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I too am using the iphone4 and I have them on electronic, that seems to be the best for me. I also picked up the Ck's so new owner here.. I've been listening for a couple days about non stop. My brain became adjusted to the sound with the stock tips, then this weekend I found some comply's.. And wham, the bass hit and the treble was perfect. I love them and I'm very happy to have found them, don't even know if my Gr07's will get much use, I do know for a fact my e215's...
Thank you. I feel better knowing I'll be getting better quality and not having to push the volume in order to get it. So I'm guessing the Ck10's will rock too. I can't wait to get them both.
Please tell me the gr07 has just as much bass as the 215's. I got my Mewhat earbuds m31's today and they have less bass than the Shures but I like the way it sounds, and hoping the gr07's had what the 215's have. Cuz I have a set coming and a set of Ck10's. Trying best of both worlds.
so your saying, they pretty much top the Shure 215's. Since Im super new to hi end IEM's but not to music. And the Shure's are the first ones I've ever owned, But now I have the CK10's comming my way and if the Vsonic are better than the Shure's Im getting the Gr07 and selling off the Shure's to help.
I would like to try them.  
Quick question, I love my 215 but of course looking at others. I love the sound and looking for similar sound but more clarity. Looking about spending 160 or so. Looking at these two. GR07 and the Tf10. Please help me out. Thanks
Yup, those are sweet!!
excellent write up, thank you for spending the time and money on doing so.
I jumped on it, I need to try something else, other than my Shure 215's
I just read through the reviews and looking at them all right now. lol but those 1964's look soo good though. It soo tough will all the choices, and living bascially in no mans land, its hard to hear them without buying them first. Im a music fanatic, have been for over 20 years, but only used crap headphones until I got my Shure 215, and I would have to say, put a smile on my face instantly. my music taste is very wide, but I love the 90's grunge, old rap/hip-hop, foo...
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