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All it needs now is a blue screen.
Just an update, my IE80s are here and the first impression is that they are pretty good. I had the bass setting turned to max at the start, but so far it's good.
Intense episode of Charlotte. Bit too sudden if you ask me.
My guess is that it's supposed to emulate proper cameras, so it looks like a better quality camera, instead of that blurry crap.
I miss my HTC legend to be honest. That odd bend at the end is a bit pointless, but that cold metal feels nice. Now my S4 may be faster, and the touchscreen is far more responsive, but you can't beat a metal phone. Good thing there seem to be more of them.
Following the naming scheme of Microsoft, windows 7 was good,8 was meh and 9 is supposed to be good as well. My only guess as to why windows 10 is coming is because they don't plan to make good OSes anymore.
I see absolutely no practical way of enforcing such regulations without excessive police presence and a truckload of taxpayer money. So I doubt it will matter even if somehow it was passed around here. Might be a good way to increase government funding though. But most of the awareness such a regulation create alone should be enough to deter people from wearing isolating headphones, since it is first and foremost within their interests to not get run over by a...
^ Anything with moving parts and bits that are bent and rubbed will wearing down in time, and you'll need to service them, but a good headphone will last quite a while. If I were to put it down in terms of years, I'd say 15 years isn't too much to expect from a good pair. I bought a pair of SE215 a few years back, and after absolutely abusing these things for the last few years they seem fine. The cable shows signs of oxidation (?) but nothing has changed in the audio...
Yeah, that one, Replaces the IE8 I think.
Got a pair of IE80s coming sometime soon to me. Local dealer waiting on Sennheiser to ship the products.
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