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One more option: Buysonic sells the Fiio X3 currently for $149 - the X3 can be used as DAC/Amp on your Mac/PC and also acts as a very good mobile player. Could be something to consider too.   Cheers, K
Hi! It's better by...  [[SPOILER]]  Fun aside. Hard to say, 5% better, maybe 10% is it worth the difference, well, that depends. some people might hear it, some don't, depends also on your source files, etc.  The E10k might be all the amp you ever need (sorry Jason, I stole this line from Schiit). Anyhow, you should be totally happy with the Amperior and the E10K - there is ALWAYS something better in the audiophile world. So don't get bothered too much by that. Cheers,K
Hi!Ok, if you have a certain budget for the DAC/Amp then the E10K is outstanding for its price. One other DAC/Amp to consider would be the $79 Fulla Schiit from, I have not personally heard it but so far nothing from schiit has ever disappointed me.And as far as the Amperior go: I am with you, outstanding headphone in a long line of great headphones (HD25) that is an absolutely joy to listen to.Cheers,K
To find out what the fuzz is about I ordered the A71 now as well. Still waiting for my FX850 to arrive, it's going to be a belated Christmas for me this year :-)
 I own the Fiio E7 and E07K as well, the JDS Labs is way better. The E11 is fed by the USB power only so while it's not portable it's not necessary more powerful than the "mobile" C5D. Other than that there are hundreds of alternatives for DAC/Amps, mobile and desktop. Just check out the forum - Portable headphone amps. Cheers,K
Hi, try using a USB 2 port and not a USB 3 port from your PC. If that doesn't help use a USB Hub and see if it still happens. For some reason many dacs don't like USB 3 ports. Even if it is a USB 2 port it can be remedied with a hub.Cheers,K
 I can vouch for the C5D as well, absolutely capable and versatile. I love that amp. Alternatively if you want something that's not mobile, the Schiit Modi2 (DAC) and Magni2 (Amp) are amazing without going overboard. Cheers,K
Really depends what you are looking for. I have both the ATH-M50X and the Momentum over ear. The Momentum is better for me, but not by an awful lot. I would rather try to go with something different.... Cheers,K
and both ordered. Modi2 Uber and Magni 2 Uber - can't wait.
Well, the bill of materials is very misleading as a yardstick. This way you probably would never buy any clothes again as the profit margins are sky high. Same with software, why pay so much when the costs is just a few pennies for the download?  Factor in the R&D, Marketing, Experience, Tooling, Design, Distribution, Profit Margins for Distributors, Dealers, Taxes, Financing of producing something without knowing if it sells, etc. and suddenly some prices are not a rip...
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