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 Welcome. I think you will not regret it. They sound extremely good and I start to like their size a lot. Cheers,K
 See the attached. Momentum Over Ear Toro Rosso edition with HD448. While they are significantly smaller, the comfort is still amazingly good (for me, and I have large ears). They are so soft and lie semi-on-ear on your ears and seal very well.   
 You old Crack says: Hi! I hope I can convince @punit to sell this beauty to me one day. I tried to distract him with loaning him some of my headphones, let's see if this diverting tactic works out 
 Hi, indeed. The amp has an output impedance of 150 Ohms. I usually listen to my T90 (250 Ohm) on them (have the crack on loan from punit). Today I thought, let's try some low impedance headphones and see what happens. And I am quite surprised. Next to no noise and pretty clear sounding on a Momentum Over Ear (18 Ohms !!) - duh? I never thought this would work but I actually like the result a lot. Very surprising.... Cheers,K
 Hmm, never even heard about the Mikros 90. Have to check them out. The Yamaha's are really very good. However they are open on-ears. So, not for everybody. Cheers,K
On-Ears:I love my on-ears. HD-25, Amperiors, Momentum Over Ear (but really on-ear) and not to forget the glorious Yamaha HPH-200 amazing headphones. I had the T50p briefly but didn't like them much. Really would like to listen to a V-Moda XS. So, this area is not dead with a few new releases and since it doesn't look as weird as full over ears while being in public, I assume they will become more popular (as well on head-fi).  Re: no plugsI took this from the PDF:The...
The mad dogs need a lot of power. So Schiit Magni and JDSlabs O2 come to mind. Cheers, K
@adeel47 appreciate you thanking @hisoundfi and herewith retracting my original nasty comment on your previous post! Appreciated :-) Cheers,K
 Generally RCA cables have a more secure connection, more contact surface area to transfer and last longer than 3.5mm sockets/plugs. In "normal" life this doesn't matter much. Instead of a RCA cable you just use a RCA to 3.5mm cable. The only thing I don't like about the O2 is that the input is on the front. It looks much cleaner when only the output is on the front imho. Cheers,K
A quick check on the Fiio website would have revealed this: Fiio D07 Exactly what you are looking for.
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