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After the death of my VSonic GR04 Pros, I was left in a bit of an IEM panic.   I've tried a bunch of IEMs over the past few weeks, and my budget is quite limited. <$15   After trying a few pairs out of the JVC Xtreme Xplosives line that my friend has (and being rather unimpressed), I began to search online.  It was at this time that I came upon a pair of Sony XBA-1 IEMs.  I've always been curious about BA, and the price (Sony certified refurbished at 11.99 w/shipping)...
So, after it was verified that the GR04 Flagships that I found on ebay were indeed the flagship edition, I purchased them.  Hopefully they come soon!
Hmm....after looking at that thread, I think it is going to come down between the VSonic GR-06 or the GR-04 Flagship edition.  I just need to wait for a response to truly decide between the two.  They are perfect in price, and the reviews of them speak for themselves. I can't wait to hear what they really sound like.   Edit - The Crystal sounds amazing, but I can't find any for sale...that meet my budget.
Well, I think I am going to go ahead and buy those.  There is always the possibility that it is just the wrong picture.  I asked the seller if they really were the Flagships, so I will decide when I get a response.  Anything on the UE600?
That is where I initially found the GR06, but I heard the GR04 Flagship edition was much better than the GR06.  I found a pair on ebay, sold by an authorized Vsonic dealer, but the picture is wrong.  All of the specs match up properly with the Flagships, but the fact that the stock picture they use is wrong worries me.
Something detailed and accurate, but still able to push bass.  I am new to this world of higher end equipment, so I just want a good introduction.
It is crunch time for me now, time to finally decide on a pair of cheap IEMs.  The models I have narrowed my search down to are the...   Vsonic GR06 and the Ultimate Ears UE-600   I was looking for the GR-04 Flagship Edition, but I can not find any places that have a decent price for me here in the US.   Which set truly sounds better for the money?  I have a Cowon C2 that I bought simply for the sound quality, and my A-Jays 3 are just not cutting it...
The price that I can get the UE 600 for right now is very appeling as well, so I might just go with those. I love my C2 BTW, best little player I've ever had!
A few days ago I posted a thread here, and got some really good responses...but crunch time has approached my good friends.  I recently spent (a lot more than I planned) on a new PMP, the Cowon C2.  I understand that Cowon has almost unmatched audio quality, and I really want a good pair of IEMs to go along with them.  My MAXIMUM budget is $100, but I would prefer to keep it around 80.  No microphones are needed, and I don't necessarily need anything fancy.  So far I...
I also just heard of the Shure CE215. Would these be good?
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