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I don't even use mine anymore, so I can understand what he meant.
I'll be good for 8am.
Problem, Friday is good Friday, would Zamia be open then?
? Did I miss a post or something? I suppose a world with no 2D women can be considered a dystopia for us nerds.
After considering the economy of a video game I'm playing, I've decided to write my microeconomics work on them should the need arise. Dat free market economy Dat supply&demand Dat scarcity Dat variation of real life money items' in game credit price based on location
Sounds good to me.
Daimidler is basically like Highschool DxD, but even less serious.
The loli annoys me in black bullet, as for Nanana, not enough has happened for me to make a judgement. Daimidaler is funny to me, it doesn't pretend to some kind of deep and classy anime, just an anime that has crude sex jokes.
Saw an episode of Haikyuu at the anime club, it's actually not that bad. Picked up. The tiny robot from captain earth enters into the bigger robot via a hole between its legs, how lewd. So my favorite list so far: Mekaku City Actors No Game No Life Sorademo something etc One Week Friends Daimidaler Hitsugi no Chaika Brynhildr in the Darkness Bokura wa Minna Kawaiisou
Toothbrush.jpgMekaku City Actors went a bit slow in terms of development for me, but it doesn't seem to have failed utterly.It's lolis with coffee and SoL, that depends entirely on your tastes. I'm watching nearly everything anyways though. (Even Kamigami)
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