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I am selling a desktop O2/ODAC with a 1/4" jack. I bought this for $340 and am selling for $230 (shipping and paypal fees included). It works just as well as when I got it. Pictures available upon request.    Prefer to ship within the US (but if you are willing to pay for the international shipping, I can do that as well).    *Price dropped down to $210
I am selling the starving student edition of LFF's Paradox Slant. I purchased these from another person on Head-Fi, and they sound absolutely great, but I have a pair of Hifiman's HE-560s that I slightly prefer. Includes the 3.5mm V-moda cable (no stock cable).    I am asking for $400 (including shipping/paypal fees). Pictures available upon request.    *Price dropped to $400.
Selling a JDS Labs O2 amp and ODAC (separate units). I'm the first owner and bought these at different times (the amp is about two years old and the ODAC is a bit more than a year old). AC adapter is included. Pictures upon request.    I'm asking for $200 (shipping and PayPal fees included). You will have to pay for shipping additionally if you want me to ship internationally (i.e. outside the US).    *Price dropped to 200
Selling my pair of Ultrasone Edition 8 Rutheniums. I just recently bought them from another person on Head-fi, but overall they're about a half year old and so you can easily get the warranty transferred to your name with the serial number (as I have not done that).    No cosmetic flaws expect for a tiny scratch which is circled in the pictures. I will include the original box and all accessories.   Asking for $700 + shipping/paypal.   PM if you have any questions!
I have a Woo Audio HPS-R Aluminum Headphone stand that is in excellent condition. I will ship with the box.    I'm asking for $50 shipped and fees included (compared to $69 + shipping/taxes on Woo Audio's website).    PM for more info.
Interested in purchasing Ultrasone Edition 8s (any version, will pay more for the more expensive versions). Looking to pay $750 shipped.
Selling my Hifiman HE-500s since I need closed headphones. They are basically in like new condition and are only a few months old (purchased in March), so there's more than 2.5 years left on the warranty. I will include original box and both pairs of earpads. Comes with the comfort strap that people often purchase with this headphone (normally costs around $10-15). I'm sure other people here can attest to how much more comfortable it makes the HE-500.     I'm asking...
I'm selling my JDS Labs O2 Amp and ODAC (separate units, so you can still run the amp on battery power). They're in pretty much the same shape I received them in. I'm the first owner and purchased them last summer, so you'll still have a couple months on the warranty if you're going to need it. I'll include the AC adapter, which you usually have to pay separately for.   I'm asking for $250(shipping included) + Paypal fees. PM if interested.   ** EDIT: added pics...
I am selling my LFF Paradox's. These are probably the best headphones I have ever heard, but I just don't have time to listen to full size headphones anymore. They are in great condition, and I actually just sent them in to LFF for a pad replacement so everything was confirmed to be as expected sonically.   In the interest of full disclosure, there is a small indent in the plastic holder on the slider because I once screwed the screw in slightly too tightly (viewable...
I am selling my Ultrasone PRO 900s. They are like-new with probably less than 10 hours of use. They are still under warranty (purchased only a couple months ago), and I will be glad to facilitate claims in the future. They sound great and have fantastic bass, but with so many headphones it is hard to listen to all of them. They are in fantastic condition, and I will include the original box plus all accessories it came with.   I am asking for $250 (**PRICE DROP**)...
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