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I am running my HD650 at home sometimes with the Hifiman HE-Adapter from my Sansui AU-2000 Amplifier speaker taps. It sounds pretty amazing (but is unnecessary the normal headphone out is awesome too) but I can run it balanced this way....But the HE-560 sounds sublime from it. The Sansui has 2x10 Watt and is 42 years old. But sounds as sharp as ever ;-) There are some resistors in there:   Click for larger images.   Cheers,K
Don't be. There will always be some people who don't like stuff. No matter how good.I have owned and reviewed quite a lot of great in-ears and the T20 are truly some great sounding ones. No need to be worried.Cheers,K
Yes, I don't know which kind of pricing experiment Sony was doing (double the price in the US, while the US usually gets the better deals) but I bought my MDR-1A from Amazon Spain and had it shipped to Dubai, so I saved VAT (MwSt) for them as well. Great deal for these headphones. Cheers, K
Yes, a couple more posts and you can post links and pictures.Here is the link showing that they are discontinued. Very weird indeed:http://store.sony.com/premium-hi-res-stereo-headphones-zid27-MDR1A//cat-27-catid-EOL-Headphones-Earbuds
 Not at all, my friend. Chill. No reason to get your knickers in a twist . I am talking about recordings that are so abysmal bad - you could listen to them with your head under water and it would make no difference. Call my musical taste "weird" haha.  For example: if a recording is at any stage compressed to 320kbit mp3 - and then pressed on a CD - the FLAC from that CD will sound exactly as crappy(or good) as the MP3 - hence my point. Doesn't apply to most "professional"...
Yep, same experience here. For a lot of recordings there is no way anyone can hear a difference - then there are these beautiful exceptions ;-)
Hi,  welcome to head-fi! Since you just recently joined. Here is a part of the posting guidelines, I recommend to read them in their entirety. Posting your own impressions, no matter how contrary to common impressions or contradictory they might be, is totally fine. But repeating opinions from others or stuff you read somewhere, without any personal experience with the kit you are talking about - is a big nono here. You can say that: "based on the majority of reviews I...
Yes, I can tell you: No difference. Nada, nunca, zilch.Cheers,K
As usual, I totally agree with David here. I still like the HD598 but it's probably more sentimental :-)The 7XX is certainly the better overall headphone. With a nice evolving sound and a nice low end. The HD598 can be amazing with guitars and vocal songs though.Cheers,K
Sold the Q701 but still have three other two.7XX > HD598 > Q701There are some genres the HD598 takes the lead but overall the 7XX is the best headphone of the three.Never got warm with the Q701 - something made me always grab other headphones rather than the Q, something was "off" for me with these.Cheers,K
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