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I am curious too, I just got the x and if the x2 are better I'll send the x back and go with new stock.
You wouldnot have been disappointed with the wooduo 2. They have serious bass!!
Give me till next week and I'll scoop em up
I throw my 2 cents in for the wooduo 2, amazing bass!!!!
Code: Would you be interested in trading your crossfade for vsonic Gr07 vanilla in perfect shape
Sorry if I missed it but do the basso's have bigger bass as the MEeM31's
I'm glad the teble doesn't bother me at all, I must be deaf in that spectrum. In fact, I have my Ck-10s for sale on eBay.
I like the Gr07 so much, I might get rid of my Ck10s but not sure yet.
digging the Aries!!
Yeah, thinking the same thing.
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