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Depends on the internal wiring of the headphones. I would think it's unlikely but for exaplme with the Oppo PM-3 it works (since they are wired internally for balanced operation). Cheers.
 As for the highlighted bold part: Hifiman HM-901, HM-802, HM-801, HM-650 lines (and their variants) have all 3.5 mm balanced TRRS output, either switchable or separate sockets.Sony ZX-2 3.5mm TRRS balancedifi Pro iCan has one of these too.  Cheers!!
Used the UmPro 50 for weeks and the tried the W50 as well - no leakage that one could hear from 1-2 m distance. I really think something must be wrong with yours....   Cheers.
Cheers!!!Yes, I understand your need and I would love to help, but simply can't as I haven't done a comparison or benchmark - I listened exclusively to that thing for about a week and loved every minute of it. Wanted to try as many headphones with it as possible and as you can see, I don't have any of the other totl amps so naturally my opinion wouldn't help that much in any case as I don't trust my auditory memory that much over a long period of time.I don't think you...
 Guess you are referring to my review. Thanks for the flowers ;-) I wrote in this review what I feel comfortable sharing with others. Let me explain why I didn't go into details about sound description in my review: ifi didn't give it to me to review - I happened to know a distributor who sells it and I borrowed the demo unit from him to listen to it for my own pleasure - I am not a professional reviewer, I don't get paid and don't get free stuff from ifi or the...
Oh man, you are in for a treat. Today listened with my HD650 and encrack with SB and a new tung sol 5998 and it was such a blast.Cheers!!
Hearing aids. (this is shameless self need as I think in 20 years I probably need some)   - and I would love to have some that sound as good as the K10 ;-)
What in particular do you think needs upgrading? I had a Layla here recently for 2 weeks and even though it's $1,000 more expensive than the K10 I continued to like the K10U more. I mean look at the Shure 846 and Westone line and the Sony EX1000 and 800ST - they don't get updated and why should they? It's not that groundbreaking new technology is being released int he audio world every 1-2 years.  I still enjoy my "old" headphones like crazy (HD-650, HE560, T90 Jubilee,...
don't know if it was already posted here but noble audio has it's "Wizard's birthday" sale. Most products enjoy a 20% discount - Dulce Bass anyone? Sale is on for 44 hours (not sure how many have passed).   Unfortunately I planned badly and can't jump on this and have to wait until next year.
PM-3 in the office with Liquid Carbon and balanced cable = bliss560 at home with Burson Conductor or speaker taps on my old Sansui amp = bliss Very good combination = these two are the best in their respective price ranges in my opinion. Cheers.
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