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Speaking of cars, sat in my friend's miata once. It felt terrible since I'm 184cm tall and my head literally made created a bump on the soft top. Not a car I'd want to be in in the case of a roll, even with a hardtop
So I watched about 8 episodes of SAO. The first three episodes actually felt like a MMO, although Kirito stood out as that one DPS who act like a 12 year old. In no MMO will the DPS be able to tank a boss in burn phase, and what's with that other nub that charged ahead for the gear? Are Japanese MMO players all terrible players or something? Later Kirito is revealed as an ultra scrublord who can only clear things by being ridiculously over geared and over leveled, and yet...
Mekakucity Engrish Actors Also, this is what Tippy is supposed to be irl
I haven't heard the HP100, but the DT1350 has the extra ability to pull out your hairs for you, so you don't have to go to the barbers for a haircut, or even wait for balding to kick in. It sounds very good though.
Which server? Imp side Harbinger here.
The recommendations are always boku no pico.
Some updates on this season [[SPOILER]]
Argh, it looks like I won't be able to come to the meet afterall, got some uni work that I have to do. Enjoy the meet guys.
I don't even use mine anymore, so I can understand what he meant.
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