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It's definitely warmer, but I find it is not as refined, bass is a bit bloated, and some detail is missing (at least when using the K10 with the original high output AK100).
The AK100 II is the better model to get, not the original AK100, if you're after better sound quality (and the balanced output).
It's largely dependent on your personal listening preference. Although this is not a DAP recommendation thread, the new AK players are very good, and have both single ended and balanced outputs. The balanced out on my AK100 does seem to have a larger soundstage and more impactful bass when driving the K10. The AK units also have better battery life compared with the DX90. You can search the various DAP threads for more in depth impressions.
The noise floor is a bit too high for use with my Noble iems, even with gain set to -12. Less sensitive iems might have less of a hiss issue.
The Shure SE846 is very efficient, so I'm not surprised utdeep noticed some hiss (I have seen a number of hiss complaints in various threads with the SE846). Hiss is not a problem with my Noble K10 ciem. Perhaps there is some very low level hiss, but in general I don't notice it. With my Noble N5, however, I can definitely hear a bit of hiss, but I have noticed it with some other portable amps as well. Its a fine line that CEntrance is walking with the Mini M8, to make the...
The problem is that flipping is against forum rules: As it is, though, due to the recent buying frenzy, members trying to flip the headphones in the Head-Fi classifieds probably will not profit very much anyway.
I'd say the DAC sections of the AK100 and the CEntrance M8 and Mini M8 are comparable. The CEntrance units, to me, overall have a fuller body sound and more prominent bass. The Mini M8 is fully balanced, per Michael Goodman.
I hardly think that Dr. Moulton is slighting dealers with his comment. He merely stated that some dealers purchased stock ahead of time, and others did not (or just didn't order enough to meet anticipated demand). Having to wait a bit longer for your order to be filled causing you some frustration, however, is understandable.
No need to guess, the Kaiser 10 description on Noble's website states it's a 4-way design.
No one even knows that there will be a Black Friday discount...we'll all know for sure one way or another next week.
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