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It could be possible, if the mum is a step mother and really young.
@SAO ep4 : Now that was a 180 turn in quality.   Kirito is actually a good player for once, although I can't say the whole "lol I have a lightsaber XD" thing is any good.
  Deathgun confirmed for best character.
 Wait until you see the lastest episode:  [[SPOILER]]
That last episode of Fate/Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILLYA G3RM4N NUMB3R5 2wei was 2lewd4me.
PRISMA ILYA ep2 soon. [Prana Recharge Intensifies]
So I just started watching Canaan, I can confirm that Chinese traffic represented by the anime is accurate.
For a moment I thought you meant that a letter describing what motivates you has to be written for entry into Japan.
Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu: Tsundere main Harem Ass pull MC is the only guy among women Dark past Yep, it's an anime alright.
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