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Mekaku City Actors in about 13 hours, it better not disappoint or I'd have next to nothing for this season.
I followed these posts expecting some kind of mecha anime figure of a girl character. I am disappoint.
Knights of Sidonia gets my vote for AOTS compared to the rest of the things we have so far.
No game No life YetAnotherMoeImouto, but at least this concept of games is pleasant to watch. Ryuugaijou Nanana no Maizoukin Not much to say at this point, treasure hunting anime seems cool though. Hitsugi no Chaika I do like characters that speak funny, and it's nice to see a sister that isn't into his brother once in a while.
So I just saw black bullet. *Here's the meat of a monster that turns people into one of them *Let's eat it also the sticky web on generic loli character #04739265
25th? If I don't get lost in the public transportation system again, I'll be there. Will bring a pro900 and Amperiors.
At least shota Zeus is good."I don't want to fall in love and junk with these gods""Lol no I'm Zeus brah, you go do what I say"
I actually watched it all the way to the end. The entire episode of consisted of the MC running around, meeting her harem members and shota Zeus.It's not as good as La Corda the violin harem show if you ask me.That flag anime on the other hand felt too fast, it'll be a generic SoL harem from the looks of it. Now my hopes are pinned entirely on Mekaku City Actors now.
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