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I cannot root my phone as I need it for testing. There is one app that switches the HiFi dac to always on but not the amp modes.Anyhow. Back to PM-3.
We all feel like that. Even if they don't want to make this an "official" feature - just leak an app in the store that can do it and wash your hands in innocence.... DO IT, LG!! DAMN IT. 
Yes, after the update to 5.2 firmware - the iDSD just rocks with a lot of headphones - I recently tried it with the HE-560 and PM-2 again and man - it sounds soooo sweet with them as well.
+1 the iDSD micro makes the PM-3 sound amazing. And if you are on a budget or need to be more portable the iDSD nano works great too.
Yes - I agree with you. I heard the Rok and a few others and myself use balanced wherever I can for the same reason. Even mobile with my HM901, dual DACs, balanced amp card and balanced Silver Dragon cables to K10 and my CIEMs. However, technically balanced is not necessary to create a great amp with the same sound quality, soundstage and refinement, it is just much harder to achieve using single ended termination. Look at the Dave from Chord - crazy what's possible with...
Yes a true balanced output from a balanced amp has up to 4x the power balanced vs single ended. However - not all amps are true balanced inside, some just have balanced connectors but are not balanced inside. Example: CEntrance Hifi-m8 - not a blanked amp but balanced output (purely convenience). The CEntrance Gloveaudio A1 is a true balanced DAC and Amp with balanced output. The Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon is a true balanced amp that uses a phase splitter to create a...
Hi Guys!   3 things:   1) I tried the W80 recently for 15 minutes - so way to short to have any real opinion about them. First impressions: I liked them a lot. 2 years back I would have been in the OMG! Mind blown camp - but we are spoiled these days.... I was circling around the UmPro50 for a year now and still never bought them - I tried them twice from a friend and the treble like @ljnew mentioned before was just something I couldn't get my head entirely around -...
+1 for the HA-FX850 - recently rediscovered them and - man do I like their sound....
Hmmm, you think so?How come? Any source?I prefer the PM-2 with PM-1 pads for one reason: cheaper. Sound quality is the same (with the same pads) as my friends PM-1 - but I can totally see why people might visually and haptically like the PM-1 more, it's beautiful.What's that head-fi title thing with the many aliases?Cheers.
Different strokes for different folks. I own the 650 and love it to bits. I had the Nighthawk at home (couldn't get my head around why they were hyped at all) as well as the 800 and 800S(which i really liked for some genres) but in the end preferred the PM-2 with PM-1 pads over them. I guess it also depends on which music genres you are listening to. Cheers.
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