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The iPod classic doesn't have a Toslink output. I'm not too knowledgeable about iPods, but you may be able to use a CCK to get digital out via USB, then use the USB input on the Leckerton. If you have a line-out dock (LOD) cable, you can use that to connect to the analog input on the Leckerton (using only the amp portion of the Leckerton).
Charleston Cable Company doesn't make iem least there aren't any iem options listed on the website. The CCC headphone cables I have, though, are excellent. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming!
The Mini M8 is better suited for use with iems. It works very well with the K10. With the Noble N5, there is some hiss, but not bad. The original M8 has a pronounced noise floor with the K10 and all other iems I've tried.
The balanced connection is there for convenience, in case you already have a balanced headphone. No need to get balanced cables just for use with the M8. Michael Goodman had a few posts about this some time ago. On my cell phone right now, otherwise I'd look up the posts and link here. The Mini M8, while having less power, is balanced.
I recently purchased a basic Windows 8.1 tablet, and also cannot get the Mini-M8 to work with it. The tablet recognizes that the Mini-M8 is connected, but I am unable to select it as my audio device. I'm not sure that the driver installed correctly, but I haven't had much time to investigate the problem. A few quick Google searches and browsing CEntrance's website didn't turn up any useful information.
Ahh, well, then it looks like the Mini-M8 probably isn't for you. Not trying to derail the thread, but in case you're looking for a portable amp, the Leckerton UHA-6S MkII has worked nicely with all of my iems, including my old Sony XBA-3s, which are more sensitive than my Noble iems. The Leckerton is a great portable, even if you only use the amp portion. The newer UHA 760 may be a bit better with iems, given that it's digital volume control (my UHA-6S channel balance is...
Try some fresh batteries. It's very common for volume pots to sound scratchy when you're turning the knob, especially with less expensive one like in the PA2V2, or when they get older.
The noise floor is much lower, but using a very sensitive iem with low impedance, like the Shure 846, is a worst case scenario for the Mini M8. For my Noble K10, there is no hiss. The Noble N5 does have low level of hiss, but I don't notice it usually. Hiss isn't an issue when using the Mini M8 with any of my headphones.
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