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One day I will produce an EDM music video consisting entirely of anime bewb physics.
A few, although the one I spent the most time with would be SWTOR. Usually a healer.
Well my personal problem with that fight is that the ones who are meant to be tanks, Heathcliff and who ever else had shields, didn't step up immediately and draw aggro from the boss, an almost universal tactic .After the tanks drew the aggro from the boss, DPS types will typically stay out of the tank's way and hit the boss from behind. A few deathes from the tail AoE would've made sense, but 14 deaths in total is a ridiculous number, especially after finding out that the...
So I watched all of SAO to today's episode.The first arc was all over the place, it's like a horribly failed version of Log Horizon made by noobs. Namely every single raid fights they tried to do. For example, the concept of "tank n spank" a basic strategy was something they had to figure out at level 75, the skull rapper (damn you autocorrect) reaper. Which by the way had no adds, poop puddles, enrage or anything of the sort. A single frontal melee attack, and a tail AoE....
Railwars EP1: I was expecting a loli Adamiya Smithiro explaining the effects of privatization and government regulation of monopolies on the rail road industry, and various "train girls" that represents different trains, but I guess this is OK too.
So I decided to finish S1 for SAO *Start at last episode I watched "Schiit son we need tanks and tank swaps for dis" "Yep we need about 10" 10 tanks 10 TANKS T E N T A N K S!
Is that the legendary store with a ton of STAX lined up for listening?
Basic plot of Tokyo Ghoul: MC: You people are monsters Main girl: No U MC: We bakemono nao Argevollen is turning out OK so far. Mahouka is still the same as before, Tatsuya vi Britainnia will soon clash with 3rd high Suzaku for the right to the not crippled imouto. Glasslip is well, SoL. Maybe I should watch SAO because Kirito is more moe now. (Lolnope, being a girl still doesn't excuse you for being a DPS that needs to l2play) Not excited for blade dance and trinity...
Dat Black Bullet episode. The loli suffering begins.
Actually, , according to Halsey's journal, the suit is based on piezoelectric weaves of some kind, and is powered by a nuclear reactor. So I'd say it's more of an active design.
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