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The anime I posted is actually a scene from Cross Ange, when SHTF after it was announced that she was a filthy Norma.
The top anime looks like Himegoto, no idea what the bottom anime is.  I'll play too.
 Heh, my lecturer always had trouble remembering to pronounce it correctly, switches to LE HOSPITAL's RULE all the time.
Currently I've got a PRO900, a HD25 Amperior and a SE215. A few other headphones not really worth bringing up. Metropolitan Ordinance/10
So I just ordered a Q701 because I wanted something other than bass canon in my collection.  It's time to realise my dream to be a 2D little girl.
Ore Twintails ni Narimasu:   Wut, what am I watching.
[[SPOILER]]   Despite the whole gore thing, Parasyte is actually pretty funny.Trinity Seven is well, a battle harem.Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken is one of my favorites so far.Log Horizon 2 does look as bad as I expected.
Cross Ange confirmed for AOTD Blonde oppai Lelouch, notblind Nunnally, Clovis the lolicon and magic dragons that shoot lightning. On a more serious note, what did I watch?
Some kind of Shure SE, transparent, BA drivers. Spotted on the 950 at around 8:45am, heading for UWA.
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