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I don't know much about these headphones, but they look to be built decently for an inexpensive set. They have very large earcups that should accommodate most ears,and have a floating headband. They are closed back, but I believe are ported, so I'm not sure about how much isolation they offer. They do not fold. 64 Ohm, sensitivity 106dB / 1mW   These have never been opened. I bought them a while back out of curiosity, but they got buried in my closet. I figure it's best...
I really like the extra bit of bass and more secure fit compared with the K550 line, but the fit isn't quite right for me,so these have barely been used. My apologies for the poor photo, but reflections were preventing me from getting a good shot. The earcup color is more of a copper color compared with the photo.   Price is firm, but includes shipping via USPS and PayPal fees. If interested, please send me a PM with your PayPal email, and I will send an invoice for the...
For sale is a barely used ATH-MSR7, with the gunmetal gray earcups, brown earpads and headband, and metallic red accents. These were only used a few times at home, and have mostly just been boxed up. Will come in the original packaging, with the three original cables, and drawstring bag (all pictured in the photos). They work fine, but I need to clear out some unused gear.   It is hard to see in the photos, but there is a slight lighter spot or scratch on the left...
"Double amping" is not evil incarnate, despite the many posts from folks complaining about it.We're all free to choose to use an external amp, or not. When I just want simplicity, I use my AK 100 II to directly drive my iems or headphones. Otherwise, I'll hook it up to an external amp for variety.
I wouldn't worry too much about it. Audeze will officially announce it when Audeze is ready to announce it. Other manufacturers routinely tease upcoming products at shows too, even though they may be many months away from production. That being said, I'd love an opportunity to try them myself. The weight is the main reason why my LCD-XC don't get much use.
@vlach, of course there is an amp section. What the player does not have, though, is a true line out. The "line out", as you saw, is just maxing out the volume in the amp section.
Very cool! Looking forward to seeing how it develops.
Yes, I meant pre-built...while I've done some dabbling with a soldering iron, I'd feel a bit better having someone else build one for me. I haven't kept track of all the variations in development, so I'll have to go search the thread when I have some time.
If there could be a variation that allowed for charging via USB, maybe in a larger Hammond case, that would be cool. I'm happy to deal with 9V for now, though. still need to find some time to try the amp with some of my big headphones.
@RodLaird, what an eloquent post! Although I am strictly a layman, it has been my personal experience with various iems and my ciem K10 that I can never quite get the sense of "airiness" in some recordings that I can with good open back headphones. However, I still am amazed at what the K10 can do, and it still trumps most of what I have tried in terms of having an overall cohesiveness.
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