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At least shota Zeus is good."I don't want to fall in love and junk with these gods""Lol no I'm Zeus brah, you go do what I say"
I actually watched it all the way to the end. The entire episode of consisted of the MC running around, meeting her harem members and shota Zeus.It's not as good as La Corda the violin harem show if you ask me.That flag anime on the other hand felt too fast, it'll be a generic SoL harem from the looks of it. Now my hopes are pinned entirely on Mekaku City Actors now.
Akuma no Riddle was as edgy as I expected it to be. One week friends has a rather cliche plot, but it's not bad. Not watching that netball anime because anime sports has always been retarded, Whatever happened to prince of tennis anyway? That show went full retard with its "tennis". That one with the rain princess is pretty cool. Something etc kawaii whatever is OK so far. Still have high hopes for mekaku city actors.
Was Mahouka really that hyped? It feels so average, like Kill La Kill all over again. Daidamiler or whatever was pretty based. Captain Earth is not doing good so far. Blade and soul is eh, apparently the MC is near silent because this is a MMO? Dragonar whatever is decent, nothing wrong so far. That one with the alien searching kid was OK. Violin harem was meh
Saw a random episode at the anime club. An oppai (?) monster stripped and the MC shot lightning everywhere.
So I just saw an episode of Saki. What happened to the Mahjong?
So the new season is upon us. Looks like Hanamonogatari is not comjng out anytime soon Captain Earth sounds almost as bad as buddy complex as far as names go Lots of generic looking shows That Shaft anime with all the people wearing hoodies looks cool In other news, Crimea's attorney general is apparently Saber.
sasuga anime club
Speaking of anime clubs, there are some good headphone sightings here, a M80 and one of them Beyers
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