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If I buy the vi cable, will it work with the normal tf10, or only an original pair of tf10VIs?
I've been a fan of music much longer than I've been a fan of audiophile music equipment. Only recently have I started to get the "proper" equipment to make the most of my music. But, I do so with skepticism and logic. I believe that there are a lot of filler products that only separate a consumer from their money. I think that a quality product requires both measurable sound results as well as being backed by a company whose mission is to create the best experience for...
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I think my first Creative product was a SoundBlaster 32. After that, a SoundBlaster Live!, and then a SoundBlaster Audigy2 (I think... Its whichever one came with the external box for I/O). 
Just as the sound should be comfortable to your ears, the headphones need to be comfortable to your body.
Out of curiosity, what are the "Milano" headphones listed in your signature? 
Disclaimer: The following questions are not intended to be negative.     From my perspective, V-MODA historically has never created "Audiophile grade" headphones. I have always seen them as the step up from the stock earbuds/headphones that came with a DAP (or replacement headset for iPhones as the V-MODA earbuds I have seen all have in-line mics). The people that I have witnessed buying them are shopping for looks as opposed to researching the technical details...
Same here.... Especially when I clicked on Dsnuts' profile and saw what he/she had to compare to the M-80s.
I like the aesthetics of the LPs and M-80s, but they definitely don't have the "timeless" (AKA basic) designs of most other headphones. I wonder if V-MODA is going to stick with the angled look and attempt to create a standard, or if the designs will change every year or so (thereby creating limited runs which could increase value, as well as maintaining an eye-catching aesthetic for current products).       Edit: And if it persuades you in any way (My entry is...
I would like to give them a spin.   Top 3 Genres: 1) New Wave (80s Alternative. Most listened to according to iTunes play count: Depeche Mode) 2) Rock (Mostly from the last two decades, although there is a modicum of classic rock thrown in. Most Listened to according to iTunes play count: Dire Straits) 3) Electronic (All types except for trance. Electronic music with vocals gets a lot more play time than just beats. Most listened to according to iTunes play...
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