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 Well said, Frank. Enjoy the time you have, Fred, as much as you can and thanks for all that you shared here.
Bump and price drop to $250 + shipping and fees.
Bump - reasonable offers will be entertained, low-ball offers will be cheerfully ignored.  I am not currently interested in any trades for the headphones, thanks.   @Shy Manager - PM me if you would like more information.
I recently built these for a friend to use at work however prior to finishing them his circumstances changed and now he needs closed headphones.  I have no use for them so I'm going to sell them for what I have into them. They started life as gold-cup SR325is that were in good shape when I bought them but had been recabled with a very short 1/8" cable.  So I disassembled them and installed a proper stock Grado cable of the newer, 8 wire configuration.  The cups that I made...
I should be able to do that.  Just PM me your email address and I'll hunt it down and send it to you.  I think it has the HP-1 cups in the same file as I did the modeling at the same time.  100% accuracy not guaranteed. :)
I have the RS-1 cups modeled in Autocad 3D if you can find a way to use that.  
PM replied
For sale is a pair of SR325i cups (w/ screens) that came off of a pair that I purchased recently that I'm modding.  They are in good shape, with a few marks here and there but very presentable.  The lettering was removed by the previous owner and was done well and without damage to the cups.  These would make the perfect mod for a set of SR60/80/125/225s.  Asking $40 + shipping and any fees.
Very nice.  I've always wanted to build one of those (being both an engineer and a fan of Pete's work) but have yet to find a use for it if I did.
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