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Have you not heard of ACS? I've had these same debates in my head as to which custom to go for, for months - ACS are UK based though, and have a good reputation. You don't hear as much about them on here though, I think mainly due to the lack of UK posters! Being UK based may be a big time saver if you need any re-fits etc - although I have a feeling silicone is a little more forgiving with fit.   Check them...
Etymotic ER-4 is surely the answer to your prayers?
I had exactly the same problem - ended up returning them and buying a different brand. Shame really, because their build quality is pretty solid IMO. Just a design flaw.
    I agree, that would be eargasmic.
JH16.   On a more serious note, I used to have a set of sennheiser CX300, and they pretty much fit all of your criteria for the budget.
  There's always something new just around the corner, but that isn't going to lower the quality of your T1 in any way! I'd be very happy with the T1's right now, the only reason I haven't dived in and purchased them yet is because i'm going on holiday at the end of the month - so it'll be the end of august or september before I have the spare capital. Detatchable cables isn't an advantage to me (although I can see why it would be for some), but seeing as I have to wait...
Well this is all rather slanderous isn't it?   It would be nice if companies paid trained specialists to sit around and fix discontinued products outside of their warranty (for a wallet-friendly rate), but they don't. And I fully understand why they don't. They are not in the wrong.   You must be questioning your view a little? I won't burst your bubble though, I'm sure everyone else is wrong and you are right. You clearly know best.
I know Audio Technica are terrible for constantly updating and discontinuing various models, but they still look available to me?   Just be careful not to pick up one of the counterfeit sets that are about, if a price seems to good to be true it probably is.
I have heard about the RE0 having build quality issues, although i'm yet to have any problems myself. I'd love to give the HF5's a try, i'm sure they are a very competent earphone. Are you going to be using them as a headset too? Because if you are, then that does make the HF5's more favourable. Especially for the awareness app, if you're using iphone:    
I would whole-heartedly recommend the RE0's. When I initially tried them I was disappointed with the sound because I had totally incorrect tips on them for my ears. Once I sifted through the tips and found some that suited my ears, i was blown away at what such a cheap set of earphones can achieve. They are biased towards the treble end of the spectrum, but I only really notice this when listening to bass driven electronic music, and it's nothing some EQing wont fix. Buy...
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