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At that price point, it will be a challenge to find a quality headphone that meets all of the requirements. The Sennheiser Momentum on ear is a great suggestion, however. The Sennheiser PX-200 folds down like a pair of glasses, and I've been using mine at work for several years. I think it may match your preferred sound, as it doesn't have as much bass as the Momentum on ear. The non-removable cables might be an issue, though.
I suspect the Philips model would offer more clarity than most headphones around $50, so it's too bad that open back isn't an option. The Audio-Technica ATH-M20X is close to your price range, and probably pretty sturdy (I don't have one, but have the M50X, a similar design). It's discontinued, but I also liked the Ultimate Ears UE6000. You might be able to still find it online.
If you don't mind an open-back model, Newegg is selling the Philips SHP9500 over ear headphones for $50 on eBay. I haven't tried them myself, but I have seen them mentioned favorably on Head-fi. Newegg is a reputable online retailer, if you are not familiar with them. I'd post a link, but it is a bit fussy to do from my tablet.
I tried out the Savant this morning. Compared with my K10, I'd say the Savant seemed to have a bit more treble extension, and less bass impact. If I had the money , I'd be tempted to get the universal Savant for times when using a ciem is not convenient. I haven't tried the N4, so I can't compare the two.
No, the pins are fully inserted into the ciems. It would be best to contact Noble support for help. I'm not sure if the issue is with your ciems, or the cable itself. I have a different cable from a third-party company, though, where the pins do not fully go into the sockets, but the fit still feels secure.
I have never had that problem with mine, but I am always careful to never pull on the cables when I remove the k10s from my ears.
For recordings that have any vocals or instrument sounds that are primarily in either the right channel or left channel, crossfeed will help to lessen the "ping pong" between your ears. Recordings that are more centered probably won't seem as affected by crossfeed.
The iPod classic doesn't have a Toslink output. I'm not too knowledgeable about iPods, but you may be able to use a CCK to get digital out via USB, then use the USB input on the Leckerton. If you have a line-out dock (LOD) cable, you can use that to connect to the analog input on the Leckerton (using only the amp portion of the Leckerton).
Charleston Cable Company doesn't make iem least there aren't any iem options listed on the website. The CCC headphone cables I have, though, are excellent. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming!
The Mini M8 is better suited for use with iems. It works very well with the K10. With the Noble N5, there is some hiss, but not bad. The original M8 has a pronounced noise floor with the K10 and all other iems I've tried.
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