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  LOOOL yes indeed - I hate autocorrect arrrgh.
According to Sennheiser: Momentum = over ear MOE = on ear Cheers,K
 My take: Luckily I have a few of them: Emperor, Momentum, MOE, HD25-1 (original not II) The Emperor has more push in the bass region, punchier. Momentum has touch more mids and is more balanced. Since I recently listen to a lot of EDM again, I must say I prefer the Amperior - by a slight margin, is more fun with EDM. Momentum has the slightly larger soundstage (forgot to mention). Cheers! PS: As Mister Sennheiser told us: Momentum = Over ear, MOE = on ear
And really well with the Aune T1 Mk2 and as well with the JDS Labs C5D. Cheers,K
Hey, very interesting. I have yet to actually unpack my on ears, but listen to the over ears and Amperiors quite extensively. Will add my take in a bit :-) Thanks, K
Hi, Thanks for checking. I put the purchase on hold, I decided that I do have in fact already enough on-ears in my collection. Cheers, K
Jubileeeee looks awesome.
 Yes, I checked with Beyerdynamic in Germany. They are identical sound wise only different in the design. And man, do I like the Jubilee, they look very cool.  However, since I already have the T90s I am most likely not jumping on them. But I have a knack for limited editions.....
 Here are the insides. I just removed the cover plate and didn't disassemble further. Cheers,K      Hope this helps! Cheers,K
I will see if I can open it up and take some photos in the next few hours.Cheers,K
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