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Everyone here seems to speak about expectation bias. You want to hear a difference, you will hear it. But expectation bias works in both ways. You want to hear NO difference - you most likely won't. An open mind without expectations is better. I am using an input switcher with rudimentary volume matched output and was so often very surprised. The huge differences I thought I heard when slow switching became either non-existing or much smaller when live switching sources...
Hmm, don't know if I misunderstand this statement but bluetooth doesn't use the DAC chip of the phone at all as the data is transferred digitally to the headphones and is converted there to an analog signal. The digital information in the phone only gets transcoded to the codec supported by headphone and Bluetooth chip.Cheers.
Storm in a tea cup. Most DACs work fine with the cck - all Bluetooth headphones work and Apple puts an adapter from lightning to 3.5mm in each box, if you need additional ones, they can be bought for $9. Oh and each iPhone comes with a lightning headset as well. While I also don't like the omission of the jack, it's really not a deal breaker at all. Belkin makes an adapter so you can charge and use headphones via lightning at the same time, so a solution for that exists as...
Not sure if you have access to a Mac, they do actually support apt-x in their laptops and desktops but not on their mobile devices, not sure why....Maybe you try the Momentum with the cable and then see how you perceive the difference in sound quality....Cheers.
Hi Guys, I hear things rather the same as crinacle, brilliant review... I found the AH3Pro quite source depending, the treble does show up in some pairings for me. For example with the iDSD micro (standard mode and bitperfect mode), iDSD micro and with my HM901 it sounds really nice. I have to say I am 43 so my treble hearing ability ends somewhere at 17khz last time I tested it, probably a bit less. I started listening to the AH3Pro with my Liquid Carbon and that...
I would be very interested in some experiences with the 599 as well.
Hi!Yes, the older balanced card is the one to get IMHO.There is the elfidelity balanced card and the standard balanced card. The elfidelity has the downside of not switching the gain on the 901 with the gain switch but to rely on the software switch (901s) while the older balanced card works fine with the hardware controls for gain.However, both cards work well in the 901 - I prefer the balanced to the elfidelity balanced personally.Cheers.
I love the HD598 with the  RSA The Predator and with the Cayin C5.
Yes. I bought my LCD-2 used and it was no problem switching the warranty to me, since I had the original invoice. I am sure that this will work for you too.Cheers.
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