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I would love to attend. Please add me to the list!     I've been focusing on my head-fi lately. Just bought a pair of Grado PS 500's and Beyerdynamic  DT 880 600 ohm. I will also bring my LCD-2.1 and Burson HA 160D amp to run off of my laptop. My portable system consists of Toshiba laptop with Nuforce Udac2 + Grado's. I also have a pair of Fischer Audio FA-003 Wood that are pretty rare but they are up north and I probably won't have them with me.   Does anyone out...
Is this still available? How much shorter is this than the stock cable?
    "* i have less than 10 hrs. on the rev. 2 but can't imagine burn-in being significant considering the non-rigid, flexible diaphragm being suspended between two magnets. it's a different story for coil-driven dynamic phones where the diaphragm holding the coil is rigid, hence burn-in may or may not contribute to the loosening of the vibrating diaphragm and sound."   I have the rev. 1  with a build date of 11/10 which was before the driver...
The Koss ESP-950 is still in production and available at prices under $600 including energizer amp. I love my LCD-2's but would consider these as a companion for when I want that kind of electrostatic clarity. I do not want to pay the insane Stax prices (check out my profile, I've been down that road before) and also cannot justify having a pair of HD 800's or T-1 laying around.   Here are some links: (can't seem to paste links), Check out thread: Are Koss ESP950...
Yea, the travel case is great. I bought a Pelican 1300 case from amazon for around $50 with free shipping. Audeze wanted $75 + $25 shipping which I thought was a bit much. The phones fit perfectly in the pick and pluck foam. And they are available in several dreamy colors (I got mine in Silver). I still have the wood box but I think it looks kind of pretentious. I'll post pix when I get a chance.
See Above    
Agreed! I read that review and after I got a pair of k702's I wondered if he just made it up. Absolutely no relation to how they sounded to me. Actually, a lot of these reviews are total BS. I have bought a number of pieces of equipment that were raves in Stereophile, Absolute Sound, 6 moons,etc. only to find they had major flaws that were downplayed.
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