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That last episode of Fate/Kaleid Liner PRISMA ILLYA G3RM4N NUMB3R5 2wei was 2lewd4me.
PRISMA ILYA ep2 soon. [Prana Recharge Intensifies]
So I just started watching Canaan, I can confirm that Chinese traffic represented by the anime is accurate.
For a moment I thought you meant that a letter describing what motivates you has to be written for entry into Japan.
Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu: Tsundere main Harem Ass pull MC is the only guy among women Dark past Yep, it's an anime alright.
The sniper jumped down from a massive tower, got her legs shot off in the process, landed, and just did a roll.The bullet path appears before firing for the minigun.The PvP gear appear to drop from PvE monsters. In other words it'll be terrible in practice. The PvE gear is the pew pew lasers types, where as the PvP weapons are all tacticool operational operator weapons that looks like real weapons.
Not really, never been the type that enjoyed scenery and whatever. So I just ate and watched anime. The food was nice though.
Somewhere in Beijing. Near the aviation and astronautics university or whatever it was called.
Duckduckgo would be a solution for searching, if Wikipedia doesn't work remove the http bit from the URL.In China for a few more days here too.
SAO II: If I had to introduce myself as Deathgun or DarkFlameMaster for the rest of my life, I'd pick DorkFlameMaster tbh. Looking at GGO's game play, it looks like one of those cowadoody campign tier shooters with assists everywhere. Would not play. No fall damage Inflexible stat system and grinding for guns Players can see the bullets coming, how would long range fights go with that system? Looks like only sniper rifles are excluded, not exactly encouraging...
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