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Well, that was nothing like Lotte no Omocha...
It's OK. The unnecessary stripper outfits is annoying though.
So I got a new computer coming soon, i5 4whatever K, GTX760.   What should I play for graphics candy? Thinking Crysis.
Read Himitsu no Akuma-chan a while back, thought I 'd mention it. It was nice.   Just gave Engaged to the Unidentified a try, not much ecchi elements, I'd say it's a SoL show.   Everything feels just so, not ecchi now after ImoCho, Sakura Trick and WUG.
So some troll is currently selling black magic on the forums. Don't we usually just get fake Nikes and Peats by Dray ?
Just finished the two episodes of ImoCho.   Wut.
You mean the space distortion effects?
So I downloaded ImoCho for the hell of it.
Wake Up, Girls!First time watching idol type anime, not a bad experience so far.
Have to say, this new episode of WUG just makes me feel guilty.
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