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I just read through the reviews and looking at them all right now. lol but those 1964's look soo good though. It soo tough will all the choices, and living bascially in no mans land, its hard to hear them without buying them first. Im a music fanatic, have been for over 20 years, but only used crap headphones until I got my Shure 215, and I would have to say, put a smile on my face instantly. my music taste is very wide, but I love the 90's grunge, old rap/hip-hop, foo...
well, since that was my first post, sorry about I didn't add, I have a budget on it, if I could keep it close to 200 usd.
Hi, first post and searching for the topic but not too successful. Ok, so right away I have the Shure215's and really like the bass and sound iso for running, mowing and all around outdoor activity. But what I'm really looking for is a better dynamic IEM with a mic so I can just leave them in while taking calls and what not. I know the Shure have an iPhone cable but I'm really looking for whole new set. I've been eyeing the mic version of the nu-700m but would really like...
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