahead of any other female singer: Skylar Grey. I think she would be even better away from Eminem, P-Diddy and co. , but she does still sound amazing.
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