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It depends on how bad this person is. If I just don't like the guy, I'll post something embarrassing, such as writing a poor review of a clinic's Erectile Dysfunction program. If the guy is the literal re-incarnation of some dictator, a very nasty post complaining about his boss and company.
So which one of you is responsible for the headphone tag at f****.net ?
Q701 just arrived. It feels cheap, like a $50 headphone. The packaging doesn't say $480 MSRP either. Also my unit was made in China, instead of Austria like those pictures. I also did not transform into a 2D little girl. I am disappoint.    Death Parade and Maria the Virgin Witch is currently on my "anime of the season contender list". Not liking this season so far. The next one is looking great though.
What's the name of that VN? That character is so smug looking, I like it. The Qs are around 50% more at local stores. Still waiting for Roe 2 to be explained. I'm guessing an alt that has been given life?
So my Q701s are in the process of getting cleared by customs, might take a while since I'm probably on 100 different government watch lists.   I'm not really liking the new season of Log Horizon, a lot less plot happening and more SoL type events.
 Now we just need a LEGO 3D printer that prints more lego pieces.
 I wish it snowed here. Been 34C+ for a while now. Currently having some thunderstorms though so it's all good.
   The last show was Upotte!.
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