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Duckduckgo would be a solution for searching, if Wikipedia doesn't work remove the http bit from the URL.In China for a few more days here too.
SAO II: If I had to introduce myself as Deathgun or DarkFlameMaster for the rest of my life, I'd pick DorkFlameMaster tbh. Looking at GGO's game play, it looks like one of those cowadoody campign tier shooters with assists everywhere. Would not play. No fall damage Inflexible stat system and grinding for guns Players can see the bullets coming, how would long range fights go with that system? Looks like only sniper rifles are excluded, not exactly encouraging...
Near the end of the Pinocchio arc, will marathon all the way to the end later tonight.
In other news, I've just started reading gunslinger girl. Dem feels.
Witch Activity - Loli Edition
I can guess your reaction to S1 if you analyzed that deeply.
Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun is pretty gud, would recommend.
One day I will produce an EDM music video consisting entirely of anime bewb physics.
A few, although the one I spent the most time with would be SWTOR. Usually a healer.
Well my personal problem with that fight is that the ones who are meant to be tanks, Heathcliff and who ever else had shields, didn't step up immediately and draw aggro from the boss, an almost universal tactic .After the tanks drew the aggro from the boss, DPS types will typically stay out of the tank's way and hit the boss from behind. A few deathes from the tail AoE would've made sense, but 14 deaths in total is a ridiculous number, especially after finding out that the...
New Posts  All Forums: