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Bold parts emphasized by me. Don't get me wrong, this is indeed a great offer and I envy people who can avail it. I also didn't complain about resale value - just stating a fact what image it creates. I really like Fiio products and are using them since their very first products. But:NONE of their offers so far has made it to my region. So your statement is not correct.And they don't allow all their customers to buy it at a discount - that's the point. Edit: Just saw the...
@FiiO   Middle East here! Very annoyed!   And it's a slap in the face to the countries that have distributors and these guys try to sell and promote your brand when you turn around and bypass them like this and make it more attractive to order via US rather than buy locally.   It's great for US customers - so am happy for them!! But I wonder how you want to go back to sell Amp Modules without a discount in the future. And you also destroy the used module market with...
who I reviewed the WA8 I had the HD800S and Edition X at the same time.    They both were driven excellent from the WA8. As were the HE560 and super most surprising: the T90 LE sounded like it came form a different galaxy - really loved what I heard. The T90 needs the right amp to shine but wow did it shine with the WA8. Absolutely amazing.   To be honest, to my ears - I did not hear any headphone sound bad form the WA8 in my week with it. It's a marvel!   Cheers!
Yep I would be in.
It's the ESS 9018K2M according to the AliExpress page. The K2M has only 2 of the 8 DACs inside the chip active, it's the mobile version. Cheers!
.....aaand we are back at the Shozy Zero!!   Am still not changing to anything else yet, loving what I hear....
I think it probably has to do with the use of nearly all senses at the same time (cars) and only one (hearing) with earphones. Especially if it's one that only is available to one person at a time.... Where it all falls to pieces is when car reviews describe the exhaust sound that gives them goose bumps - then we are on equal territory again LOOOOL https://youtu.be/60uUFO9Wrng
Yes. Amen to that. Also, my sisters Ford Fiesta is better than my wife's Porsche Cayman GTS (....in transporting 4 adults)....it's more comfortable, consumes less petrol and way cheaper. Better depends on the use case.  Better is always in the eye of the beholder.
Yes and no, Joe. They don't all know how to do it. Creating a really great sports car is not easy at all. And the differences are not small by any means about a good and a great driving car. There are so many parameters involved making it nearly impossible to have a measurement for "steering feel" alone. You know when it's done right. The thing is in the car world - you have a LOT of real experts as car reviewers, racing drivers and others giving their opinion and while...
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