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I got a Sansa Clip +, what amp should I take to make those RE-262 sounds good ? 
Ok thanks. But isn't it too bulky with a Sansa Clip+ ? I'm not a huge fan of portable amp but I'm very interested in the RE262 :D 
Is anyone have tried those earphones with a Sansa Clip + (without amp) ?    How does it sound, is it good without an amp ?    I got Rockbox on mine.
I was wondering myself if vintage headphones were as good as current ones. Actually you can find some awesome vintage speakers (old Cabasse Dinhy, Supravox ...), is it the same w/ headphones ?   I've heard some 70's ortho like Yamaha HP, but no more.
      Oh ! You ... murderer .
Rockbox EQ isn't intuitive but very efficient on the Clip+, but  I haven't (still) test it with the Fostex T50rp 
Dell Vostro 1500 spotted , very good (and indestructible) laptop !  
Agreed. Moreover headphone have signatures, maybe your Shure aren't made for heavy metal ? I've tried to listen Amon Amarth on my Supravox' speakers  ( ) and it was horrible, however singwriters like Jack Jonhson sounds superb. I think you (raptor) are mixed up a lot of things and maybe your ears had to be "educated" (no offense) or something (for exemple it could take some times to appreciate classical music).  
Yeah but DT770 Pro are much more comfortables.    
  So true, "That's sounds good, but I didn't notice so much difference between mine and thoses " And when they heard the price they're like as if we were crazy to spend more than $50 in headphones. (take care to do not talk about DAC, you, strange people  )  
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