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The X2 doesn't require much power. Just try using it out of the 3.5 mm jack and see if that helps.
Ah yes, I remember the bad old days when I used to fuss with a Shure SE215. Personally I don't have any problems with the Noble stock cables, but fit and feel can vary wildly from person to person.
Yes, you definitely don't want them to get so loose that you end up losing one side of your iems. Nothing wrong with Noble's stock cables, unless you have a strong aversion to memory wire.
It's normal for the pins to fit very tightly. After swapping cables a few times, it may loosen a bit.
I don't have personal experience with them, but the Soundmagic HP 150 might be a good closed back alternative for you.
If it's still working without issue,and you don't hear any difference, I think you already have your answer:your Fiio unit is probably fine.
I owned the HD 380 years ago, about worked pretty well for me as a travel headphone, although the coiled cable was less than ideal on an airplane. Overall sound was fine, although there was a certain hardness in some vocals that I didn't like. It should work fine for plugging into a keyboard or your guitar amp. As noted above, the 280 fits a bit differently and some may find it clamps too hard on their head. The 380 was comfortable for me.
I don't actually own on of these, so I'm not familiar enough with it to tell you what apps to shut down. Possibly Pioneer has already stripped out some of the extraneous "cell phone"processes, but I don't know. At a minimum, though, since it is not a cell phone, putting it into airplane mode will at least gain you some standby time. No matter what you do, though, short of turning it off each time you use it, you're bound to be disappointed  if you're hoping for a few days...
If you're not used to Android, it can require a bit more tinkering in order to  not have extraneous applications running in the background. I didn't say anything about actually turning off the Pioneer unit. Also, it's quite common for Android-based DAPs to only last up to around 10 hours per charge. In general, their amps sections are more powerful than that in your iPhone, so that will also reduce your runtime. It's a common tradeoff: either the very nice iPhone UI and...
Just curious, did you try disabling any apps etc to see if that helps a charge to last longer? Also just turning off Wi-Fi when not in use should help.I don't have this DAP, but have been using Android cell phones for years.
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