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@punit yes @mreleventy is correct. I am using the DAC portion as well. The mk2 has some upgraded chips and it's a tube DAC and not a tube amp. Funny thing. However, the sound is really really good. You should give not a try when we meet next time. It's not a crack, of course but good enough when you are on a budget.Cheers,K
If you don't want to splash out in the bottlehead Crack, the next best thing I found to work extremely well with the T90 is the new Aune T1 Mk2 with a Gold Lion tube. It really makes your T90 sing.
 In that case the make and model is not important, here is a short video and I am sure you will find more and better ones on youtube: Cheers and good luck with the repair!!
 Yes you can. But sometimes tubes are bad, broken, kaputt.  unofficial:Q: What types of tubes will work with the Aune T1?A: 6DJ8, ECC88, 6922, E88CC, 7308, 6N23P, 6N27P, 6N11, 6N1P, 7DJ8, PCC88, ECC189, 6ES8, E188CC, ECC86, 6GM8, PCC189, 7ES8, Cca, CV2492, CV10320, CV5231, CV5354, CV5358, M3624
This +1 I have amassed a full row of beyerdynamic phones from open to semi-open to closed over the years. T90 - DT880 - DT770 LE. Each is distinctly different but still all have the "beyer" sound, to a certain extend. Am just listening to my 880 again after a very long time with the T90 and the DT770 as my main headphones and am loving it. I "modded" the DT880 Edition with hifiman pads. Comfort went down two notches but the sound went up one. Cheers,K
 Just jumped in with Mk2. So far, I am mightily impressed with this DAC/Amp. Very clean, very powerful, nice bass (with Genalex Gold Tube) - pairs well with my T90 and with my Momentum (and that is head scratching....) - really impressed. Super low noise floor. I might be getting rid of some of my gear that accumulated over the years now. ;-)
Hi,   I now received mine (T1 Mk2), it's pretty amazing for the money. Its noise floor is amazingly low. Clarity and definition in the music are very good. I replaced the stock tube with a Gold Lion Genalex and loving it. Headbobbing to music the whole day in the office.   Cheers, K
 the beats tour are ok, but there are better bass heavy in-ears available for a lower price. I even think that the Xiaomi Pistons are better than the tour. And they are only $30.  EDIT: I just realized there is a 2.0 version of the beats tour. I only have the original first version, so disregard my comment, I don't know the current model, so have no opinion on them.
Yep,   Here is an amazing overview about the sound quality of youtube and how it changed during the years and with which resolution of the video (not doing that anymore since 2014).   So it's NEVER better than 192 AAC (mp4 the successor of mp3).   The fact remains that you most likely upload a video with an already compressed audio track, which then gets re-encoded. This...
 fellow headfiers in the UAE help themselves out :-) We have a group of very active ones here and between us, we have a LOT of headphones, that we loan each other to try and/or sell. That way I was able to get a Bottlehead Crack with Speedball, T90, DT770 LE and other headphones without any huge trouble and the chance of testing them beforehand.  I don't have the X5 and don't know if anyone else here has it, but I do have the X3 and the DX50 if you want to try them. Other...
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