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I wouldn't get my hopes up too high, the sign up page claims a copyright of 2014 - so it seems to me rather a direct link leftover while the aurisonics general website gets redirected to Fender.Also, their twitter feed had its last update in 2015. :-(
Yep... I shot an email to their support and see what can be done. I was looking for the same sound sig but universal - anyhow - am still happy with my purchase but would love to increase the bass level without EQ - as my favorite player HM-901 doesn't have EQ :-(  Cheers.
 blue - left side universal (with custom sleeve)yellow - left side custom both labeled AH3Pro both have the same Knowles drivers inside: 30017 dual BA and the single dynamic...
Ok, so then I definitively have two V1s which leads to the question why they sound so different. Maybe mine was tuned to my preference, who knows.
That's very interesting, I didn't even know there are V1 and V2. I have a AH3Pro custom and recently got an AH3Pro universal from a fellow headfier. The universal was a lot leaner on the bass. I expected the same sound sig, with the usual issue of having a lesser seal with universals but even if I put my AAW made custom sleeves on these the bass is nowhere near my custom AH3Pro. It's strange. Both sound excellent for the price level, but I prefer the rather bass heavy...
Yes indeed. As psi core said. I have the 2.5 and a harmony and they are different the harmony is the FXA7 and there is so far no replacement/successor for the 2.5Cheers.
As a fellow FLC8S owner, I am with you here. They have lovely bass, no question. But bass head, well visit the item bass head thread - this is not kindergarten . In order to earn basshead badges.... I doubt the FLC8S has what it takes. However, again, the bass is lovely and if you are a bass lover and not a bass head, you are in for a treat, but bass heads are dialed up to 11 - so careful with calling something bass head- it's not that easy....Cheers.
Give it some time and I am glad you are happy, I know you will be even happier in the future. Cheers
Oh absolutely, and with a bit of luck we can listen to @lukeap69 yggradsil and some bloody amazing I can't remember the name off amp....Anyhow, just came back from the Burj Al Arab beach where I saw Katharine Jenkins perform live - mind blown. She is so talented. Wow.Anyhow, the mini meet will happen for sure, summer is coming and so is "too hot to do anything outside"-time in Dubai, so stay tuned. For non Dubaians - summer here means up to 122 Fahrenheit - in the shade,...
I recently received mine from amazon Spain and I love them. Bass on mid setting, directly into my Liquid Carbon - bliss. They are much better than I thought. On Alibaba you can only get the fake ones, wouldn't go down that route. Cheers.
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