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For peace of mind, definitely carry on the WA8, don't put it in a checked bag.
Ah, that would make more sense. I haven't traveled yet with my WA8, but I have never had a problem with bringing my smaller portable amps through security. I'd take it out of whatever bag you're carrying it in, though when you put your carry on items on the conveyor belt to get scanned.As it's rather dense and heavy, that might save you some time, compared to having to wait for a TSA agent to pull empty a bag to manually check your electronics. I think only once did I...
If you can deal with the hot amp and the plane ride is actually quiet enough for you to appreciate the amp's performance, it can be done. Like Moedog said, though, it definitely wouldn't be my first choice for use while on the plane. The ChargeTech unit is nice, but it's nearly as large as the WA8 itself. The WA8 is definitely better suited as a "once you get to your hotel or office" use situation, not really while on a plane. Would it be awesome to have the tubes glowing...
I just picked up the HRM-6. Like others have noted in this thread, these have a pretty smooth sound, and detail seems quite good, even a lower listening volumes. While these don't strike me as being bassy, bass extension is good, but they don't have the "punch" of other headphones. For me, these don't isolate as well as other headphones I have tried,  but it's definitely fine for casual listening. They might be ok for DJ use, as they seem very stable on my head, and I can...
I have the AK 100 II and it's one of my favorite players, but it would have been great to have USB out on it, so I could use it with the DAC built into the Woo WA8.
No, the only digital output from the AK 120 II is optical. The new AK 70, on the other hand, can do USB out. Not sure if any of the other AK players will be updated to enable USB out (that is, assuming they have all of the hardware to do so).
I had an E11 a long time ago, and agree it's decent for it's price. The bass boost worked pretty well. The original poster is asking if there are any amps, though, that help to bring out more details, not more bass.
I don't think an amp is going to make much of a difference to you in terms of hearing more detail. A move to a different headphone may be a better bet if you feel the Shures are missing some detail. Using my Woo Audio WA8, for example, maybe adds a touch more body (and more bass when using the 3 tube mode), but fundamentally the sound isn't too much different.
The X2 doesn't require much power. Just try using it out of the 3.5 mm jack and see if that helps.
Ah yes, I remember the bad old days when I used to fuss with a Shure SE215. Personally I don't have any problems with the Noble stock cables, but fit and feel can vary wildly from person to person.
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