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Pending sale.
Dropped to 130 shipped
Price dropped again!
Price drop. Must go! Awesome cans! In like new/barely used condition. Pristine box.
Selling my a900x which I got last summer. Used it probably for 2 weeks then it's just gathering dust on my stand ever since. My beyer cops replaced everything. No point in having this now, never ever use it. In like new condition. No scratches, dings, imperfections, etc etc. Sales are final. Payment via paypal only. Shipped via UPS ground to conus only. $130 shipped.
What kind of electric? Just general edm like hardwell, tiesto, alesso? Hardstyle like headhunterz, noisecontrollers, wildstylez? Progress/trance? I just got beyerdynamic custom one pro earlier this week and love them. Driving them with a e17. This replaces my 900x which has better soundstage and tighter bass. My on ears are has400. Some other over ears- m50, m80, ue6000, lp2 I've had, have or used others. They're all good for electric. My favorite though is the beyer...
That's exactly it
Haha, nah. I didn't buy all of those and return it. Just reading endless amount of threads. Only problem is now I'm getting 2 cops because razordogaudio ended up accepting my offer on their eBay listing. Which I couldn't back out from. Whoops I bought my bro the ue6000 so I know how those sound. Listened to the m80 and lp2. Been wanting to test the pro900, never got the chance to.
In the past week of nonstop researching to find the perfect bass cans that would potentially fit my likings... I went from xb500 to 700 to 1000 to 500vs1000 to 500vs700 to 700vs1000 to pro900 to dj1pro to sr80 to sr80 vs 255 back to xb500 to hp100 to hp100 vs xb1000 to ue6000 to m80 to m100 to lp2 to finally cop, cop vs xb500 to cop vs hp100 to cop vs pro900 to cop vs xb1000 to finally cop for $170 on amazon with my $10 credit. ..... I think I made the right decision last...
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