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Speaking of anime clubs, there are some good headphone sightings here, a M80 and one of them Beyers
[quote name="Tom Yum Goong" Are you sure you did not mix up rooms or something? [/quote] Well then I'd have to ask why the drama club has posters of 2D gradeschoolers on their wall.
Just joined the University's anime club, the people were surprisinly normal and the club room doesn't smell funny. think I'll stay in the club.
So I just marathoned Steins;Gate, going to marathon Highschool DxD to see what that's all about.Another overview: [[SPOILER]] In other news, the accelerator manga isn't too bad, it would be great to see it animated, never could stand Kamijou Touma.
A few more episodes later, another overview [[SPOILER]]
Now after episode 4, I can safely announce that magical warfare is the anime of the century.
So apparently there is going to be a warhammer 40k anime. Inb4 sisters of battle Yuri SoL.
So I've hit a snag with this new PC. After assembling the computer, I can't get video out from the motherboard., and the computer restarts about ecery minute. The mother board is an Asrock Z87 Extreme 3. Any ideas? Edit: Took all the ram out and still see this problem. Guess I've out Schiity ram. Edit: press on the ram abit more, now it's not doing the restart bit. Just no video now edit: removed graphics card, now it all works
And we've arrived at the time of the week with no anime what so ever.
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